Scentsy Spring/Summer haul

2017-05-12 18.19.55A good friend hosted an online Scentsy sale in April and naturally I picked out a few spring/summer offerings. One from the new 2017 line-up, three new-to-me scents and one repeat buy. If I sound slightly surprised below about how these turned out, that’s because I am. I’ve sampled Scentsy many times and bought a couple clams occasionally, but with the exception of Hemingway, I’ve liked few and have never been wowed by any.
Needing to narrow down my selection from the dizzying number of options on the website, I answered a fun little preference quiz designed to help customers do just that. The results assigned my preference as green scents, which suits me fine as it’s my favorite color.

20170507_155313The first fragrance to jump out at me was, Lime & Sugarcane-Lime and sugarcane cooled by an accord of frozen mint.
I may not be the biggest bakery fan, but I’m secretly crazy about sugar blends. Sugar milk, sugared lavender, rainforest sugarcane, pink sugar, blue sugar, there’s truly no wrong way to take it in for me. I predicted that lime sugar would be no different and I was right.

20170512_174926This is not a salty or boozy margarita style, but a rather unexpected and authentic smelling blend. Mounds of freshly grated lime zest, muddled with sugary syrup punched up ever so slightly by sprigs of fresh spearmint serve up a mojito vibe. One cube was all that was needed for strong throw throughout one level for about 4-5 hours.

White Tea & Cactus-A clean, crisp, and refreshing floral mix with green notes.

20170510_171051love tea blends, especially without the cakes or lemon, but I’m learning tea fragrance varies widely. I don’t understand White Tea and Cactus, because I prefer my tea scents to smell of tea. Not a single tea leaf present, but what comes through is a watery floral, pear and then cucumber?
Even if there was a little Bath and Body Work’s Baja Cactus Blossom, I’d be happy, but I don’t think this is a dupe. The floral is a white flower, possibly jasmine, with a strong herbaceous lean. I’ve never melted a scent that was curiously sharp but bland at the same time, however, this achieved it.

When perusing the website, I couldn’t stick with only green types, so I ventured over to my beloved fresh scents and gathered those into my basket too.

20170507_160111 (1)Dark Harbor-A romantic, exotic fragrance of kaffir lime and blue-green mint with notes of watery ocean lavender and mysterious amber.
A-hoy, do I like this. If this be the scent of a port where pirates smuggle their booty under the cover of night, then I’d set sail there any day. And what precious cargo is found within the ship’s holds? Barrels of cologne, by the smell of it, the good stuff.
Sinus-clearing at first, but when the alcohol burns off after a minute or two, deep pools of marine notes remain. DH develops a lush rainforest essence that had me sticking my face right up to the wax pool to breathe deeply. No citrus from the kaffir lime, just serene waters. Not overly strong, I’d recommend 2 cubes and would repurchase.

20170507_155510Coconut Cotton-Sun-warmed cotton, creamy coconut milk, bright citrus, and white sandalwood transport you to a cabana on a tropical beach.
This smells more poolside than beach cabana due to the astringency of the cotton. Freshly laundered pool towels softened and sweetened by an ultra rich pina colada makes a well-balanced cocktail for summer days. I love this combination with a tiny squeeze of lemon, and I adore any appearance of coconuts. 2 cubes recommended.

Bonfire Beach– Toasted marshmallow smoldering over white flint and sandalwood harmonize with salty sea air and ocean spray.

20170507_155219A repeat purchase after picking one up at a vendor show last year. Mallow is one fragrance type where I enjoy a liquer note and this has it.
Crackling firewood lures as marshmallows roast into carmelized sugar sublimity. Smoky embers rise and mix with a gentle hazy ocean breeze as a bottle of spirits is passed around for a glug of warmth. The sandalwood is noticeable and adds to a complexity rarely found in a marshmallow scent.
One cube threw strongly in my bedroom* and filtered through to the living room. The performance was also rare for a marshmallow. *Melted this in my wall plug-in Scentsy warmer, which is nearly useless for vendor wax, but gives the best results for Scentsy cubes.

Overall pleasantly surprised with my order of much needed Summer fragrance. Do you have any Scentsy favorites? What category type might you be sorted into? Any special plans for the weekend? I’m headed to explore some gorgeous gardens.

9 thoughts on “Scentsy Spring/Summer haul

    1. Thank you! You can probably tell between Super Tarts and these I was racking my brain to devise new photos, but there’s only so many ways you can capture a clamshell.
      Those 3 were fab scents. I’d reorder Coconut Cotton and Dark Harbor in a heartbeat. I’ll put a few cubes in your package, when I finally gather it; it’s been a hectic week. Going over to your blog to catch up, now.😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah don’t worry about that, you keep your goodies for yourself girly! I appreciate the thought though! And I’m in no rush, yours is ready on the counter yet I still have not had time to make it to the post office with my also hectic week.


  1. Glad you found some! Only duplicate from my order is Dark Harbor. Happy to share when I get mine from E-town. I decided to go outside my comfort zone (I am a geren scenter also) on a lot of them. Some are also gifts.
    Here is what I ordered:
    my only sunshine
    lilacs and violets
    you’re my buttercup
    pistachio ice cream
    just breathe
    Dark harbor
    (6 free):
    vanilla pear
    baked apple
    Coconut lemongrass
    southern evening
    mariposa lily


    1. 6 free, that’s awesome! You do love your florals…save me a cube of Vanilla Pear and/or You’re my buttercup unless they’re gifts. I only regret getting White tea instead of Amazon Rain, it was a toss-up. Dark Harbor is excellent, masculine but with extra depth-not a typical cologne scent. Just what I’ve been looking for.


  2. Loving these pastel and springy colors! So beautiful. Your photos are gorgeous. Hemingway is amazing. Thank you for sharing some! Bonfire Beach is so freaking amazing. I miss Vanilla Suede too. I Scentsy hook up stopped selling so it has been a little while since I have had some. Their wax feels so cool. Enjoy your new fragrant goodies. You picked some stellar scents.


    1. Hey, glad you liked Hemingway. I think it’s a rare combo of comfy/cozy and sexy at the same time, I melt it in my bedroom a lot. Bonfire Beach is killer, right up there as one of the best toasted mallows. Thanks for the compliments, I enjoyed the springy palatte.


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