Halloween Hello!

I hope everybody had a fun time celebrating this Halloweekend, mine was quite busy so I naturally combined a couple fall fun posts into one Halloween greeting. 'tis All Hallow's Eve, From the sunset, till the morn. When the shroud that veils the nether realm Is twisted, frayed and worn. -¬†Celtic rhyme I skew towards... Continue Reading →

Mini melting series-Bubbly Pomegranate

Up next for review from the 2016 festive collection is the third cocktail-inspired fragrance in a row, Bubbly Pomegranate. With it, I'm beginning to think that Yankee Candle has a drinking problem this yearūüėČ This scent is sort of a combination of the two previously reviewed festive scents in the series: it has the fizzy... Continue Reading →

Fall Fun-Spooky melts and decor

*If you're just here for the decor pics, see below. Hi there Fall Fun friends! If you've wondered where my Halloween decor post has been, know that I had the best intentions in going all out with displays for the Halloween prompt but alas, it wasn't meant to be this year. I won't get overly... Continue Reading →

Mini melting series- Alpine Martini

Part 2 in the 2016 Festive mini melting series is Alpine Martini. I rarely order a martini these days, but I have imbibed a few cosmos in my time; therefore, I was intrigued and excited by this combination of fruity berries and woods, especially around the holidays. Yankee Candle has done this type well in... Continue Reading →

Reflections in Nature

Today is my brother's birthday. This date also marks the one year anniversary of the last time that I ever saw him, because he died just a few days later. I don't discuss his death or my grief often, only referencing it a couple times since starting this blog in January. There are numerous reasons... Continue Reading →

Fall fun-Pumpkin Patch

No way I was going to start a pumpkin post without showing off my sweet new crocheted drink cozie. Fall Fun readers will recognize this lovely piece from Amanda's craft post on her Thrifty Polished blog. My effusive admiration of her craftiness resulted in Amanda generously offering to send me an extra one along with... Continue Reading →

Mini melting series-All is Bright

If the state of my email inbox is any indication, the holidays are right around the corner. Being in early October makes no difference to retail store marketers and their daily bombardment of holiday sneak-peeks and Christmas shopping countdowns. While¬†still enjoying the fading rays of summer sunlight in my heart, I suppose¬†the holiday season is... Continue Reading →

Fall leaves

Fall foliage is the focus of the blog series today and I was lucky enough to take an out-of-town excursion to beautiful Hocking Hills state park in Logan, Ohio this past weekend. Unfortunately, we visited before peak season so there wasn't as much fall color as I wanted, but the scenery is something to behold... Continue Reading →

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