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The closest I’m getting to the ocean this summer is a visit to a water-park.  So, in an attempt to bring the sea to me, I’m melting beachy, seaside scents this month.  Deep Sea is a bright cobalt blue candle from Yankee’s Summer 2014 Pure Radiance line.  It appealed to me because it offered a fresh ocean scent without the masculine note that’s so often in watery fragrances.

This lantern is one of my favorite Yankee Candle accessories.  I watched and waited until it was reduced to $15 during last year’s SAS.  I usually keep it on the floor in a corner, because I like the patterns of light that the metal cut-outs throw upon the walls.  It’s rather large, but it does make a pretty decorative impact on the tabletop.

Fragrance: This morning, I lit this up for the first time and headed outside.  After doing yard work in the hot sun for a couple of hours, I hoped to walk inside to a cool, watery atmosphere from the Deep Sea candle.  What I didn’t expect was to be greeted by a rose garden!  I’ve never been scuba diving, so maybe that’s what the deep sea smells like, but it was not what I expected.  Fragrance notes: top-Ozone, rosewater, palm leaf  middle– Waterlily, rose bottom– Amber, mahogany wood.  The rosewater was the most prevalent, with a tropical waterfall undertone.


The wick drifting to the side of the glass!

Performance: It had some problems.  It liquefied quickly; however, after three hours of burning the throw was minimal to light.  Absolutely the lightest throw from a Pure Radiance candle I’ve tried. Another issue was the wood wick started drifting from the center after the wax pool reached about an inch deep.  I’ve heard of Yankee having a wick drifting issue with the softer soy-blend wax, but hadn’t experienced it before now.

Recommendation: A rose garden is probably a bit extreme, but Deep Sea is much more of a green floral than a marine fragrance.  It was subtle, but did create a tranquil ambience in the room. It’s a pleasant scent profile for a bathroom, but I wouldn’t get it again.

I would recommend Yankee’s new fall accessory line.  I missed this gorgeous Twilight Silhouettes tealight holder last year because it sold out.  This year it WILL be mine.  The only obstacle is whether or not I can hold off purchasing until the end of my No Buy July challenge, or have a friend buy it for me. (totally cheating, I know!) Let’s put it this way, I’m monitoring the online inventory daily;)

If you have any beachy, ocean inspired scent recommendations, or fall purchases you’re looking forward to, feel free to share in the comments!



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