Candles from the Keeping Room-Winter wax haul

Featuring my third Candles from the Keeping Room order in as many years; in retrospect, I never even reviewed the first, from 2016, because I was lukewarm on most of it. For my second order, I went real big on the fruity and clean scents and didn't fall in love with those either, however, if... Continue Reading →

Woodlands wrap-up

Apple & Pine Needle  I visited my nearest Yankee outlet before the semi-annual sale ended and picked up some great deals. One of which was this medium tumbler of Apple & Pine Needle for only $6.00!  Prediction: I like pine scents and I like apple scents, this could be a winner... Conclusion: sort of? The name... Continue Reading →

Red Berry & Cedar and Winter Woods

Bright winter berries paired with the warmth of cedarwood. Continuing the woodlands theme for this month, one of my favorite winter candles: Red Berry & Cedar and...a review that I just couldn't do. I like strong scent throws as much as anyone, but I can't stand the syrupy sweet fragrance that tends to come with overly... Continue Reading →

Scenterpiece Melt Cup hack

*Updated Scenterpiece melt cup hack post in 2018, found here When Yankee Candle debuted the Scenterpiece warmer in August of 2014, I scoffed at it saying, Who needs it? My tart burner has never let me down and the tarts are only 1.99. I'm not paying 4.99 for these large melt cups. Fast forward a... Continue Reading →


Each month, I will feature scents that highlight a certain fragrance theme or scent category. Traditionally, I tend to burn scents that are "in season." This month's theme is woodlands, winter woodlands, to be specific. Winter woodlands conjure up the feeling of brisk walks in the snow, the smell of ice-covered pine trees and a... Continue Reading →

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