The Fakery Bakery Wax-summer preorder

Such is this batty, in-between time of year, I’m posting a Summer preorder after a Halloween preview. This is the Fakery Bakery preorder placed in mid-May which arrived the Friday before Labor Day. Still feeling conflicted over posting about wax hauls in the face of such devastation and loss experienced by so many this month, however, I think I found a solution that makes me feel better about it, more on that at the end of September.

As I was getting into vendor wax in a hard core way last Spring/Summer, I noticed the adorably eye-catching products of The Fakery Bakery Wax. This happened to be around the time Athena, the maker, was slowing down on store openings because she was expecting a baby. I missed a Spring restock this year, so when I heard she was offering her first preorder, I jumped at the chance to try these darling creations.


Around mid-July, Athena began updating with information that preorders wouldn’t be ready to go for the stated turn around time of 8 weeks. She was waiting on additional wax and expressed the amount of orders were more than initially planned for; communication through Instagram updates continued. She expressed her gratitude to everyone for their patience and even poured extra ‘Thank You Gift’ melts for her customers. I appreciated this level of communication and awareness that some people might be disappointed. Then I just had to sit back and wait for my shipping notice and rejoice when my happy melts arrived.

Para-soy Wax cup duos:


Mango Milk– mango sorbet/sugar milk. Hearing good things on this scent I couldn’t wait to try it. Upon opening the cup, I was hit by a powerful plastic odor. Slightly nauseating, as my nose adjusted, the bright  fruit came out and assured me I’d be able to melt it. I believe the plastic smell comes from the mix of oils, NOT the plastic containers for 2 reasons: the other scent in the cups didn’t contain the smell and I’ve received this same blend as a gift, from a different vendor, with the exact same plastic note.  

You can never go too wrong with Mango Sorbet, if you like that orange sherbety goodness. Happy to say once melted, the strong plastic mostly dissipated and the punchy mango took over. Succulent and juicy fruit, while already creamy from the sorbet, is enhanced by sugar milk elevating the creamy factor immensely. As cooling and appetizing as a frothy Mango Lassi, ooh, gonna have to get one of those soon. Strong performer in the living room using only half a melt.

Mermaid Dreams- peppermint/salty sea air/lavender. An intense peppermint topped with a few lavender sprigs. My husband really liked it, but I’ve yet to find a Salty Sea Air blend that can stand up to stronger scented oils and this is no exception. The mint is sharp and acquires an astringent note from the lavender, giving the blend a medicinal finish. Another powerful throw from half a cup in my 18 watt warmer.

Souffle cups $6.75 ea.


Cake By the Ocean- pink sugar/shaving cream/ocean breeze. A hugely popular scent by FBW, I was happy to get the opportunity to try. The caramelized sugar present in Pink Sugar is the star of this blend, freshened up by distinctive shaving cream. Ocean Breeze contains sea water, ozone and lily of the valley, but is undetectable thus far. Popping in my warmer produced a sweet musky aroma with a light throw.

Triton- blue sugar/shaving cream/sea salt blossom/lavender. A highly fresh scent that actually smells like the sea shore, huzzah! A perfectly composed fragrance for a hot summer day; salty sea water, sheer green floral, fresh marine spray without any suntan oil. Made more invigorating by bracing Blue Sugar cologne and cooling shave cream. Fresh and floral scent lovers should be elated by this balmy fragrance with a light-medium throw. I recently enjoyed a Himalayan salt spa and Triton has got a similar relaxing aura going on.


Twirl- mango sorbet/coconut cream pie/waffle cone. A friend sent a similar blend from a custom order, so I already knew it to be good, but holy moly, this combo is heavenly. Coconut cream pie transforms mango into a decadent dessert and the waffle cone completes the ice cream experience missing from Mango Milk above. Luscious sweet coconut with hints of creamy vanilla, crumbly graham cracker crust and sugar crusted waffle cone poured over the rich mango fruit chunks. My favorite facets of this scent are warm toasty notes of coconut and baked wafers atop cool, refreshing sorbet. Those decorative sprinkles are enough to make me twirl like a kid wrapping my fingers around a swirled ice cream filled cornetto.

Extra “thank you” cubes:


You’re sweet- salt water taffy. So good, you can almost taste it. These are as delicious-smelling as they are adorable. Thank you!



I sent Gran on with a friend’s order. It smelled like a yummy fall mix of apples, spice, and graham crackers. A crowd pleasing melt. The bundt shape in Do Bad Things melted  golden pools of butter with heavy handfuls of clove and cinnamon. It lasted for 3 days!

Because the wax cups outperformed the souffles and were poured in May compared to August, I think cure time is necessary for this wax. Only a tad disappointed that I received my scents near summer’s end and because I was splitting a few with a friend, I hoped for her to get them sooner. Our weather forecast is hot and sunny this weekend though, and I’ll delight in melting these as a summer send-off. Soaking up a little more summer is never a problem for me. 

What’s your philosophy on preorders? Are reviews helpful when the scents are no longer available and the season is past? Do you prefer restocks instead?


Halloween Mystery Sampler- The Bathing Garden


About a month ago, I was hanging out with my sister when she casually mentioned that The Bathing Garden was making a Halloween sampler. Not a member of the facebook group, I had no knowledge of the announcement, but when asked if I wanted to split one, I surely wasn’t turning down the offer. Incorrectly assuming it was a preorder, I left the ordering up to her. Unaware of the rush to purchase samplers, limited amounts, or rounds of restocking until I caught up on social media the next day. Whew, there seemed to be a little fallout over availability, but she managed to nab it at the later restock.

After a few delays including a mid-vacation evacuation from the Florida Keys, my sis received our sampler and passed it on to me for the following preview. 20 scents were included with a fragrance card plus one sample scent. Cost $17.00, shipped for $7.50. 


 *new scents



*Banshee Dreams– Frosted pumpkin cupcakes, dark espresso, crystallized coconut shavings, vanilla marshmallow. Very much a coffee scent with added pumpkin spice topped with marshmallow whipped cream. Extra creaminess from the coconut but it’s fruity, not milky.

Black Magic Laboratory– Orange chiffon, black velvet cake, chocolate shavings, crème filled cookie bites. I don’t normally go for orange scents and never chocolates, yet this is delightful. Warm bakery notes with sweet chords of orange spice, not sharp or tangy. Well balanced, this hint of chocolate shouldn’t put anyone off, it’s delicious.

Colossal Pumpkin Lantern- Chocolate frosted brownies with vanilla cream pumpkin brulee. Unfortunately, for me, this chocolate is more prevalent. Not rich and cakey, more of a chewy nougat center wrapped inside marshmallow cream with caramelized sugar coating. Negligible pumpkin scent on cold.

Pumpkin Butterscotch Chip Waffles- Sweet pumpkin waffles swirled with butterscotch chips. Bakery fresh and fluffy. Classic pumpkin spiced waffle scent substituting the caramel note for sticky butterscotch toffee bits, improving it nicely. Creamy bakery lovers should enjoy this, my niece already called it for herself.

Potions: (beverages, tea/coffee, cider)


Eye of Newt– Fresh frozen water, clean air and crystallized peppermint candy. Strange to my nose. These scents are in my wheelhouse, but frozen water isn’t the same as sparkling snow type I enjoy, it’s well, more watery. The peppermint is subdued, like mellow ribbon candy and doesn’t merge well either, this one’s a miss.

*Phantom Queen-Black citrus tea, cinnamon coffee and a bag full of Halloween candy. I’m in lust over this scent. Pairing tea and coffee is a revelation. Uplifting and soothing as a mug of warm spiced brewed tea. Sugary lumps of hard candy flavors tucked inside, sweetening the pot. 

Poisoned Apothecary-hot mulled apple cider with a woody undertone. Ooh, PA got a little woodier than I remember when melted last year. Dry cedar and cypress crackles as the heat of the mulling spices creates a bold aroma. This scent spreads a tingly warmth throughout the room.

*White Magic-shaved cinnamon, orange tea, hints of spicy patchouli. Beautiful tea leaf essence with a decadent bouquet of spices. The citrus is sheer, but highly fresh and sweet. I enjoy this even more than Tea with the Queen of Hearts, but is does have a similar profile, substituting the floral with spice. My sis may have to arm wrestle me for this.



Faerie Bonfire- complex bonfire scent with notes of leaves, vanilla, sandalwood, and brown sugar. Reviewed here in January.

Haunted Hayride- tart granny smith apples, caramel, cinnamon, pumpkin, hints of hay. Grassy hay is dominant, slightly bitter. Crisp apples accented by cinnamon bark makes a mouthwatering melt. Combinations of earthy, sweet and spice create a pleasing outdoorsy fall fragrance. My sister’s favorite.

Netherworld Zombie- freshly shoveled graveyard dirt, espresso, lime essential oils, scotch whiskey, chocolate shavings. Can’t get much earthier than this, an indelicate scent but not unrefined, once your nose gets used to sniffing dirt and lime at once that is. Similar notes to TBG’s Toxic Earth, but not heavy on coffee. I understand the graveyard/Halloween connection, but this is one of the perkiest fragrances I’ve come across, more of a Spring garden, fresh-tilled soil vibe. I surprisingly love it, even the rustic, less decorated look to the pumpkin fits.



Cemetery Keys– vanilla tonka bean, lime citrus, and sugary sweet white floral. Received as a sample and reviewed here. I like nearly everything about this except for TBG’s white floral, it causes a headache. Very tart lime softened with powdery-sweet tonka bean.

Charm & Ruin– Lush vanilla citrus swirled with fruity pomegranate base. I constantly mistake this for a floral scent because it opens with a creamy rose note. Reminiscent of fruity floral bubble bath. A creamy, luxurious bubble bath but still not a fruit scent to me.

Hades & Persephone– citrus, cognac, musk, hints of patchouli. Not a specific Lush dupe, but similar to soapy, floral lush notes. Heady spice from the potent patchouli, with a slight boozy character. Pretty and powdery finish, I enjoyed this sensual fragrance more than I thought I would.

Hoarfrost Tonic- a refreshing scent with lime, cypress, mellow pine and cool air notes. Unique and astringent. Strongly soap-like, with an icy crisp laundered finish. Due to the drink reference on the label, I expected fizziness, however I didn’t notice any. Another headache inducer unfortunately.



Pagan Moon– an apple and pear grove under blood red strawberry moon, kissed by fall leaves. Subtle complexity from the leaves, a juicy fruit blend with light strawberries. No single fruit dominates, making a muddled compote. Classically fall, I have to melt a crisp tart fruit at least once this season and I adore this scarlet and gray combination

*Season of the Witch– spicy pumpkin, cinnamon apples, ripe berries, sugar dipped oranges. There is an off note right from the top but I can’t identify it. Strawberry leaf is a wild guess, something green and twiggy that has a bitterness, could just as likely be a harsh spice. It doesn’t work for me, but others may like it.

Tombstone Dust– green apple cinnamon cupcakes, with marshmallow brown sugar caramel glaze. Caramel apple lovers might rejoice, but it’s not sticky as some can be. Cinnamon sprinkled lightly on top of delicate meringue. Sweet, though lacking heavy cloying bakery notes. Enjoyable, even with my aversion to bakery scents. 



Death Becomes Her- spun sugar, white vanilla buttercream, peppermint cookies, and a sprinkle of rock candy chipsCotton candy creates an airiness out of what could be a heavy buttercream frosting. Cooling peppermint cuts through the sweetness creating a refreshing top note with an extra creamy base. Divine.

Mummy Mademoiselle– candied rose jam, sweet sticky saltwater taffy, creamy white vanilla. The first note to surface is the saltiness. Lush rose jam is present but holds more depth than others I’ve tried, a sour note appears giving the blend a sweet/sour candy-like cream fragrance. Since I can’t stop sniffing it, yummy Mummy may be my favorite.

Monster Candy- the 2-D pumpkin cutout sample. A very sweet pink berry blend. Sticky strawberries, candy corn possibly, but no chocolate. Updated notes: watermelon candy, sugar dipped orange slices, and kiwi cherry mimosas.

These melts are all gorgeous to the eyes with a muted pastel color palette. Most of them make the nose happy too. My sister pointed out the lack of a true pumpkin scent, without coffee or chocolate, and I would have preferred that to the numerous Lush scents. However, the range is impressive and thankfully without too many floral tones. I’m excited to see what else Shannon has in store if this is a preview of what’s to come.  A Christmas sampler would be a joyful thing too!

Favorites and surprises from each category:

  • Black Magic Laboratory
  • White Magic
  • Netherworld Zombie
  • Hades & Persephone
  • Pagan Moon
  • Mummy Mademoiselle/Death Becomes Her *tied

Good luck to those ordering this week and let me know what you like!


Pour Girl’s Wax-must have restock


When a favorite vendor only restocks about four times per year, as Pour Girl’s does, and you’ve missed the spring opening, like I did, but you love the product, and I do, you set alarms and drop everything to order. As the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones was starting August 20th, I was frantically adding items in my cart to the driving beat of the opening theme. Thought I moved like greased lightning, but still wasn’t fast enough to grab PG’s popular Pink Zen (pink sugar eucalyptus), maybe someday. Here’s what I did get my hands on:

5-pack scent shots $6.75

Fun Bread-Strawberry+Pineapple+Zucchini Bread. Strong performance.


I love the declarative title of this scent. SNL’s Super Happy Fun Ball comes to mind. (Never taunt Super Happy Fun Ball) What provides the fun in this bread? An addition of juicy strawberry and tangy pineapple, though I prefer my real-life version to contain chocolate chips, the fruit in this wax version is a perfect addition. I’m positive that baking a fresh loaf of zucchini bread wouldn’t scent my house this yummy. Salty and sweet with a hefty amount of spice. This is no strawberry scent if that’s what you’re looking for, but if baked, spiced bread is your cup of joe, Fun Bread is a must. I found a new PG wax to love.


Vanilla Sands-Sandalwood+Lavender+Vanilla. Light-medium strength.

My first sniff of this scent was in a mixed vendor giveaway prize last year. Impressed by it, especially the throw, which can be difficult to achieve in a  sandalwood vanilla. Ancient sandalwood fragrance soothes as heady balsamic wood tones linger. A distinct soapiness emerges from the lavender that I didn’t experience in the previous melt. Not unpleasant but not as calming as remembered. 

Boy Bye- Blue Sugar + Vanilla Lace. Medium strength, but inconsistent.

The cold throw was nil and I worried this scent might not deliver, but I’ve been fooled by PG’s throw before only to be pleasantly surprised. Though not as strong as other blue sugars I’ve smelled, the sweet cotton candy spice comes through. Hints of cedar and lavender provide a woodsy breath while the burnt sugar exhales in puffs of sweet. Then the vanilla lace perfume, too musky for some, but I find it exquisite. The earthy musk is warm and sensual while light powdery vanilla dominates.

20170830_122828 (1)

Barbershop Trio: $14  


Bad RomanceBarber shop+Vanilla Lace (white)

One of my top five scents of this year, first received as a sample with my winter order and requested from Laura this go round. No way I was passing it up in a shaving cream trio. Feminine vanilla lace, musk laden and sweet is cut through with crisp talcum, green bay leaf and spicy rum of shaving cream. A perfect mix of masculine and feminine in a balanced house blend. And behold the aesthetic beauty of these melts.


His & Hers-Barber shop+Pink Chiffon (blue) Light strength. 

The barber shop above paired with a powdery pink chiffon perfume dupe. My first time trying Pink Chiffon (a B&BW’s perfume) and I don’t like it. Too sweet berries and pears come across as artificial with a plastic note that was the only fragrance to emerge. I was excited for this blend because I thought it was similar to Pink Sugar. Now I know it’s a juvenile type perfume that couldn’t be saved by the shaving cream addition. I used a quarter piece of the wax chunk without much throw produced on warm. Not a repurchase.

Looking Dapper-Barber shop+Reconcile (Lush Olive Branch type) (gray)

Two of my favorite fresh scents blended together. Originally reviewed here. I only wish it were a tad stronger.

These are weighty wax pucks, estimated at 4 oz. each.




Blue Lagoon– couldn’t find scent notes. This is a marine blend that starts fresh and clean with ozone, then descends to a deeper sea note. Aquatic florals are light, not too rosy. I’d rate this slightly better than typical ocean breeze scents, but I would prefer driftwood or seaweed essence blended in. 

Summer’s Not Over Sugary lemons + strawberry white cake + rice krispies + pink grapefruit. Powerful scent strength.

Summer’s Not Over, Oh how I wish that were true. Laura, this scent is scrumptious. I almost ordered a 5-pack of it, but lemons and strawberries scared me off. Big mistake! My hubby and I love it. Piquant lemon zest, no strong candied lemon rinds, with juiciness from the berry and grapefruit. Not too tart thanks to the creamy mallow of rice krispie treats topping it all with a sweet gooey glaze. I see much more of this scent in my future, I hope.

Always a satisfied customer when it comes to Pour Girl’s Wax, the only downsides are limited product amounts and the shipping is higher for me as it’s calculated on distance from the Alabama-based vendor. Charged $12.50, but refunded $3.30 at time of shipping. I love nearly everything I’ve received and I can’t promise I won’t try for fall/winter blends if they’re offered. 

Which vendor is can’t miss for you?

Vendor Review-Dapper Dachshunds

I love wax. That’s probably a given. Turning on my main warmer is one of the first things I do when I get up in the morning, it feels like a little indulgence to start the day. With a strong sense of which fragrances I like and a willingness to stretch my comfort zone with orders, I usually end up successful.

Another aspect of melting wax I love is discovering new vendors. My goal for this year was to experiment with newer, smaller vendors and test their products. Occasionally I’m unsure where to turn in trying a new-to-me brand. Beautiful social media hauls pique my interest, but I require a little more substance when making that leap from window shopping to purchasing from a new wax maker. No better call to make for recommendations than my people. My fellow waxxies had an overwhelming response to my to-try vendor poll and the brand that received the most love was Dapper Dachshunds Wax.


Amanda from DD made it extra enticing by sending a 20% off coupon code when she found out her shop won the poll. And several scents of the earthy, manly variety I adore were in this restock, took that as a serendipitous sign this brand was right for me.

Scent Shots: $1.35 1 oz.


Golden Light-Wild honey, garden herbs, nectarine and apple blossom. This one had me at garden herbs. Bright fruit picked from the tree at the peak of plumpness, infused with sun-dappled sweetness. Blooms of relaxing verdure spread a spa-like air with no flowery character whatsoever. Such a unique creation, a happy golden melt indeed. Would repurchase.

Lemongrass Tea-Soothing green tea, fresh lemongrass and verbena leaf with notes of white ginger, vanilla bean and golden amber. Huzzah for a lemongrass tea scent in which one can actually smell the tea. Often lemongrass dominates a blend, however, here it provides a squeeze of citrus while letting the vegetal leaves shine through. A distinct mix of ginger spice, softened by vanilla and steeped with bright green tea flavors. I’d drink this blend, it produces a nice medium melt too. Would repurchase, I know a friend who would love this combination also.

Witchy Woman-Forest greens, pine needles, woodland rose, baby violet and patchouli. Oooo witch-ay woman…this witch possesses a powdery perfume more than a woodsy essence I’d prefer. I’m hoping the woody redolence is released when melted and it becomes less heady aged witch, more natural wood sprite.

Loving the muted, custardy colored wax.

Deep in a Dream– Lavender, vanilla bean noel and peppermint. This combo. It’s done so often by vendors and would be difficult to botch. Still I learned DD’s is very popular as the clamshell jumped out of my cart during ordering and I quickly changed plan and grabbed a scent shot instead. I’d rank DD’s version in the top that I’ve tried, right up there with Rosegirl’s. Ultra sugary and buttery mint, a noticeable cookie crumble of vbn imbued with fragrant traces of lavender. Essentially, a peppermint cookie scattered with sugared lavender buds, why haven’t I tried this before? I’ll need more.

Classic Man-Bourbon and tobacco blend with blushed rose petals, cedarwood and tonka bean. At first sniff similar to Uncle AC, I prefer this for a soothing tobacco scent. Cedar and tobacco leaves are green, not dry, with a cushiony moss-like feel. In fact, I recognize an oakmoss note too. Mild bourbon and tonka bean meld to a gourmand finish. This classic man is dapper, gentle, and restrained but also swanky and mysterious. Would repurchase. 

Pink Cadillac-A juicy blend of watermelon, mango, and papaya. Tropical fruits and melons aren’t my typical choice, but I missed out on Ring of Fire while placing my order so I substituted with this. Sweet with a hint of bubblegum. A creamy note comes through from the mango making a pleasant, if somewhat artificial fragrance. It reminds me of the swirled watermelon lipgloss I used to wear as a teen. In fact, my teenage niece will appreciate the sugary fruits more than I will, think I’ll pass it on to her.


Clamshells: $3.89 3oz.

Those swirls are swoon-worthy.

Uncle AC- Smoky tobacco leaves and cherry wood followed by sweet honey and vanilla. I don’t care for cherry notes, but wanted to try this DD staple as it’s highly praised. Thankfully, the cherry tone is subtle and the tobacco isn’t the caramelized kind present in many tobacco scents. Mellow wood-smoke wafts from smoldering logs dripping with honey revealing a clean smoky blend. Uncle AC is growing on me.

Blinding Lights– Smoky sandalwood, amber, cedar, toasted marshmallows, caramelized sugar, patchouli, lavender, heliotrope, coriander and soft vanilla. A slew of notes, yet very much a shaving cream scent on cold, which happens to feature heavily in my melt rotation so I’m not mad about that. On warm, the marshmallow sweetness announces itself prominently, again, a favorite of mine. Personally, I’ve always thought mallow and shave cream might complement each other and Dapper Dachshunds proves it. A light throw in my living room from 2 cubes, better for a smaller space.

Nights Like These– Herbal Lavender and Pink Sugar. Why hello there herbal lavender, my my, you are dreamy. One of the most realistic lavender oils I’ve tried. Warm and cozy with a touch of spiciness, not soapy or astringent or even overly floral like some English lavenders. Pink sugar brings a hint of fluffy candy vanilla but lavender is the star. A fave.


Pumpkin Coconut Cream-Rich coconut cream and pumpkin pie spices provide a modern interpretation of an all time classic. That’s no summer coconut, it’s flesh is toasted to perfection with crisped cracked hulls and ribbons of lightly spiced pumpkin baked in a buttery rich pie crust. A perfect summer to fall transition, combining fresh, fruit, spice and bakery in one. Probably my favorite from this order, 2 cubes threw medium in the kitchen. Would repurchase. 

Pumpkin Peppercorn- Notes of amber, black peppercorn and spice. I was most excited to sniff this one. Reminiscent of Yankee Candle’s Pumpkin Wreath with extra nutmeg means I’m in love. Fruity amber and fresh juniper-like pepper berries elevate this scent out of the kitchen and into a wild, overgrown orchard where warm breezes bring the smells of forgotten fruit and gourds left on the vine. Grounded by dried herbs and spices. Definite repurchase (and I think still available!)

Spiked Cider– Bartlett pear and golden apricot aged to perfection in wooden oak barrels with a hint of oak brandied currant. Expecting classic apples, I’d forgotten the twist on this cider-pears and apricots! Divine, I can’t stop sniffing this blend. Bold apricot aroma rises from the oak barrel where stewed pears reside. More fresh than spiced with thirst-quenching tartness. Threw light-medium in the living room.


Not all my wax purchases come with this much fanfare. But since Dapper Dachshunds won the poll, it deserves the gold star treatment. There were a few cons to my DD experience, the biggest being two of the scents I wanted were sold out within ten minutes. Next time, I’ll use more urgency. When previewing the site, I noted a scent shot in Stay Awhile that was only available in a clamshell when the store opened. No samples given. The positives far outweighed those minor matters, however.


Love the sleek packaging including pour dates + scent notes, the cute mascot, affordability and especially the inventive take on classic blends. Shipping was $7.50, received within 4 days. Best for me personally are Sunday restocks, I simply can’t do those Friday at noon openings. Speaking of restocks, DD is currently asking for requests via Instagram, gonna head there now, gotta secure more of these stunners. Which appeals to you? 

Rosegirls Wax: Of pies and plans

With my next small business vendor purchases coming into focus, it’s time to consider the biggin’s, the order I’m planning from a master maker I already love: Rosegirls Wax. Thrilled to be able to grab single scent versions of Jenny’s stuff in order to create my own blends with the extended release of RG’s mini-melters, the only question is which ones to get?20170805_132816If my lack of Rosegirls Wax reviews lead anyone to assume I don’t order or enjoy them, I don’t mean to send the wrong idea. Rosegirls are legends of the wax world for a reason. All the chunky blends vendors create today are owed to RG. I simply haven’t reviewed them because, thus far, I’ve only received one preorder which I split with a friend. The rest I’ve tried were generous gifts sent by others. Rosegirls has been in the wax game a long time and many great bloggers before me have done them justice. What follows is less of a fully fleshed review than a list of likes/dislikes when considering my mini-melter options.

Raspberry Sauce/Mango/Marshmallow Smoothie pie: at first I identified an orange cream note to this blend which I didn’t fall for on cold. Once melted, the ripe mango hiding as orange swells with juice so fresh it may as well be dribbling down my arm, that’s the mango I’m looking for. The mallow smoothie is creamy but subtle, though it’s the overpour. RG’s famous raspberry sauce may be too sweet for me on it’s own, but what an incredible blender scent, thick tangy berry puree that provides a fragrant backbone. From this blend, I plan to order Mango Sorbet and Marshmallow Smoothie, probably times two.


Peppermint/Coconut/Mallow pie: Peppermint is the star of the show with this strongest of the blends. But like a diva, the mint pushes the other notes to the background and steals the stage. Lot’s of strong, cool peppermint to love, but I’m finding with the pies, one note tends to dominate all others. That’s the reason I’m excited to try mini-melters and have more control over my blends. I’ll be going for the Gilligan’s Brew minis.


Alice in Slumberland pie: (Honeydew/Cotton Candy/Lavender) whereas, the two pie slices above were gifts from Sandra at Finger Candy, this slab was part of my spring preorder. Since it’s the freshest, it is my favorite. I wish the lavender was more prominent though, the perfumed bud gets lost behind the honeydew note. Don’t get me wrong, I love that dew. Crisp yet with an aqueous quality, more like cubed honeydew in a tall glass with ice, refreshing and not artificial like some melon scents. From Alice, I’ll be grabbing the Herbal Lavender minis and hoping for more, at least I will have the option of adding more to the mix. 

Rockstar/Olive Branch chunk: Olive Branch is my favorite Lush dupe and this version is the most potent I’ve tried with extra musky goodness. Reviewed in this best/worst, I’ll be plucking one or two of these precious-es, though Rockstar on it’s own isn’t an option.

Spearmint/Swizzle Sticks chunk: simple, but perfect. Sent by Julie at The Redolent Mermaid who has a nose for mint blends, she’s never gifted one I haven’t liked. Some spearmint oils smell like full-proof creme de menthe liquor, but this is subtle, with added creamy vanilla. And, I can’t believe I’m saying it, a bubblegum essence that I’m really loving. Peppermint’s on the list but I may get Spearmint instead.

The rest of my wishlist needs narrowed down (this is my second smaller version, help!) I know so many RG lovers have already gotten their mini-melters in between the 48 hour preorders, anything I shouldn’t bother with or must-have I’m missing? Let me know. Update: I’ve placed my order and crossed out the ones I didn’t get, but added Nilla Wafers and Pink Sugar. I’m pumped for these little beauties to arrive!

Limited editions:                 Bodacious Bowser

Lavender Coconut Milk & Chamomile              Singing in the Rain (custom spa blend)

Regular line-up:

American Cream                    Pistachio

Blue Raspberry Slushie        Sandalwood

Cedar & Vanilla                      Shaving Cream

Green Apple                           Sweet Tea

Green Tea                               Swizzle Sticks

Nag Champa                          Vanilla Bean Noel

Peppermint                            Zen




Wax Lovers’ survey

July has ended and with it my No-Buy July as well. My intended wax ban was for three months, however, I broke it with a pre-order from Handmade in Florida. I was aching to try their stuff and they were offering an earthy wax sampler that I was too weak to resist, besides it won’t be coming for 8-10 weeks! Now that the end of my unofficial wax ban is nearing in mid-August, I wanted to choose my next purchases intentionally, rather than going hog wild ordering from a bunch of vendors as if I’ve been in a wax desert and only they can slake my thirst. Basically, I don’t want to overdo it and I need a little help. 

Please vote which new-to-me vendor you would like me to feature soon. Maybe it’s a brand you love and recommend or one you are curious about as well. I will go with the top result assuming they have a store restocking within the next few weeks after the poll closes-1 week from today on Sun. August 13th.Screenshot 2017-08-13 at 9.18.56 AM

Wax vendors are welcome to vote for their brand, but only one vote per username is allowed. Note, I’ll definitely be ordering from Rose Girls and likely from Dessa’s Homespun Scents too. The above list is specifically for brands I haven’t tried and that are a little smaller, newer businesses. All suggestions are welcome though and thanks for voting! Update: The poll is closed and I’m excited to announce the winner is Dapper Dachshunds. Yay for a smaller, newer vendor! I’ll be purchasing at the upcoming restock next Sun Aug. 20th at 2pm CST. Thanks for the wonderful response and suggestions from everyone who participated, so many vendors to check out in the future.😊



July Superlatives

The bests, worsts, and “mosts” of the month for July.

Most impressed with: No sooner had I posted my mid-year Top 10 melts than I immediately found new scents to love. 20170611_180308

Biggest usurper: Snooze Button Aftershave blend by L3 Waxy Wonders. I popped this little guy in and fell head over heels. Creamy buttermints, sweet lavender, vanilla bean noel paired with a classic clean aftershave. I’ve seen this blend around for awhile but had forgotten about my lil snowman sample. Shall I just say SBA rocked my wax world. Planning future orders of mass quantities with this combo.

Cersei by House of Phoebe Wax. Saving this for the July premiere of Game of Thrones (thanks to our free trial of HBO NOW) means I had no idea what a gorgeous blend I was missing all this time. Sweet white grapes, bergamot, and myrrh. As sweet and airy as Cersei is monstrous and diabolical; yet the wine, masculine edge and sacred oil matches the character distinctly. A new HoP fave.

Newest product to love


Pacifica is my go to brand for natural beauty products and this recent discovery’s become a fast favorite. Claiming to be a 10-in-1 product, I’m not sure of it’s numerous uses, but as a detangler and hair volumizer it’s highly successful. Specifically formulated for fine hair, like mine, it provides a weightless boost when spritzed at the roots before drying. And it smells divinely of tropical ginger spice. $14.00 for 4oz. of summery texture is worth it to me.

Most annoying: I dropped my tart warmer dish while carrying it out of the freezer and though I have another (I gave my third to my sister) I really love my lighted cream owl burner. Been trying to hold out for a deal on a replacement, meanwhile using my defective tealight warmer hanging dish (which gets really hot) and then I broke THAT one! All this tart warmer tragedy occurring as I was excited to melt my SMT custom wax. I know, first-world problems.


Wildest: The recent form of recreational activity for my hubby and I…ballroom dancing! Proper dancing may be natural for some couples, but a new venture for us. It’s kind of an introvert’s worst nightmare, but I’m happy we took the plunge and signed up for lessons after accepting an invite to a group dance party. Our instructor is a talented young gentleman from the Ukraine and we couldn’t ask for a better teacher. Smooth sailing while learning all the basic steps, but now, halfway through our lessons and I can barely tell my left foot from my right during the dreaded underarm turns. If I can paint a picture; imagine Jennifer Grey crossing the little bridge in Dirty Dancing while practicing her moves, stamping her feet in frustration and rehearsing over and over during a montage-I only wish I was at that level. Despite my lack of grace, it’s been a fun challenge that gets us up and moving together. I’m pretty proud of us.

My anniversary card ❤

Luckiest: Me, for the privilege of spending the last 15 years married to the best man I know. “Nothing is more beautiful than the love that has weathered the storms of life…” words by Jerome K. Jerome. We’ve certainly weathered more than our fair share and have grown stronger for it. Best friends and soulmates; he is, in the words of Juno: the cheese to my macaroni, Jim to my Pam, Carl to my Ellie, Tom Sawyer to my Becky Thatcher. In Lost terms: he is my constant, in every sense of the word.

Hope your summer is going along swimmingly friends. August is here and with it, the beginning of the end. I’m bustling off to enjoy it.