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If upon viewing my fall decor tour you surmised that my favorite fall items might be owls, you wouldn’t be too far off. Only, with a couple exceptions for outdoor items and an owl lantern, I keep owls up year-round; they aren’t really fall-specific to me. What I do look forward to getting out this time of year are my plaids. I am an admitted plaid flannel shirt addict.

Look at these variegated beauties. My plaid shirt collection, I’m sure I’ll add at least one more this season.

Worn over-sized with leggings and sneakers or tied up at the waist with skinny jeans and boots, plaid button-down shirts are my non-work fall uniform. If I thought I could pull it off, I’d wear checked or gingham plaid from head to toe, well maybe from scarf to shoes, anyway. From attending football games, to passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, nothing keeps me as comfy, cozy and ready for fall as plaid flannels.

My love for plaid patterns extends to nearly every color palette and style, not just clothing. From Ralph Lauren tartan decor to rustic lodge blankets, in my eyes everything’s more rad when it’s plaid.

This Architectural Digest featured dressing room is my dream; however it looks so cozy that I’d never want to get dressed.

Naturally, some plaid sneaked into my home decor as well. Copper metallic with plaid accents equals just right for my home. Yankee Candle’s illumilid and votive holder are part of the 2016 Copper Plaid collection.

2016-09-23 11.59.11.jpg  20160923_102329



Pumpkins and plaid, what could be better?

If there was a candle, or fragrance representation of my fave fall item, it would have to be Flannel by Bath and Body Works. It evokes that same cozy vibe that wearing my soft shirts brings.

Fragrance: Crisp Autumn Air, Bergamot, Heirloom Mahogany, Soft Musk. All of these notes combine for a fresh scent lover’s dream. Slight masculinity to the nose due to the resinous mahogany but the crisp ozonic tone feels outdoorsy and there is a sweetness in conjunction with the softness that just radiates cozy vibes.20160923_2043171Performance: Haven’t had a chance to fully enjoy this candle yet, I just exchanged it for Spiced Pomegranate Cider, which was too sweet for my taste. I waited for a sale because of BBW’s exchange policy in which you get the lowest recorded price for an item without receipt, or with receipt if purchased on sale! Yankee’s policy is more forgiving and much superior, to me. I can tell this will be a good thrower; however, as I’ve moved it downstairs and it’s already doing well.

I will update this post when I get a good chunk of time to cozy up with my Flannel scent, while wearing my flannel shirts.

**Update: A 3 hour initial burn and the Flannel candle fragranced my upstairs, my downstairs and probably my neighbors’ house too. I’m not sure if I’d repurchase yet, but I got a great bang for my buck and it’s currently on sale!

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9 thoughts on “Fall Fun-Favorite Item

  1. I agree about plaid in the fall 🙂 I have a favorite collection of them as well and just bought a new one from Target a few weeks ago because it was the color combo I had been hunting years for! I almost bought flannel but opted not to. I need to go back and get it because on cold sniff it smells a lot like Tailgate which was my FAVORITE. I know Flannel has been around for years though so I know they’re different but have to try it in hopes it will fill the void.


    1. Ah, nice on the Target grab! What is the color combo? I tend to go for white/burgundy or green/blue but I wear the red/navy most often, goes with everything.
      Re:Flannel candle=good but super strong! Thanks for reading☺


  2. THOSE SHIRTS!!! I used to have a closet full of plaid in the 90’s but I dearly miss it. I only have one lone plaid shirt but you have encouraged me to seek out some more. That bedroom was made for snuggling. And THEN you tied in BBW Flannel?! You totally made my day. I always forget how much I enjoy that candle. Ok. So now I need to go to Target and BBW. ❤ Love your style.

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