Splash of Rain

After reviewing three new scents in a row, I thought it was time to feature a throwback scent.  Way back! You can tell the age of a Yankee candle by checking the date code on the bottom of the label.  The first two numbers on the bottom right, listed vertically, show the date the candle... Continue Reading →

April Showers

April showers brings Yankee Candle news and maybe a Rainbow's End?  It's been confirmed here that Yankee Candle Company plans to change their labels, starting 2017.  I, for one, do not like the new design.  If it's an attempt to make the jar designs more modern, then it looks like what a 1980s version of... Continue Reading →

Summer Storm

A new month is upon us, which means a new fragrance theme!  Stormy weather seems like an appropriate theme for the crazy roller coaster spring weather we've been experiencing around this part of the country.  I have to chuckle at my daily weather app alerts which read, "The temperature will drop 20 degrees tomorrow, or the... Continue Reading →

Carefree? Yes please!

Meet my new love...it's name is Carefree and it smells amazing.  I rarely buy brand new scents in candle form, preferring to test them out in the wax tarts.  However, this is a Yankee Pure Radiance which isn't available in tarts, so I committed to the candle with a free medium jar with $25 purchase coupon.... Continue Reading →

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