Old Whaling Co. Soap

Less than two years ago, if someone had told me I'd be using indie vendor bar soaps, I might have smiled while giving them the side eye. But, if they'd told me my husband would be using and loving them, I'd allow a wide berth and think they were nuttier than a soup sandwich. He... Continue Reading →

The Bathing Garden

Here at the Candle Enthusiast, I naturally focus on reviewing candles, but I haven't been burning them as much lately. My evening candle habits have been on the back burner for many reasons including: two weeks of 90 degree weather=too hot to light them, I've been experiencing some major personal stress so I haven't changed... Continue Reading →

Finnick – Super Tarts

  What do you get when you combine good quality wax melts with one of the greatest YA series of all time?  One pretty happy fangirl!  For my first ready-to-ship Super Tarts order last month I had to indulge in the "Sniffing Games" collection, inspired by The Hunger Games books and movies.  The Super Tarts team is... Continue Reading →

Deep Sea

  The closest I'm getting to the ocean this summer is a visit to a water-park.  So, in an attempt to bring the sea to me, I'm melting beachy, seaside scents this month.  Deep Sea is a bright cobalt blue candle from Yankee's Summer 2014 Pure Radiance line.  It appealed to me because it offered... Continue Reading →

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