Fall Fun Fridays: Autumn dreams

Summer is the season when I let my travel dreams run free. Or, while suffering cabin fever in the occasional blizzard situation, I've fantasized winter daydreams of escape, but I don't think I've ever properly imagined an autumn fantasy trip. Enter today's Fall Fun Fridays series prompt: If money and logistics were no problem, where... Continue Reading →

Fall Fun Fridays: to-be read, to-be-watched list

Fall Fun Fridays are upon us and I hope you enjoy what the FFF bloggers are sharing today, a subject close to my heart: what we're reading, watching, bingeing and hoping will entertain us this Fall. My tbr stack for Autumn 2018 is strange...a mish-mash of reading challenge prompts to complete, one intriguing advanced reader's copy... Continue Reading →

Fall Fun Finale

Top 10 melts of the Fall Fun series: 10.Autumn Soda Float-Sweetwagon Scents. From the Autumn macaron sampler: pomegranate soda with a heaping scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. I thought I didn't like fizzy soda scents so I melted this downstairs in my husband's hangout. Turned out incredible--creamy and frothy with a pleasing amount of fruity... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving week plans-Fall Fun melts

Turkey time is almost here. Which means a much needed holiday break for us. The past week was affectionately known as 'hell week' due to no less than three fundraising obligations scheduled the same week as a high-stakes speech competition on Saturday. As an added bonus, my husband stayed late so many hours at practice... Continue Reading →

Fall Fun-Fall candles feature

  The day the Candle Enthusiast has eagerly awaited is here, a Fall Fun prompt all about candles:) Brief highlights and low lights of my seasonal candles below: Amber Moon- a Yankee Candle, UK exclusive. I'm in love with amber fragrance. To the lavender fanatics out there, amber is my lavender. So now you know. I... Continue Reading →

Fall Fun-New Etsy vendor

An Etsy vendor highlight is on the agenda today. In my search for a new-to-me vendor I found several that caught my eye, but I wanted to try a business that checked a few boxes. Scent variety, value and ingredients were the top three criteria in my selection. MaryColette Candles is a small vendor, established in 2015, out of... Continue Reading →

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