Fall Fun Fridays: DIY-Cobbled keto pie, birch yarn art, fall branch decor

You know I must be serious about this low-carb lifestyle if I chose to bake a pie. My only previous attempts have been instant pudding pies with store-bought graham cracker crusts. Finding a low-carb, sugar alternative pie with an ingredient list I could actually obtain was no small challenge. For this version I cobbled together two... Continue Reading →

Bonus Post

It's leap day and I'm taking advantage of this bonus day of the year to write a bonus post!  Okay, it's mostly because I wanted to wrap up my monthly theme and provide some sneak peek pics of a few scents that I'm very excited about. Cinnamon Scone In my hunt for baked goods scents to... Continue Reading →

Bakery Air?!

When I heard that one of Yankee's new spring scents was called Bakery Air, I thought it might be a joke.  What kind of a silly name is that anyway?  Since then, I've discovered not only the sweet scent, but the possible inspiration for its title: In "The Book of Awesome," the scent of Bakery... Continue Reading →

Freshly Baked Goods

If there's one thing I've learned from my candle collecting experience, it's that people really love their food scents. Although I do understand the appeal of dessert-like fragrances, I tend to find them too simple, too sweet, and too much. I tire of them quickly and forego repeat burning of the sweet ones, in favor of... Continue Reading →

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