Fall fun-Color Collage


Glorious golden color displayed on a perfect little tree in the village park near the library where I work. With brightly hued foliage so resplendent this tree deserves a place in the setting of a classic tale by Washington Irving, Edith Wharton or Nathaniel Hawthorne. At least the subject of a stanza or two in a Frost, Emerson or Longfellow poem would be appropriate for such a distinguished tree.

As much as I’ve enjoyed driving past the maple? on my way to work, no inspiration to compose a verse in its honor has struck me yet. On second thought, I’ve now featured the golden beauty in a blog. Not bad for this modest tree. Less distinguished are the coated-metal reindeer silhouettes you can just make out climbing into the bottom right corner. The village powers-that-be like to get an early start on the Christmas display. Photo taken on Halloween!

My lunchtime view in good weather.

One perk of working in a slightly country area is that there aren’t many houses near the public library and village office property. This means I can sneak out for a peaceful lunch break at the picnic table and observe the colors of fall without much noise or distraction. I’ve been told deer have even been spotted in the woods behind the building, but all I’ve seen is Chipper, our chipmunk, scurrying around:)

I am fortunate to have a short scenic drive to work everyday, with two different five to ten minute stretches of gorgeous fall color that I’d love to capture. However, I’m a failure at videotaping while driving. Guess I shouldn’t push my luck, unless I used a go pro or some contraption. Maybe next year.

As dazzling as fall foliage is while still on the trees, it’s prominent in a different way once it hits the ground. Just looking at the blanket of leaves near, in, and around my yard overwhelms me. While he enjoys sniffing and crunching the leaves as much as I do, Johnny Funtime isn’t much help in the leaf gathering department.


At least the burnt amber of the tree across the road is beautiful to behold as it’s leaves fly over to mingle with ours. I wonder if certain color leaves hold on longer, because it seems there is a lack of red foliage around the neighborhood. Although my favorite hue is the coral color that develops as a green tree goes from yellow to orange, that combo seems to have fallen already too. I do love the intensity of the auburn red on these leaves in my sister’s backyard last month.20161019_101819

Speaking of divine fall color, I snapped plenty of inspiration from my friend’s garden when we visited in mid-October. A landscape designer by trade, she has a legitimate flower/shrub garden all year long.

Isn’t that a perfect garden path, picket fence and all? Her long-growing cosmos show off striking color and I love the strategic placing of the maiden grasses tucked in the corners for privacy.



Such vibrant orange cosmo flowers! Being the generous friend that she is, my buddy gifted some seeds for me to plant next year. I’m hoping they’re hardy enough to withstand my gardening inadequacy. Thanks, R, for answering my botanical questions after 11 pm!

Clockwise from left is lovely beepalm, blanket flower, and a sort of rainbow hued chrysanthemum.

Fall Colors swirl jar:


Of course, if you know my blog then you know I have the perfect candle for a fall color collage theme. It’s retired Fall Colors, by Yankee Candle, a rare swirl jar in my collection. Yankee stopped producing the swirls of two different scents and colors not long after Jarden Corp took over. I still get excited when I spot them in the outlet stores.

This is a blend of Autumn Leaves and November Rain, perfect for this month. It’s true that I don’t like November Rain on its own, but paired with crisp, bold Autumn Leaves and I’m wowed by it. The November Rain gets toned down while Autumn Leaves is enhanced by more variety. Even though the swirl jars are no longer produced, this combo can be easily reproduced by breaking up two wax tarts and mixing them together in a warmer.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson

When a perfect fall collage exists in book form, especially a children’s book, then I must feature it, too. I restrained myself from posting every page, but if you get a chance to read this or share with a little one, the illustrations are delightful.

A basket of mini pumpkins and gourds should always be shared too when one comes across it.


I bought my first Better Homes and Gardens and Scentsationals wax a few weeks ago. Better late than never because I’m loving them all. These four represent many of my fall faves: woods and crisp masculine notes in my number one, Crimson, yummy fall foods in the limited edition A Thankful Harvest, earthy, sweet and spicy Vanilla Caramel Spice, and soft and cozy Cashmere Cream. If these were the breadth of my fall wax, I think I’d be satisfied!

Lastly, I picked up just a few autumnal home decor items when I thrifted at Ohio Buckeye Thrift in Columbus. Some great finds included the metal pumpkin candle tray that I’ll get tons of use out of, a heavy iron acorn finial paperweight, a woven owl that I adore even if she’s a hot-glued mess, and a melamine bowl which I’m sure I’ll use summer and fall. These four items totaled only $7 bucks. True enjoyment in finding, new-to-me, decor without breaking the bank.


When putting up Halloween decor, I set my glass beaded garland upon my copper tray for a convenient resting spot until I could roll it up. As happenstance, I absolutely loved the way it looked!  I’ve kept it there for the rest of the season, carefully adjusting the baubled vine out of flame’s way. I’ve already melted a bead, oops.

Continue counting down more fall fun with us until after Thanksgiving.



10 thoughts on “Fall fun-Color Collage

    1. Thank you! My phone’s photo gallery is so full of fall color I had to leave some out, but simply viewing the pics make me immensely happy and uplifted. We’re honestly lucky in the Midwest to experience a season so bright and beautiful.


  1. Your photos are so spectacular! That Yankee candle is perfect for this post and I’m glad you are trying some BHG and Scentsationals melts. They are really great, especially for the price.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Amanda, you are so sweet:) I must have been such a wax snob to never even look at Walmart wax in the past, then again, I only shop there a few times a year if I can help it. I feel like I lose a little bit of my life every time I’m stuck in the checkout line. You can’t beat the value on this wax though, and I only need one cube to melt with great throw! I’m sure I’ll be getting some winter scents too.


    1. Thanks, I love that freakin tree! I probably over-stylized the photo, but I had to gray out the houses and cars on the street. I might go back and photograph it for every season, kind of a year in the life of a tree…


  2. These photos are spectacular!! That golden glory practically glows. Love. Thank you for sharing such beautiful snapshots of foliage. I can’t even imagine being surrounded by all that beauty. I went to Central Park in November a couple of years ago and most of the leaves were off but a few yellows and oranges were around and I was awestruck. Your Boston is named Johnny Funtime?!?!? Dying. What a cutie pie. I used to know a Boston named Dottie and loved her tons.

    I really need to step up my Yankee game. We have a nice outlet that I keep meaning to visit. Wonderful post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Central Park in fall had to be inspiring, I’ve yet to go, but plans are in the works. THANKS for the love.
      Yes, my pup’s moniker is Johnny Funtime. It’s a nickname my husband and his friends had going back 20 yrs. It meant, well, there was a fun time being planned or about to be had. The vet techs all love it and jump to announce his name at appts. I’m sure I’m biased but I couldn’t have asked for a better dog.
      I recommend the Yankee outlet in January, good deals all around. I got medium jars for $6 last year and tarts were only $ .80!


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