Vendor Review-Dapper Dachshunds

I love wax. That’s probably a given. Turning on my main warmer is one of the first things I do when I get up in the morning, it feels like a little indulgence to start the day. With a strong sense of which fragrances I like and a willingness to stretch my comfort zone with orders, I usually end up successful.

Another aspect of melting wax I love is discovering new vendors. My goal for this year was to experiment with newer, smaller vendors and test their products. Occasionally I’m unsure where to turn in trying a new-to-me brand. Beautiful social media hauls pique my interest, but I require a little more substance when making that leap from window shopping to purchasing from a new wax maker. No better call to make for recommendations than my people. My fellow waxxies had an overwhelming response to my to-try vendor poll and the brand that received the most love was Dapper Dachshunds Wax.


Amanda from DD made it extra enticing by sending a 20% off coupon code when she found out her shop won the poll. And several scents of the earthy, manly variety I adore were in this restock, took that as a serendipitous sign this brand was right for me.

Scent Shots: $1.35 1 oz.


Golden Light-Wild honey, garden herbs, nectarine and apple blossom. This one had me at garden herbs. Bright fruit picked from the tree at the peak of plumpness, infused with sun-dappled sweetness. Blooms of relaxing verdure spread a spa-like air with no flowery character whatsoever. Such a unique creation, a happy golden melt indeed. Would repurchase.

Lemongrass Tea-Soothing green tea, fresh lemongrass and verbena leaf with notes of white ginger, vanilla bean and golden amber. Huzzah for a lemongrass tea scent in which one can actually smell the tea. Often lemongrass dominates a blend, however, here it provides a squeeze of citrus while letting the vegetal leaves shine through. A distinct mix of ginger spice, softened by vanilla and steeped with bright green tea flavors. I’d drink this blend, it produces a nice medium melt too. Would repurchase, I know a friend who would love this combination also.

Witchy Woman-Forest greens, pine needles, woodland rose, baby violet and patchouli. Oooo witch-ay woman…this witch possesses a powdery perfume more than a woodsy essence I’d prefer. I’m hoping the woody redolence is released when melted and it becomes less heady aged witch, more natural wood sprite.

Loving the muted, custardy colored wax.

Deep in a Dream– Lavender, vanilla bean noel and peppermint. This combo. It’s done so often by vendors and would be difficult to botch. Still I learned DD’s is very popular as the clamshell jumped out of my cart during ordering and I quickly changed plan and grabbed a scent shot instead. I’d rank DD’s version in the top that I’ve tried, right up there with Rosegirl’s. Ultra sugary and buttery mint, a noticeable cookie crumble of vbn imbued with fragrant traces of lavender. Essentially, a peppermint cookie scattered with sugared lavender buds, why haven’t I tried this before? I’ll need more.

Classic Man-Bourbon and tobacco blend with blushed rose petals, cedarwood and tonka bean. At first sniff similar to Uncle AC, I prefer this for a soothing tobacco scent. Cedar and tobacco leaves are green, not dry, with a cushiony moss-like feel. In fact, I recognize an oakmoss note too. Mild bourbon and tonka bean meld to a gourmand finish. This classic man is dapper, gentle, and restrained but also swanky and mysterious. Would repurchase. 

Pink Cadillac-A juicy blend of watermelon, mango, and papaya. Tropical fruits and melons aren’t my typical choice, but I missed out on Ring of Fire while placing my order so I substituted with this. Sweet with a hint of bubblegum. A creamy note comes through from the mango making a pleasant, if somewhat artificial fragrance. It reminds me of the swirled watermelon lipgloss I used to wear as a teen. In fact, my teenage niece will appreciate the sugary fruits more than I will, think I’ll pass it on to her.


Clamshells: $3.89 3oz.

Those swirls are swoon-worthy.

Uncle AC- Smoky tobacco leaves and cherry wood followed by sweet honey and vanilla. I don’t care for cherry notes, but wanted to try this DD staple as it’s highly praised. Thankfully, the cherry tone is subtle and the tobacco isn’t the caramelized kind present in many tobacco scents. Mellow wood-smoke wafts from smoldering logs dripping with honey revealing a clean smoky blend. Uncle AC is growing on me.

Blinding Lights– Smoky sandalwood, amber, cedar, toasted marshmallows, caramelized sugar, patchouli, lavender, heliotrope, coriander and soft vanilla. A slew of notes, yet very much a shaving cream scent on cold, which happens to feature heavily in my melt rotation so I’m not mad about that. On warm, the marshmallow sweetness announces itself prominently, again, a favorite of mine. Personally, I’ve always thought mallow and shave cream might complement each other and Dapper Dachshunds proves it. A light throw in my living room from 2 cubes, better for a smaller space.

Nights Like These– Herbal Lavender and Pink Sugar. Why hello there herbal lavender, my my, you are dreamy. One of the most realistic lavender oils I’ve tried. Warm and cozy with a touch of spiciness, not soapy or astringent or even overly floral like some English lavenders. Pink sugar brings a hint of fluffy candy vanilla but lavender is the star. A fave.


Pumpkin Coconut Cream-Rich coconut cream and pumpkin pie spices provide a modern interpretation of an all time classic. That’s no summer coconut, it’s flesh is toasted to perfection with crisped cracked hulls and ribbons of lightly spiced pumpkin baked in a buttery rich pie crust. A perfect summer to fall transition, combining fresh, fruit, spice and bakery in one. Probably my favorite from this order, 2 cubes threw medium in the kitchen. Would repurchase. 

Pumpkin Peppercorn- Notes of amber, black peppercorn and spice. I was most excited to sniff this one. Reminiscent of Yankee Candle’s Pumpkin Wreath with extra nutmeg means I’m in love. Fruity amber and fresh juniper-like pepper berries elevate this scent out of the kitchen and into a wild, overgrown orchard where warm breezes bring the smells of forgotten fruit and gourds left on the vine. Grounded by dried herbs and spices. Definite repurchase (and I think still available!)

Spiked Cider– Bartlett pear and golden apricot aged to perfection in wooden oak barrels with a hint of oak brandied currant. Expecting classic apples, I’d forgotten the twist on this cider-pears and apricots! Divine, I can’t stop sniffing this blend. Bold apricot aroma rises from the oak barrel where stewed pears reside. More fresh than spiced with thirst-quenching tartness. Threw light-medium in the living room.


Not all my wax purchases come with this much fanfare. But since Dapper Dachshunds won the poll, it deserves the gold star treatment. There were a few cons to my DD experience, the biggest being two of the scents I wanted were sold out within ten minutes. Next time, I’ll use more urgency. When previewing the site, I noted a scent shot in Stay Awhile that was only available in a clamshell when the store opened. No samples given. The positives far outweighed those minor matters, however.


Love the sleek packaging including pour dates + scent notes, the cute mascot, affordability and especially the inventive take on classic blends. Shipping was $7.50, received within 4 days. Best for me personally are Sunday restocks, I simply can’t do those Friday at noon openings. Speaking of restocks, DD is currently asking for requests via Instagram, gonna head there now, gotta secure more of these stunners. Which appeals to you? 


Wax Lovers’ survey

July has ended and with it my No-Buy July as well. My intended wax ban was for three months, however, I broke it with a pre-order from Handmade in Florida. I was aching to try their stuff and they were offering an earthy wax sampler that I was too weak to resist, besides it won’t be coming for 8-10 weeks! Now that the end of my unofficial wax ban is nearing in mid-August, I wanted to choose my next purchases intentionally, rather than going hog wild ordering from a bunch of vendors as if I’ve been in a wax desert and only they can slake my thirst. Basically, I don’t want to overdo it and I need a little help. 

Please vote which new-to-me vendor you would like me to feature soon. Maybe it’s a brand you love and recommend or one you are curious about as well. I will go with the top result assuming they have a store restocking within the next few weeks after the poll closes-1 week from today on Sun. August 13th.Screenshot 2017-08-13 at 9.18.56 AM

Wax vendors are welcome to vote for their brand, but only one vote per username is allowed. Note, I’ll definitely be ordering from Rose Girls and likely from Dessa’s Homespun Scents too. The above list is specifically for brands I haven’t tried and that are a little smaller, newer businesses. All suggestions are welcome though and thanks for voting! Update: The poll is closed and I’m excited to announce the winner is Dapper Dachshunds. Yay for a smaller, newer vendor! I’ll be purchasing at the upcoming restock next Sun Aug. 20th at 2pm CST. Thanks for the wonderful response and suggestions from everyone who participated, so many vendors to check out in the future.😊



Soak + Unwind bath and body sale

Soak + Unwind has to be a favorite body care vendor name, merely letting it roll off the tongue is a relaxing experience. As I was scrolling through product posts a few weeks back, a Soak + Unwind sale caught my eye: A 25% off code for Father’s Day ON TOP of sale items. That was all I needed to know, providing a perfect opportunity to venture a little further into the body care product world.


Whipped Soaps– 4 oz size, on sale for $5.00 ea., regular price $7.

I haven’t tried whipped soaps before and have only become aware of them this year. They’re what appears to be cake frosting but are more of a bath frosting, unlike any type of soap I’ve used before. The texture is superbly light and fluffy due to the addition of the whipped air. Some settling occurred with the Pirate Ship soap, while the Tea Time remained perfectly at the top.


Pirate Ship-Crisp ozone, salty sea spray, seaweed, driftwood and a hint of water lily

Light and airy as expected without any lather. Tiny jojoba beads suspended throughout provided the gentlest burst of exfoliation, though it was a strange sensation to feel the beads pop in my fingers. Although I enjoyed this scent in the jar, it didn’t impart any fragrance onto my skin. 


Tea Time- Herbal white tea, raspberries, blackberries and elderberries infused with natural essential oils of cedar, ginger, mandarin, nutmeg, and ylang ylang. (Tea Time did sort of resemble my morning yogurt!)

Another cool and creamy shower experience, this soap was heightened by the scent, which was robust with berry juice. (If I do any berry products, I prefer razz and blackberries to blue or strawberries). I was worried this might be too sweet, but the tone was punched up by the tartness of the mandarin, becoming an invigorating clean. A well-balanced blend that I enjoy reaching for in the morning.

Whipped Soap shower scrub: 4 oz. on sale for $4.50, regular price varies.


Sexy Cuban-Masculine scent of cuban tobacco, fruity wine, spicy cinnamon, warm cloves, incense and earthy patchouli.

Here we have the whipped soap turned into a scrub. The texture is much denser than the soap and lathers up well, providing good coverage. Listed on the website as “previous formula”,  Soak + Unwind reformulated some products, but both previous and new soap scrubs contain moisturizing coconut oil and shea butter. I really liked the thickness of this one, but require more ‘scrubby’ exfoliation at times. I will definitely reorder as there are so many scrub types offered that I wish to try.

Sexy Cuban is amazing. Extracting cloves from the typical pumpkin spice bouquet is a revelation; they become a sultry, exotic spice. Cloves are dominant, but this is not a one-note scent. Patchouli provides a peppery lift while the tobacco leaf takes on a flowery depth. I love this intense fragrance.

*Each scrub purchase comes with a teensy rose gold plastic dipping spoon. Adorable, but too fiddly in the shower, where I grab scoopfuls of the product to slather onto my skin.

Sample Aloe lotion  4 oz. versions are $6, though tons of scents are on sale for less.


Lavender, Apple & Oak-Unisex scent of apples, woodsy touch of oak and soft lavender. A gorgeous unexpected blend. Apple scents don’t always appeal to me but this is just right.

Sometimes sample products aren’t worth much of a mention. However, this aloe lotion felt incredible and was my favorite item. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a lotion photo and have since used most of it up. Know that the texture is bouncy and substantial but lightweight enough to not leave greasy residue after applying.

The key ingredients listed on the website are: “aloe vera, oat extract, buckthorn extract and panthenol”. The aloe vera is the stand-out and must be the reason this lotion feels so wonderfully different from a basic Bath and Body Works formula. I’m primed for a new hydrating lotion; therefore, I’m returning to the shop to pick out a few full-sized versions. I’ve never actually turned around and ordered after receiving a sample, that’s how much I love this aloe lotion.

With shipping of $10, but receiving a $5 Paypal promotion, my total order came to $15.88. Making this new-to-me brand a fun little experimental haul, and creating a return customer out of me. Have you tried Soak + Unwind, or taken a chance on a new vendor lately, what goodies do you recommend?


Wax haul- Pour Girl’s Wax

The hallmark of a great wax haul is when you love every scent and wish you ordered two of each. My exact feelings for this order, which demand a Valentine’s Day post to express my love. Pouring wax since 2015, I introduced Pour Girl’s Wax in my year-end recap post as one of my new favorite vendor discoveries. 

Laura, PG’s creator, hadn’t had a restock since October but when asking for scent requests for a January opening on Instagram, you better believe I was ready. The greatest number of requests were for her Creamy Cotton scent, so smart lady that she is, she created a sampler around it.


Creamy Cotton Sampler: I always make an effort to try a brand’s signature scent when they have one. This was a 7 scent sampler of 1.5 oz. cups for 10.00 based on PG’s  much loved creamy cotton.

20170201_144435Creamy Cotton– An uncommon blend of fluffy cotton with vanilla orchid and warm musk undertones.

I have an aversion to those powerful detergent strength cotton scents. This is the opposite of those. It has a pure, soft and dreamy quality to it. Shimmering to the eye and the nose as it tickles the senses with powder, blooms with airy floral, and finishes with a puff of gauzy cotton.

Halved this one to use for a blend with another Pour Girl’s scent I had from October*, so not the full amount of throw. From half, Creamy Cotton provided moderate scent, just enough for an ambient mood in my living room.

* What did I blend it with? Fig, a “floral lemon-lime blend enhanced by coconut and bergamot w/a dry musky background.” Not sure if this is a candle dupe but I saw this combo recommended online and know a loaf of this mix was available last fall.

What a beautiful blend. Fig’s description is slightly misleading because no citrus notes come out, but what does is a dusty, spicy floral and stunning musk tone. A potent scent on it’s own, but when accompanied by the Creamy Cotton, a lovely coolness takes the edge off the floral. I’ll be getting this blend in larger amounts if re-offered.

20170201_144310Creamy Paix– Creamy cotton mixed with paix (baja cactus blossom). A blend of fresh flowers, coconut and rich vanilla; which is my kind of pie. It took a little while to notice the throw; however, I’ve learned not to doubt Pour Girl’s Wax. Even when on the subtler side, they still deliver.

After 30 minutes, the bright aroma of cactus blossom skimmed across the room creating refreshing ripples. My favorite on cold ended up too fleeting once warmed, however. It is a beautiful scent that I might buy again to melt in smaller spaces,



Cotton Oasis– Creamy cotton blended with guava and fig.

Likely my favorite of the bunch, I wouldn’t have put these 3 notes together, and now I’m obsessed. I’ve tried other guavas that were too sweet for my palate, this reads more like a yummy sherbet punch because of the creamy note, heightened by that gorgeous fig. Very vibrant throw from half, I didn’t want to use it all just yet, but the 3/4 oz. was the perfect amount.


Sleepy Cotton– creamy cotton + marshmallow + a touch of lavender


Another winning combination with the versatile Creamy Cotton. The marshmallow is not phony smelling or overpowering, but elevates the sweetness while the whisper of lavender perfumes the mix. I only wish the lavender was punched up a few notches to subdue the sugar.

A light to moderate throw in my bedroom, I can see this scent being popular if released on it’s own.



20170201_112323Cold throw reviews:

Candy Cotton – Creamy cotton + cotton candy. The ultimate sugar-coated confection spun together with fresh cream, lightened by a caress of cotton. I shouldn’t adore a scent that’s this sweet, but oh, how I do…

Cotton Dreams – Creamy cotton + bergamot + bedtime bath. Three harmonious notes that create an ultra-fresh fragrance. Snappier than the others due to the citrusy bergamot, it’s such a cheerful scent. Just waiting to celebrate the first sunny spring day with this melt.

Vintage Cotton – Creamy cotton + vanilla lace + peppermint. Leaning exotic from the oriental woods of vanilla lace. A cooling breeze of mint grounded by the posies of creamy cotton make a perfectly bold blend.

Barbershop Reconcile– an extremely popular blend of shaving cream chunks and olive branch type overpour. A $6.75 5 oz. wax cake.


I thought that I only liked a few Lush dupes: American Cream, Twilight; I guess I’ve been missing out on this Olive Branch fragrance gem. Lush’s description “warm citrus perfume of mandarin oil and orange flower absolute.”

If you caught my Band of Blogger’s post, you’ll know I wrote an ode to shaving cream scents. They are my silky smooth tonic of choice lately.


Jam-packed with shaving cream chunks, it is the dominant scent when melted. The talcum combines with amber and rum into a dapper, masculine spirit. Softened by the feminine touch of green vines and fragrant orange blossoms, a lovely and well-balanced elixir emerges.


Either my hands are too small, or this wax is too large, but you get the idea. Barbershop is my heartthrob. 

These samples♡


A sweet rosette in Baby Bath, which I surmise is recognizable if you have children, I don’t, thus it’s new to me. Tangy to the nose with relaxing aquatic tones. I would definitely purchase this.

Bad Romance– shaving cream + vanilla lace. Love shaving cream, love vanilla lace, love this combo.

The only downside to this order is that it is now the supreme yardstick by which I’ll compare all future hauls. Hoping for a restock soon and most ardently for larger batches. I’m kicking myself for not grabbing 2 samplers. It’s the valentine I much prefer to hearts and flowers.

Happy Valentine’s day, friends☺

Band of Bloggers


Welcome to the February edition of Band of
Bloggers!  You’re probably getting tired of winter already as we
start this new month.  Maybe your thoughts are already turning
towards spring, or maybe you’re all about Valentine’s at the moment.
Hearts and roses, chocolates and cards, and special someones making you
smile . . . With all that love floating around, our question
this month is quite simple.
What scent are you *loving* at the
It can be anything from wax to perfume to
body care to . . . whatever!
My scent love is singular at the moment. Enticing, but elusive. Difficult to describe, yet instantly recocgnizable. One can sniff it all day without capturing it’s true essence.
It’s cool. It’s tingly, creamy, dreamy. It’s rain, it’s sun all rolled into one…
I’m ecstatic to answer this question because like a lovestruck romantic, I want to shout it from the rooftops: I’M LOVING SHAVING CREAM BLENDS!
  Currently, our relationship is in the wax melting stage, but I forsee it developing into shower scrub/body lotion territory soon. Not to mention, you know, actual shave cream.
I realize I’m probably late to the shaving 
cream party, but its still a fun place to be. What’s not to love? It’s all golden amber, hand-whipped lather, sexy sandalwood and occasionally, invigorating bergamot. Mmm, total hunk of a scent.
Melts I’ve tried include:
Super Tarts:
Mystique-Pink sugar shaving cream (fave)
Hagrid-Shaving Cream and Tinsel (berries/nilla/peppermint/pomegranate)
Star Lord-Shaving cream, cream soda, lingonberry jam
L3 Waxy Wonders:
Deep Throat-1,000 Kisses and shave cream and Snooze Button Aftershave (so so good)
Vintage Chic Scents:
Bond, James Bond-Shaving cream and Burberry Brit
Sweeney’s Barber Shop-Shaving cream, mint, strawberries
I’ve missed out on, but am ISO; On the Waterfront-Shaving cream and sea air
Pour Girl’s Wax:
Barbershop Reconcile (new fave)
There are many more barbershop blends I’ve been scoping out too, I hear Sassy Girl Aroma and Scoopable Tart Wax have yummy ones. If you’ve tried a good brand that is a must, let me know.
To use as much Valentine-speak as possible; I’ve been crushing hard on this scent and to a lesser degree, its fellow fragrance, aftershave. This February there is no doubt, for me,
Shaving Cream is BAE.
We hope you’ll join the fun and leave your
own answer in the comments below.
And we hope you’ll visit these Band of
Blogger blogs and help support the blogger community!

If you are a blogger and would like to join the Band of Bloggers for our
monthly posts, please contact us.

Fireside Chat

It’s about that time of the season when all I want to do is hibernate at home. I love the idea of snuggling up indoors against the keen bite of winter, the snow falling outside as a roaring fire crackles in the fireplace. Ruddy cheeks from the heat of the blaze, toasting my hands and feet, hypnotized as the flickering flames cast dancing shadows upon the glowing hearthstone. The only sounds…the crackle of logs, pop of sparks and perhaps the clink of ice cubes in a glass of warming spirits.

Unfortunately, we don’t use our gas stove fireplace anymore because it’s a soot-churning monster. How does one evoke this fireside feeling without it? Fortunately, the wax world has an answer for that.

In lieu of a real working fireplace, we use a Duraflame electric stove heater. It has all the bells + whistles, adds ambiance and heats our rec room nicely.

Though I no longer strictly adhere to a theme of one scent/one post, I occasionally like to spotlight a single fragrance category and compare a variety of wax from it. Being a natural analyzer and cataloger, I can’t help but comply to my nature.

Today is my one year blogiversary, a perfect time to return to a comparison style post from my early blogging days. With cozy firesides in mind, I gathered up my various hearth melts and got to melting.

The Bathing GardenFaerie Bonfire A complex bonfire scent with notes of leaves, vanilla, sandalwood, and brown sugar.


This scent sounded too mesmerizing to pass up with my winter order, but upon receipt, I found there to be a strange note that sent it to the bottom of my box, forgotten. Something rotten with a tang to it, maybe the leaves, or bonfire aspect?

Starting with one cube, adding a second and ending up very happy I decided to melt it. Whatever note didn’t jive on cold, melded harmoniously when warmed. A humble fireside scent made hazy by the crystalline sugar. Vanilla adds an almost cooling, creamy touch to the smokiness, before it takes a slight dark twist from the damp leaves.

Even as a lighter performing scent, I could see myself repurchasing. I’ve learned to trust in Shannon and her blending skills.

Handmade PrimFireside 3/4 oz. sample size, no scent description available.

Pure burley tobacco leaf combines with wispy smoke and sweet resins to create a lively fireplace scent. A multi-faceted aroma of charred embers, warmed cloth, and plumes of herbaceous woodsmoke mingled with exotic incense.

Consistent and fragrant throw that captured the toasty bonfire that I was after. I will purchase if it reappears in the etsy shop.

Candles from the Keeping RoomOld colonial hearth The aroma of a roaring fire burning old age wood..this is an earthy smokey type aroma.

CFTKR uses sweetly detailed molds that make me happy.

Put this in an electric warmer before taking our dog on a walk, and returned home to a scent that had completely changed the tone of our house. It was interesting, but started to overwhelm my senses quickly. An exhale of intense bitter smoke, as if from a cast-iron stove curled acridly through the room swallowing up the atmosphere. An authentic aroma to be sure, but that includes the sooty residue and black ash that lingers in the air when the coals have died down. We also got an off-putting note of burnt plastic .

Old Colonial Hearth achieved it’s purpose in recreating a fireplace fragrance, however, I think it would only work in a much larger open space. In my smallish rooms, it was akin to dwelling in an ashtray. Won’t repurchase or use the remaining melts.

Party LiteBy the Fire –The romantic, smoky scents of smoldering wood, warmed by a sweet touch of honey & sugared maple.

Partylite, that candle-selling/networking business has wax melts, who knew? I was gifted these by a friend and intrigued by the cold throw. Two chunky wedges were used in my Scenterpiece.

Once warmed, a floral tone emerged, then it fizzled. A charcoal note, reminiscent of The Bathing Garden’s Bah Humbug settled into the background, but never became more prominent. Smouldering, but not catching fire. If there were honey and maple, I couldn’t tell. Such a shame that the best of the cold throws amounted to so little when warmed. Maybe one needs 3-4 wedges of the softer partylite melts, but I probably won’t be purchasing to find out.

Ten Digit Creations– Santa’s Pipe*

Part of my TDC clearance close-out order, I didn’t have high hopes for this one on cold sniff. Not helping matters was the waxident that occurred with my cute, but poorly designed Yankee tealight warmer. The bowl kept slipping off and spilling wax, before the sticky melt released any scent.


Undaunted, I used the remaining half of my 2 oz. cup in my trusty owl warmer. Twenty minutes went by without much happening and I was ready to write this one off, when I noticed a faint fragrance drifting by. Sweet, almost sugary tobacco smoke wound it’s way through, filling up my living room.

Not really a fireside scent, it had the essence of a mild gentle heat. I enjoyed the soft fruity tobacco character for three days as a morning melt ritual that reassured my senses with comforting warmth. I would repurchase.

*Sandra, this could be the grandpa’s pipe scent you’re after. Let me know if you want me to pick some up:)


The best, and by that I mean smokiest of the smoky melts: Handmade Prim’s Fireside. That little cup held a life-like substitute for the crackling embers and fragrant smoke of a welcoming fire in the hearth, straight out of a tale by Dickens.


The Dirty Goat Soap Co review

Finally, I think I’ve found a natural deodorant that works for my sensitive skin. I’ve been on the hunt since September when I made the decision to discontinue using drugstore deodorant containing aluminum. My reasoning is given in this post on beauty.

The last products that I tried left me with painful patches of severe irritation after 3 weeks of use. I knew I had to find a baking soda free version, those rashes were no joke.


I discovered The Dirty Goat on Instagram and have been impressed with the way the shop owner conducts business. Erica informs and teaches the customer about what’s in her products throughout the process of creating, listing and marketing items for sale. This transparency and willingness to reach out and teach people about natural body care translates to earning my trust when it comes to quality. TDG assures that “Each and every ingredient is FDA approved, cruelty free, and free of phthalates.”

When I considered her natural deodorant it wasn’t the probiotics that drew my attention, it was the absence of baking powder. Arrowroot powder is a gentler alternative for those with skin sensitivity. Unsure of what probiotics are and how they’re used-I turn to the website. According to The Dirty Goat, “probiotics are beneficial topically similarly to the way they are beneficial for our digestive systems. The same way probiotics help regulate bacteria when taken internally, probiotics can be used to help regulate bacteria growth on our skin as well.”

But does it work for me? Thankfully, yes.

$9.75 ea. for 2.5 oz.

Fragrance: I ordered two scents, Festivus (a holiday exclusive) and Rose.

Anything named Festivus is going to earn my stamp of approval, for both the fragrance and the Seinfeld reference. Described as “fresh breezes of orchid and Ylang essential oil w/notes of cypress and frosted woods. Oakmoss and spices round out this Festive deodorant ‘for the rest of us.'”

It’s extreme freshness took some getting used to. For days after I started wearing it, whenever I lifted my arms or stretched, I’d think, did someone leave the door open? Is there an impromptu Christmas tree lighting happening here? The stuff smells that realistic. The scent translates to a distinctive aroma of balsam that agrees with my skin.

Rose– Described as “an authentic fresh rose scent. Not English tea rose.” Just like verdant rose blossoms, it is too heady for me. The floral reminds me of my grandmother’s rosewater perfume, a sentimental recollection, but it’s too concentrated and makes me slightly dizzy.

Performance: The antiperspirant aspect works better than expected. One application is all that’s needed, for ordinary, day-to-day wetness control.

For odor elimination, the oils release their fragrance, allowing a fresh feeling to continue throughout the day. If I anticipate any heavy-duty aerobic activity, I still endorse the Pacifica deodorant wipes I recommended previously for freshening up extra sweaty moments. So far, this deodorant has done the job well.


The texture resembles a stiff cake of clay in it’s tube. I’ve read the tip of warming natural deodorant under the arm for 30 seconds to a minute to soften the product and enable smooth application. I hold it under my arm and do something else, like apply eyeliner as I’m getting ready, it works like a charm.

Whipped sugar scrub:

A generous sample portion of sugar scrub was included with my deodorant order, I love that! The fragrance is Cuppa Nog, a subtle cinnamon, brown sugar and steamed coconut blend. Mostly milky, but has a note which strangely reminds me of Flintstones vitamins. Hey, that’s fine by me, I liked them in childhood and still do.


With a frosty sheen and creamy texture, I was excited to try it out. My skin was crying out for an extra boost of hydration, especially after a little date night overindulgence of alcohol this weekend. Does anyone else notice their skin needs moisture relief post cocktails?

Applying it, I feared it would be unsubstantial to lather and moisturize enough. After rinsing, I ended up loving the way it coated my skin with a lotionized barrier; it felt soft, smooth and supple. What more could I want from a shower scrub?

Recommendation: Absolutely, the only downside is that the turn-around-time can seem lengthy. I placed my order the day it was listed, Nov.23rd and received it mid-December. But there were holidays to account for and the policy is very clearly stated upon ordering and must be agreed to, so that you aren’t surprised on TAT.

The Dirty Goat has so much to offer, haircare, face and body oils, clay masks and even a spa in a box! I can’t wait to get a full-size whipped scrub and try a deodorant in a summer scent. Some of her items can be found in retail stores, or you can order from the rotating and seasonal stock online.

Run by a talented girlboss, I’m thrilled and proud to spread the word about this small batch skin and hair care brand! If you’ve tried any Dirty Goat items please share, I need to narrow down my list.