Scenterpiece Melt Cup Warmer: Q&A

Today marks my second blogiversary (who’da thunk it?)

After two years and 170 posts, I’d have never guessed the most popular post in this humble little corner of the internet would be the very second one written: Scenterpiece Melt Cup Hack; outnumbering the views on my home page and any other single post for the second year running. The hundreds of visitors searching and finding the blog through it continue to surprise me. It also makes me cringe to think how dated and old-school it appears. ‘Tis time for a facelift, owing a better effort to those who stumble upon these wax-filled pages in search of information. I’ve attempted to answer all the search queries I’ve received below:20180121_150006

How to use an easy melt cup in a Scenterpiece warmer:

It could not be simpler. Turn the warmer on, remove the plastic lid from the wax cup and set the cup inside the warming well; wait. Within the space of 30 minutes, experience the room-filling fragrance provided by an ever-growing list of available scents. The warm throw of the wax cup is 2-3 times stronger than that of a candle. My favorite part? Changing scents is ridiculously easy by carefully removing the cool-to-the-touch melt cup and swapping it with another scent. 

Strangely, there’s a label warning to never mix with water, or pour water on the heating element; why would someone even want to do this? It’s an electrical appliance, do not pour water in it!

20180121_144059One of the best features of the Scenterpiece is the timer, shown above. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra $10 for a timer unit ($34.99). I wish all of my wax warmers had one. Being able to set the timer, pop in a cup and walk away, means not having to think about turning off the warmer and no wasting wax when you aren’t home to enjoy it. 

How long do Yankee easy melt cups last?

Reportedly 24 hours. Not one to blindly accept a scent claim, I used to track my melt cup longevity back when I first started using them. See below. I’m less methodical with tracking these days, but I’ll back up the claim that most give a good strong 18-20 hours before starting to fade, while a few had a fragrance lifespan of 25+ hours.20180123_101008

What is the easy melt cup hack?

Referring to my original blog post, it’s using a less expensive votive to fill the cup:

 First, clean out a previously used melt cup (put in freezer for an hour and the wax pops out). *A major winning attribute is the ability to remove the wax and reuse the plastic dish.20160124_134826Next, pry off the metal wick holder from the bottom of the votive using a butter knife, it lifts up easily. Using slight pressure on the knife at the opening, split the votive in half.20160124_134947Chop into four pieces, drop into the dish and turn on the warmer. The fragrance isn’t as strong as the scented melt cup, but it’s close enough. Votives are a much cheaper route compared to the regular price of $4.99 per melt cup and the scent options are unlimited. *I haven’t had success with wax tarts, they do not fully melt. This photo is after 1.5 hours and it’s still lamely congealed in there.20180123_094247

Will any other wax cups work in a Yankee Scenterpiece? 

A few. I know the Simply Home versions from Kohl’s do, but Target’s version is too small. As an employee at Yankee Candle, customers told us that Gold Canyon scent pods melt fine in these warmers. I’ve never tried one out to verify. *Be mindful of the curved heating element design. If the substitute brand has a flat bottom cup it won’t sit in the base properly and likely slip to one side, spilling partially melted wax. The formula is softer than candle wax, as it heats from the bottom up. This is also the reason it takes awhile for the scent to be released, the top layer is the last to liquefy. 

A partially liquefied wax cup

Does vendor wax work in a Scenterpiece warmer?

Meh, not well. I’ve tried several vendors and few wax types adapt to the lower, slower warmth. These are low-wattage compared to most electric tart burners which run 20-24 watts. The exception has been Super Tarts’ wax. It melts almost as powerfully as usual, then again, ST melts in nearly anything. It’s the only vendor wax I can get to fully liquefy in a Scentsy warmer. 

How about fragrance diffuser oil?

I never thought to try it until I saw this search query, let’s see…it sort of works. I blended two types of fragrance oil and it took around 35 drops to get to a barely noticeable level in the cup and a minimum scent level in the room. Not very effective. I wouldn’t waste my oils in this way, the dishes are too large and open, the oils dissipate too quickly.

What to do with all of the cups? 

A personal question I’ve asked myself; how did I end up with so many? The Scenterpieces were introduced during my brief tenure as a Yankee employee. We were shrewdly allowed to take the product home to test, in order to sell them. I was blown away by the ease and performance and bought them with my employee discount or at semi-sales each season. My current stash is 31 different scents, with many more multiples of various scents. I store my wax cup towers in a huge glass canister and reuse most of the cups or recycle them.20180121_142610The best/worst wax melt cups I’ve tried:

Strongest throw: April Showers

Weakest throw: Sugar & Spice

Favorite melt cup of 2017 (haven’t gotten any yet in 2018): Pomegranate and Fig

Most disappointing melt cup of 2017: Moonbeams on Pumpkins

**To all the new followers I’ve gained this year, thank you. I’m so happy you are here. Because this is a shiny new post, it’s open to comments all year, ask away! 


24 thoughts on “Scenterpiece Melt Cup Warmer: Q&A

  1. A-ha, there’s the update you were talking about. Nicely done, I like that you went back and cleaned it up. I have a couple of way older posts that are inexplicably popular (not like they were good designs or anything like that; I figure they somehow wound up getting featured somewhere, hence all the extra interest) and I really should go back and tidy them up.

    And a very happy blogiversary to you as well, that’s so wonderful! Two years is awesome, and you’ve already outlasted something like 90 percent of the people who begin blogging in the first place. No really, it has a failure rate on par with that of opening a restaurant. So props and shout-outs and all the congratulations. 🙂


    1. Thanks, I just keep plugging away over here in bloggerville:)
      It was bothering me that my second post ever was garnering so much traffic but none of the search queries leading readers there were answered in that one. Honestly it still gets the most hits, might have to redirect with a new link, but at least I feel better about the redo.


  2. Hi there. I have a Yankee Scenterpiece that is 14W. Although I have a large number of melt cups, I actually use my Scenterpiece to melt vendor wax. It works an absolute treat and I haven’t had any issues melting any vendor wax that I’ve tried. I’ve melted VCS, Super Tarts, Destination Wax, Designer Wax, Up North Creations (to name a few) in my Scenterpiece, and I’ve never had any issues. I think it melts the wax beautifully, and because the heat is less, the scent seems to last longer. Just my personal experience.


    1. Thanks Kim, that is good information. Of the vendors you mentioned, I’ve tried VCS in the Scenterpiece without much throw except for her strong (but fave!) Zucchini Bread. I seem to not get much from VCS in my regular tart burners either, but I should retry because I’ve heard they cure really well. Like you, I’ve found Super Tarts to do just fine in them, however, I try not to melt any vendor wax I plan to review in them because I want to give each one a fair shake with higher wattage, typically better performing wax warmers.

      I have been gifted some Destination Wax and plan to order myself soon, I love that the vendor now has a website to purchase from. Any favorites you’d recommend?


      1. Oooh, Destination Wax is just fantastic. One of my top 2 vendors. Rebecca Harris is the owner and she makes the most gorgeous, beautiful and wonderful smelling wax. I always buy the packs with 4 squares in a pack because she decorates the tops of them so beautifully. In regard to scent, you can just tell that she uses top class oils. I have a number of favourites from her. I would definitely recommend the following: Vanilla Anise; Pear Salad; Pink Sari; Bartlett Pear; Iced Lemon Biscotti; Arang; Fresh Lettuce; Grapefruit JM. OMW, those scents are just amazing and some of my top picks. But really, just pick from her scent list, the ones that you think you’ll love, and you probably will. I’ve tried a lot and I’ve only had two that I wasn’t that keen on – Apple Whiskey Smash and Blueberry Pretzel…but I’ve decided that I’m just not a fan of pretzel. Other people love that one. Just a note, her store is closing on 17 Feb for a month, so if you plan on putting in an order, do it ASAP or else you’ll need to wait until the second half of March…And I look forward to reading your review! Hugs. K


        1. Wow, thanks so much for the recommendations. I did notice DW was going to be taking a break, I’ll have to catch up when she reopens, I’m determined to use up most of what I have and put myself on a wax ban until at least April…

          P.S. I’ve found I can’t do pretzel either, in wax, the food I most definitely love.


  3. PS – in regard to VCS, I don’t think the lack of throw is because of the warmer. Many people complain that they can’t get throw from her wax irrespective of the warmer, and this is because it needs a massive amount of cure time. 6 months is the absolute minimum but most people swear by 10 – 12 months…and I agree with that. I bought some VCS wax in a destash that is over a year old and it’s throwing great. VCS is my other top vendor, but you do need patience with Kirby’s wax! 🙂


    1. I haven’t ordered from VCS since Oct 2016, (not for lack of trying, still unable to get my hands on Central Park Snowglobe) but I have tons; 2 uncut loaves, even! I’ll be testing how it cures as I use up my stash and I’ll report here. Thank you so much:)


  4. where can i order wax from ? destination wax or any other vendor ? Could someone please give websites to these different wax suppliers i’d like to try in my scentrepiece


    1. Welcome Andrew, let me see if I can help: whenever I review a wax vendor, I provide a link in my post, usually the name of the business in a blue link.
      * Many have irregular stocking times, so it’s best to follow them on social media for info. I believe Destination Wax is closed for a couple months.
      Three companies I order from regularly with good scent throw that always have some product in stock:
      Dessa’s Homespun scents is having a pre-order this weekend until evening of March 5th 2018, she’s one of my favorites and offers a new customer discount.
      Each has different shipping, but Super Tarts and Rosegirls ship internationally, good luck and happy melting!


    2. Zeep (@zeepbath on Instagram) has great wax. If you have a low wattage burner they have wax scoops that are much softer. They also offer commies and loaves+ body care items.

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  5. Question…Since you were previously an employee of Yankee Candle, can you tell me where to buy empty melt cups?? Like, do you know what supplier/brand the (unused) cups are? Thank you!! I need more! I even looked on eBay to see if anyone was selling some they had used and emptied, but no luck…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Annie,
      I’m sorry, I don’t know of any. Yankee Corp. sourced the plastic and prefilled them at the factory, they were delivered in plain white tubes with no other information. When I have 1 or 2 empties, I pass them on to my sister so she can use them for wax in her Scenterpiece. I don’t use mine enough to acquire a lot of empties, have to work on that.
      If I see any listed anywhere, I’ll reply back here. Good luck!


  6. Hi! Thank you so much for this post, I’ve been trying to find out a detailed description on how the scenterpieces work, if you can use vendor wax etc., and yours was the only post I’ve come across that answered my questions and then some. I got here from someone leaving a link to your original post on Amazon in the product Q&A section for a scenterpiece warmer. I just made my first Destination Wax order a few days ago, and am new to vendor wax. Other than that I’ve been using Gypsy Monroe and I love it. The owner, April, is a sweetheart and makes such beautiful wax that smells so good – it definitely needs a month to cure but then it’s fantastic. She has both a page and a group on facebook and does pre-orders and mystery boxes about once a month.

    Question, my SIL applied for a job at our local Yankee, but she was concerned if it was actually a fun or good place to work at, or if there are pro/cons. Thank you so much for all of your help and advice!


    1. Hi Shan,
      I had wondered where the Amazon referrals were coming from, thank you. I’m happy to have helped. I remember working at Yankee when the Scenterpieces rolled out and sorta scoffed at them bc I loved my wax melter, but I was a convert when we employees were allowed to take a model home to try with a wax cup of our choice. It blew me away!

      YC is good for occasional freebies such as that, employees also get a free jar for work anniversaries and the new holiday collection, of course the 50% off fragrance is a major draw. Many of the employee incentives have been discontinued however, including the YC rewards program which I used while employed and do now as a customer, (definitely signup for that through email) but is no longer valid for employees. Other fun benefits are no longer allowed either, but the number one factor of working at YC is the management team, if they are good usually 1 head mgr. and 2 assistants, then it can be a great place to work. Unless that particular store is short on employees, she won’t receive many hours, though-I averaged 8-10 per week, which was fine because it was my 2nd job.

      It should be noted that YC is going through an identity crisis and has changed corporate hands at least twice since my years there. I wasn’t impressed with the corporate office management at all and many directives and promotions felt rushed or were flawed, but that’s just my opinion from having some retail management experience. If your sis can handle the focus on selling techniques, which I didn’t mind because you know I can talk candles all day, she should be happy.

      P.S. Yes, I love April, such a sweetheart, I reviewed her wax last November and am thrilled to see her brand grow. I haven’t tried DW yet, but of course it’s on my radar with a lot of B&BW’s dupes. Let me know how you like them.


    1. I’m sorry Donna, I don’t know if anyone sells the empty melt cups, I tend to reuse mine (and am guilty of rarely finishing one). I suggest asking at a Yankee Candle store, they might know or find a way to sell them to you, better yet, there are easy silicone molds for making your own wax melts that would be a more appropriate size for wax, I think the melt cups are massive, unless you are melting down a candle into them.

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  7. Hey, just wondering if you’ve ever tried adding aromatherapy oils to the melt pots before? I’d love to combine my yankee warmer with the aromatherapy oils that I used to use and that worked really well for me. We had a house fire in 2014, and since then I’ve never wanted candles in the house (it was the dishwasher that started the fire, not a candle…. but, still….). So I don’t get a chance to use the aromatherapy that I used to love. Any tips? Thanks!


  8. I don’t know if youre still active, but I have question. I have an old Yankee Candle that’s out of production. The wick is too small and it won’t light up for long, I was wondering if I could use the wax in the jar and put it in the Easy Melt cup?


    1. Hello, sorry, you are right; I was inactive on this account for a while. Yankee Candle officially warns against putting glass on the heating element, and I’ve personally never tried it, but if you put the jar in the plastic cup, it might be okay. I don’t know how much scent throw it would produce, however, since it’s a low/slow heat. Sounds like an interesting experiment, I hope it works out. Feel free to leave feedback here and let me know 🙂


  9. Here it is July of 2020 and I just found a Snowman Scenterpiece warmer at a thrift store for only $4. There were no cups with it, so I am wondering if you have any empty cups you’d like to sell, or if there is a hack for making a cup from some other plastic product. I buy a lot of wax melts, but am tired of buying so many tea lights. Thanks!


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