Hello semi-sale!

It's been a busy wax month around the candle enthusiast blog. I've purchased no less than three small vendor wax restocks in May, and I'm looking forward to plenty of wax melting and reviewing soon! It's also an exciting time of year for Yankee Candle fans (aka Yankee fandles) because Memorial Day weekend in the... Continue Reading →

Fresh Cut Herbs

May is flying by, the days are growing longer and summer is just around the corner.  I continue to light a lot of candles late into the summer evenings, more for the glow than the fragrance.  When it comes to summer fragrance people might imagine beachy, suntan lotion-inspired scents, and they're okay.  But to me,... Continue Reading →

Fresh Cut Roses

This Saturday was the 142nd annual "run for the roses" with the Kentucky Derby. Every year, my family has a small get-together to celebrate.  We indulge in some bourbon infused recipes, play a "Hold your Horses" classic-style board game with the kids, and place some friendly bets on the race.  My losing streak remained intact... Continue Reading →

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