Fall Fun- Baked Granola & Homemade Cranberry Bars Wax

Here I am posting another recipe, what has gotten in to me? It must be due to the bakery prompt for the Fall Fun series. Don't be too alarmed folks, I also reviewed an amazing fall wax scent below. I'll leave the baked desserts to those who know what they're doing on that front, but... Continue Reading →

Fall Fun-RAOK

This quote reminds me of the sentiment behind carrying out a random act of kindness. Spread a little happiness to the life of another person even though you may not be able to witness the enjoyment of your gesture. The theme for today is...RAOK; those simple little kindnesses bestowed, unbidden and unexpected, upon someone you... Continue Reading →

Fall Fun-Favorite Item

If upon viewing my fall decor tour you surmised that my favorite fall items might be owls, you wouldn't be too far off. Only, with a couple exceptions for outdoor items and an owl lantern, I keep owls up year-round; they aren't really fall-specific to me. What I do look forward to getting out this... Continue Reading →

Fall craft-Reed diffuser

"What I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you."  Sorry, all of this mulling over my less than abundant crafting skills caused Liam Neeson's speech from "Taken" to replay in my brain and I had... Continue Reading →

Granny Smith/ Crockpot apples

It seems that Macintosh is the apple scent du jour lately as it has shown up in all types of blends and crazy combos in the wax melt world. From mac apple and lavender, to mac apple with anything from bacon, to lollipops to chlorine! In my experience, mac apple tends to dominate nearly anything... Continue Reading →

Fall Decor Tour

It's time to take a tour of our personal fall decor for the Fall Fun blog series. I'm so excited to show everyone all of my fall decor and...wait a minute...do I even have any fall decor? I have holiday decor for Christmas, some summery items too. But how much do I have in the way... Continue Reading →

Fall Wax Stash

Ahh, the glory of fall! The change of season, the bright colors, rows of pumpkins ready to be picked in the fields, cozy sweaters and comfort foods. Most glorious of all for me, might just be my fall wax stash, though! The next post in the Fall Fun blogging series is: show off that fall... Continue Reading →

Fall Fun Series

Hello there friends! I've been welcomed by a stellar group of bloggers to participate in a blog post sharing series and I'm so excited to share the fun with you! Here's the way it works: This will be a new post series that myself, and a bunch of old and new blogging friends will be... Continue Reading →


Since I confessed a major miscalculation of my candle stock in my last post, I might as well come totally clean. While spending the past month exploring the masculine scents that I enjoy, I should confess that I already know of one perfect specimen already. Nope, I'm not referring to my manly husband, (Although we... Continue Reading →

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