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Ahh, the glory of fall! The change of season, the bright colors, rows of pumpkins ready to be picked in the fields, cozy sweaters and comfort foods. Most glorious of all for me, might just be my fall wax stash, though! The next post in the Fall Fun blogging series is: show off that fall melting stash.  I know I love to see a good wax stash, who doesn’t?

2016-09-05 19.24.14

First up has gotta be my Yankee Candle tarts and Scenterpiece easy melt cups. I know that this may look like a ridiculous amount of Yankee tarts, and you are right, it is. But, remember that I was an employee for a time and I got most of my tarts for  $.49 because I stacked sales and coupons.  Still, slightly embarrassing considering this doesn’t include my fall candles.

I hope to get through at least some of these scents this season, but I have so much that I rarely melt repeats. My planned melts are: Apple Cider*, Amber Moon*, Autumn Bouquet, Autumn in the Park*, Autumn Leaves*, Brandy Pear Tart*, Candied Pecans, Caramel Pecan Pie*, Crisp Fall Night, Crisp Morning air, Granny Smith*, Honey Clementine, Hot Buttered Rum*, Kitchen Spice, Macintosh, Pumpkin Pie*, Pumpkin Wreath*, Season’s Blessings, Silver Birch*, Sweet Apple, Vanilla Bourbon, Vanilla Chai*   (* means I’ve melted before and would recommend them)


Next up and the melts that I’m way more excited about this year, with my newly discovered vendor wax addiction (thanks Instagram and Etsy, Lol!) are my small business vendor wax planned melts.  In alphabetical order by vendor:

The Bathing Garden     Handmade Prim

Charm & Ruin, samples          Harvest 

Spiced Pumpkin Pudding

Houseof PhoebeWax House of Wax Melts

Ygritte                   Honey I Shrunk the Kids

L3 Waxy Wonders     The Scented Squirrel

Pkin Caramel Latte     Love From the Oven, 

                                            Sweet Squirrel 

Southern Sisters Wax     Sugar Blossom 

Autumn Orchard,                 Cider Lane, PSL

Caramel Krispies,         Spooky Candy Apple

Harvest Blessings    Toasted Marshmallow                                         

Super Tarts            Swing and Dream Soap 

Groot, Hagrid, Remus    White Punkin Lilac

Vintage Chic Scents*           Warm Ups

Addams Family,          Pumpkin Carrot Cake

Winchester Mystery House

*not pictured is The Mind Reader bakery bag because I forgot to include it in the photo, it’s blackberry pear cider.

Fall Store Merchandise Finds:

Normally, I would have made a few shopping trips for Halloween items by now. I’ve gotten out of my normal habits this year, so the only store I’ve been to and took some photos in, is Pier One Imports.  I know that they can be pricey, but they provide great inspiration, lovely fall vignettes and offer an occasional well-timed sale.  I may have picked up a new fall decor item on sale, that I’m excited to show off later:)


This cute ‘dogs in costumes’ tableware may become a fall gift for my mom.  She would totally eat that up. We often say that “there’s nothing cuter/funnier than dogs in hats” in my family. I also like the neutral toned fall table setting and cozy chairs with pumpkin pillows.

20160905_143551   20160905_143537

I know it’s early but I  have to share my Halloween melts, too. All the same vendors as above with the addition of Gypsy Wax’s Witchy Woman and House of Usher Wax Museum’s Halloween in July sampler box.


I’m also expecting deliveries of Halloween themed melts from two more vendors, Moonbeams Wax and Save Your Scentses.  Yeah! Can’t get enough of this cool stuff.*

*This is the reason I’m on a wax-buying ban:(  I think I have plenty to cover the season, however, how about you? What’s the fall melt or candle you’re excited about this year?


9 thoughts on “Fall Wax Stash

  1. Hey there! Wow, you have an amazing assortment of wax this season. Your Yankee collection alone is jaw dropping. You probably have the broadest range of vendors I’ve come across in quite a while ..so many vendors that are not familiar to me. I look forward to reading more, you have a great blog!

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    1. Aww, I do? Thanks Sunnee! I think the best part about this blog series is getting to see the diversity of everyone’s collections. I’m actually a noob when it comes to vendor wax, so I’m the one that usually hasn’t heard of a wax co., or has yet to try THE popular vendor. But I’m a fast learner, lol!
      Thanks again for the compliments and someday, I’m gonna drag all my candles up and photo them. That stash is ridiculous!!


  2. Fall is my favorite season for SO many reasons! One is the fall scents. I do love my Mountain Lodge and am looking forward to some melts I recently ordered….What have you done to me @the_candle_enthusiast! Lol

    And there just may be a few melts coming your way in a specially themed gift soon… ❤

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  3. Hoooo weeeee! That is one sexy stash. Loving all your Yankee tarts and your Halloween samplers. The little knife in the scent shot is slaying me. Too cute. How are you liking the Southern Sisters wax? I see quite a few new IG vendors that I keep seeing in my feed. Sometimes I feel like a wax fuddy duddy and only stick to the same tried and true vendors but seeing all this new fun stuff has me excited to check out a few new vendors. I am looking forward most to melting my Dessa’s tarts. All that spicy goodness. And my CFTKR fall goodies. And the LSC. Aw heck. All of it.

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  4. Oh, that IG wax feed can be dangerous! I’m happy that you asked me about Southern Sisters Wax bc I would recommend them 100% and they’re in my 3 desert-island wax melts (is that a thing? Why would anyone need wax on an island!)
    For these reasons: The sisters are in a word, genuine. One sis favors bakery/foodie, the other fresh so I know I’ll get good fresh scents😊 Their signature melts are piggie-shaped, so cute, I 💗 the Blush and Bashful scent, but I think it’s sold out right now. Oh that’s another reason, shop is restocked but stays open and they have a sale section. Their scents have simplicity but are straightforward and comforting. See, I can go on all day about SSW!


  5. Oh, my! What a gorgeous stash! You look very well set up for the season! 🙂

    I’ve just recently hopped on the Instagram bandwagon, but I foresee lots of Instagram-fueled purchases in my future.

    Those are some awesome fall in store sightings! It makes me want to decorate and buy all the things!

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    1. Hi Liz,
      It’s been great participating in the Fall Fun series because it’s made me take stock of what I have; wax melts=more than enough, fall decorations=seriously lacking, so yes! Buy all the fall things!!! Thanks for reading:)


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