Summer Reading reviews: part 1

My Summer reading started off gung-ho but my current status is gung-slow. Hoping to check off 4 more books on the Bookish Jay and Reading Mermaid co-challenge before Labor Day, but figured I'd submit some finished book reviews while they're still freshly read. Circe-Fiction --Mythology --sucks to be Prometheus --Titans v. Olympians --witches, bad-assess Circe... Continue Reading →

Book Reviews: Scythe, The Dry, The Power

Greetings fellow readers, time for another Bookish Jay and the Reading Mermaid mini-update. I have been in reading binge mode lately and felt the need to review a few so as not to unload them all upon you at once. Young adult--dystopian --apocalyptic vision --challenging --Science fiction, death --Skynet just became self-aware Scythe by Neal... Continue Reading →

Teaser Tuesday: The Great Alone

**I'm sure I'm doing this backwards because I reviewed this book a few days ago, and it would make more sense to preview before giving a final analysis. But I had to share a little of the elegant prose drawing readers across the globe to The Great Alone, highlighting it's greatest asset, even though I... Continue Reading →

Bookish Jay and Reading Mermaid challenge update #1

Time for the first update of 2018 in the Bookish Jay and the Reading Mermaid Challenge. Autobiographies--Celebrity--Young Adult--Mental Health--Dodie --Entertainers,YouTubers --me,too old for this Secrets for the Mad: Obsessions, Confessions, and Life Lessons by dodie ★★☆☆☆I am not the intended audience for this book and that's okay. Twenty years ago, I would have eaten it up with... Continue Reading →

Reading Challenge Finale 2017

December is coming to a close and alas, so is the 2017 reading challenge I joined, hosted by the Redolent Mermaid. During September's update, I was doing dismally. Although I've since finally finished the Harry Potter series (feels), I was only halfway through the challenge goal of 24 books at 12 (Sad). Since then, I've... Continue Reading →

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