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It’s time to take a tour of our personal fall decor for the Fall Fun blog series. I’m so excited to show everyone all of my fall decor and…wait a minute…do I even have any fall decor? I have holiday decor for Christmas, some summery items too. But how much do I have in the way of fall-ish decorations? Not much. Here’s my dilemma, I decorate big time for Halloween and usually start displaying items by mid-September, so I tend not to purchase a lot of non-Halloween fall items to avoid taking it down and putting it all up again in November. If you visited my house in September (or just about any time of year) this is what you would see:

  • Fall candles
  • A scattering of owls
  • sets of light strings in various containers
  • non fall candles
  • candle accessories

Therefore, the following photos feature less of a tour and more of a changing of the candlescapes. You gotta work with what you have. Without further ado:


My only fall decor purchase this year is this sweet grape vine style garland with beaded glass berries and leaves. It was my Pier 1 Imports purchase, on sale for 20% off, making it just under $20 for five feet of fall color and shimmer! It would make a cute wreath or candle ring wound up like this, too.  Below, it’s sprawled across our piano woven through the candle accessories. I call this my Autumn in the Park scene:


Made up of five candle holders, a large jar Yankee candle, the beaded garland and a few glittery mini-pumpkins. The piano is one of the largest decor surfaces that I have so it gets a lot of the goods.

A close-up of some of individual items in the display: The large, heavy pewter owl candle holder is from HomeGoods a few years back. The center tealight holder and leafy park bench tealight holders are Yankee’s 2015 fall collection. I posted that Twilight Silhouettes holder was a must-have in July20160907_154842-collageMy friend made it happen, coupon and all. The little mouse tealight holder is a gift from another dear friend and he’s beyond cute! I look past the fact that the owl and mouse would not be so harmonious in the animal kingdom.

I am slightly obsessed with the owl motif and not only love owl decor, but was so excited when a live owl couple moved into our neighborhood for a few weeks this summer. They were huge and I believe that they were barred owls, not sure because I couldn’t get close enough to get a non-fuzzy photo. It was the possible highlight of this nerd’s summer! I keep this etageré of cream owls up year-round, but it looks more cohesive with the fall decorations.

20160907_160151-1    20160907_213412-1

A parliament of owls, with flash photo and without.


Sitting on my coffee table is this large copper tray I’ve had for years. I change its contents every season. Currently filled with metallic pumpkin scatter, mercury glass pumpkins, assorted votive holders, and pierced gold string lights that are tucked around, what else, candles! Featured front and center in the room are some of my fave fall candles: Pumpkin Wreath and Campfire Treats by Yankee and Pumpkin Fireside from BBW.

Lastly, there are a few other snippets of decor tucked here and there. Like Julie at The Redolent Mermaid,  I haven’t sorted out my fall wreath situation. It’s a challenge because we don’t have a storm d20160907_154248.jpgoor outside of the front door, so any decorative wreaths must be displayed on the inside unless I use cut greenery or corn husks or something. I have this cream pillowy-flowered one, but I’m not completely sure about it. I like to have neutral tones on the brick red door and I’m not into country or primitive style, so it’s tough to find one that suits it. What does everybody think? Also, does anyone know what kind of flowers these are?

I will fall-ify the outside front porch area with mums and pumpkins later in the month, but I keep it pretty simple. Ease of access is important with my decor placement inside because I need to be able to reach pieces to light and extinguish those candles.  Also, as I mentioned earlier, I keep in mind that I’ll be boxing most of these items up shortly for Halloween decor. Fall is probably the only time of the year that I practice less is more (that is compared to Christmas). I will conclude with the few transition items that I will keep out for the entire autumn season.

Oops, I forgot I also got this copper house at White Barn Candle Co this year.

My Yankee candle Twirling Taupe pumpkin Scenterpiece warmer is my favorite. YC only brought back the orange one the past year, I’m happy I got this one to go with my metallic decor. The copper house will somehow be incorporated into my Halloween displays, but for now, I’ll stick a set of string lights anywhere! 


I cannot wait to check out all of the fall decor photos from the Fall Fun series bloggers. I need some inspiration. Join all of us next post, in which we get our apple on!




16 thoughts on “Fall Decor Tour

    1. Ah, I was counting on you to identify those flowers. Their shape drew me to it for sure. Thank you and you know I’ll be expecting photos of your beautiful house done up for fall!😊🍁


  1. I adore your table top display! All the owls and the branches; I’m a sucker for both! Your warmers are super cute too; I especially like the pumpkin. Looks like a perfect cozy fall setup; thanks for sharing!


  2. The owls!!! I love owls too and one night my sister, Lindsey, was over at night and thought she heard an owl hooting outside my house and I ran out lickety-split, but alas… I could not hear or see anything. I think she just wanted to witness the rare sight of my behind scuttling out the door lightening fast. A parliament of owls? Is that what a group of owls is called? Animal group names fascinate me. Your pumpkin, candle and light grouping on the copper plate is lovely. I could stare at it all day. Beautiful tour! Will you show us some of your Halloween goodies when the time rolls around?? Pretty please and eye lash flutters.


    1. Oh lawd, the image of running out into the night to listen for owl calls, I can’t handle it! Although I’d probably be right behind you, maybe I should change my name to the owl enthusiast. I’m equally fascinated with animal group names, so yep a flock of owls is referred to as a parliament. One of my faves is a group of crows is called a murder of crows! You know I’ll share some of my Halloween photo goodies but only because you charmed me with your eyelash flutters😉


  3. Oh Jaybird, I think you’ve started a little bit of an owl fascination with me. I go straight from fascination to obsession in about 3 seconds so tomorrow morning I’m going to wake up with owls on my mind. You had me interested with the one on your piano but by the time I was done drooling over the 4 on your shelf, I was smitten!
    Your copper tray housing the candles is stunning. Such a pretty sight.
    I think you have a very formidable fall tour here…it’s awesome! As a matter of fact, if this is your transition decor, I CAN NOT WAIT to see your halloween/Christmas decor. ❤


    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Sunnee. I try not to veer too far into obsession with the owl figurines and curios because I don’t have much storage space. I keep nearly all of them up year round and many were gifts from family and friends who know I like them. Your owl chime from Julie is so special and I love how you use it. Ugh, just thinking about dragging my Halloween items out has me 😩. I’m gonna enjoy this fall stuff a few more weeks.


  4. Oooh I like the tray! And Pumpkin Fireside was one I just went looking for and couldn’t find at BBW. I settled on Leaves and Cranberry Woods. Marshmallow Fireside was too sweet, so I was really looking forward to sniffing Pumpkin Fireside!


    1. Thanks Haley😊 I don’t like overly sweet fragrances either. I haven’t fully experienced Pumpkin Fireside yet bc I lit it for photo glow, but not ready for full on fall scents. I have used my Cranberry Woods wallflower plug in and it was so strong and good. I love Leaves as well, so, good choices!


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