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Early June always brings reasons to celebrate; it starts off with my birthday (the 1st) and kicks into gear with the first week of summer vacation for my teacher husband.  Who wants to wait until June 21st for summer to officially begin, anyway?

Although this will be a bittersweet summer that won’t be the same for my family, I’m looking forward to spending time with them and to enjoying my favorite summer activity: relaxing on the deck reading into the long evenings.  In the spirit of celebrating summer, I’ll be featuring some of my favorite scents.  Hey, it’s my birthday month, I can be self-indulgent, right?

I’m just a bit of an anglophile…

What better way to kick off the season than with a strong summery tea and lemon?  I believe in brand loyalty and you know I’m a Yankee Candle addict, but considering YC seems to be experiencing an identity crisis these days, I’ll be reviewing some non-Yankee wax.  B&BW’s London candle has been a favorite since it was introduced as London Calling years ago. I’ve hesitated reviewing it because, well, it’s been done. However, if I’m featuring a month of favs, it must be included.

Fragrance: Crisp lemon notes and strong steeped black tea. The label claims sugar, but I experience little sweetness with it. You can almost taste the tannins from the tea leaves and the tartness from the lemon. It’s a straightforward scent that conjures up a glass of tall iced sun tea, rather than a hot cuppa tea. Perfect for summer!

Performance: A strong, vibrant throw that’s not too overpowering. It might not be for those who prefer a weak chamomile, though. The 3-wicks quickly create a wax pool that distributes scent through my kitchen and out onto the deck. Hopefully, I won’t experience the dreaded drowning wicks syndrome with this candle. So far, so good.

Recommendation: This fragrance is beloved and needs no recommendation from me, but for those who have never tried any tea scent I suggest going for it. Of course, it helps that it’s 50% off in Bath and Body Works’ semi-sale. Currently sold out online, but my store had plenty in stock.

I’m jamming to tea scents right now and am looking to find some without the lemony note. I’d love to see a brand do an entire tea caddy wax sampler filled with tea blends and a classic British breakfast scent. Until then, I’m open to recommendations from my vendor wax lovers out there. Please share if you’ve tried a great tea scent that I need to know about. Comment here or on my IG account.

Also, stay tuned for some vendor wax reviews. I have a few open orders I’m looking forward to:) Hope everyone has a nice start to summer!


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