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A perk of working in a library is acquiring some bookish memorabilia, like this Mockingjay pin:)

What do you get when you combine good quality wax melts with one of the greatest YA series of all time?  One pretty happy fangirl!  For my first ready-to-ship Super Tarts order last month I had to indulge in the “Sniffing Games” collection, inspired by The Hunger Games books and movies.  The Super Tarts team is so good at creating wax blends that are inspired by beloved characters straight outta pop culture book, movie and superhero fandoms.  It’s always fun to see if the product descriptions match the characters, for instance, Cat Woman smells of “Sweetened Condensed Milk, Nilla Wafers & Mixed Berry Smoothie!”  How fun would it be to be on their product development team?

Besides Finnick, I also chose Peeta and Rue; I wanted Katniss, but didn’t think I could handle the Eucalyptus base.  It’s all about the Sea this month anyway, and it would be tough to find a dreamier aquatic scent than one inspired by District 4’s Finnick Odair.

Fragrance: Described as “sugar cubes and ocean waves” I wasn’t exactly sure how this fragrance was going to work out.  The cold throw gave me quite a bit of a chlorine scent, which I didn’t mind because its very clean and takes me back to childhood swimming pools and memories of fun summer days. There’s also a sweet floral top note, but it disappears when melted.  I didn’t get any sugar from the warm throw at all.

Actually, I wouldn’t describe this as ocean-like either.  It didn’t remind me as much of the salty, choppy sea, but instead the scent transported me to a deep, dark tranquil lagoon.  I say that because it’s deceptively simple, but it has an underlying earthiness to it.  Maybe aquatic plants and cool marine notes combine to give it a spa-like essence. Truly, a unique ocean scent.

Performance: Just because I found  Finnick to be spa-like does not mean it is a light fragrance.  This is no shrinking violet of a throw.  I purposely used a single cube due to the bracing aroma that hit me when I opened the clamshell.  I’m glad I did because like other Super Tarts wax I’ve tried, it’s pretty powerful.  I’ve only melted it once so far, so I don’t know how long lasting it is, but it remained strong for three hours.

Recommendation: I don’t think this scent is for everyone, even as a lover of fresh scents, it took a while to grow on me. Finnick is clean and invigorating, but if you’re looking for a more typical breezy beach fragrance, it may be too intense.  If you prefer your scents bolder, but with a bit of a soft side (see how its like Finnick!) then I recommend it.

Wax melting challenge:

I took the plunge and joined a wax melting challenge on Instagram for the month of July.  I was interested in doing one as I’ve seen others post the challenge before and it seemed fun, but I was hesitant to commit to a month long obligation.  Since I’ve started purchasing vendor wax; however, my stash was outgrowing my melting habits at an alarming rate.  My schedule becomes a lot busier in the fall.  So, I thought if it was possible to do one, July is the ideal time to try to get through some of both my vendor wax and my massive Yankee wax tarts stash.

It’s the 3rd week of the Wax Chat melting challenge sponsored by kdyemelts on IG. There are a few pros & cons to participating:


  • #1 reason to participate is to melt more wax.  I usually light candles more often than I melt scented wax, so I’ve acquired too much wax (storage is actually becoming an issue.)  The challenge forces me to melt at least 6 days a week.
  • Not having to decide which type of wax to melt.  This may be a con to some, who don’t like their personal selections outside of their control.  I’ve found there is a freedom in not choosing the type, just a particular scent that fits the theme.
  • The variety!  No getting in a wax rut here, the challenges are designed to melt a lot of different scents with no repeats.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone- like me doing Holiday melts in July! Adhering to the challenge means you have to get creative at times.  I would never have combined the mix shown above if I wasn’t trying to meet the challenge with a scent that worked.  It was such a great combo!
  • The best part is getting to see what my fellow participants are melting. It’s fun to view challenge photos to get a peek at which vendors and scents the challengers come up with.  (Of course this leads to wanting to get more wax!)


  • Taking and posting the day’s photo can be a bit of a chore, especially if your camera phone has an unreliable focus issue, like mine does.
  • You might end up with leftover wax!  I rarely melt wax when I’m not home, mostly because I don’t want to waste the scent.  With 6 days of melting across 4 warmers and only a few hours to melt on weeknights, I’ve had to change scents faster than I can use them up.  An unintended consequence of all this melting is: I now have a pile of sandwich baggies with half-used wax.  Why can’t I let go, people?

Recommendation: Join a melting challenge if you’re up for it.  They appear frequently on Instagram, and I’m sure they’re on Facebook as well.  You can always make-up a day if you miss one and you might discover some new vendors, scents and waxie friends.

Who else is thinking of joining a wax challenge, or knows of a Super Tarts scent that I must try?  Feel free to share:)


6 thoughts on “Finnick – Super Tarts

  1. Great post! Love to see that you are enjoying vendor wax! You had mentioned how it takes time to take pictures of what you will be melting for the wax challenge. If I know that it is going to be a busy week ahead of time (most of the time it is) and I have extra time during the weekend, I will go ahead and pick out the next weeks challenge melts and take pictures of them ahead of time. That way I can go ahead and half the melt if need be and have it ready for when I get home from work so that it is ready to pop in my warmer and all I have to do is post what I’m melting that night. Hope this helps make the challenge more enjoyable!


      1. Well Mrs Candle Expert 🙂 You will get there! You have just started in the wax vendor world! Girl I still have a lot to learn myself, I am still learning ha-ha. Always something to learn out there but that is what makes us better!

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        1. Oh yes, agreed. I definitely have the candle knowledge. Just playing catch-up on the vendor wax & challenges. I love learning more from the blog world too. Keeps me on my toes;)

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