Hi, I’m Jay, a Buckeye with a fondness for pups, books, home fragrance, body care and the need to discuss it all. I’m an enthusiastic member of the wax community. Welcome to my little world, (beware, I’m a parenthetical writer).

My dog, Johnny Funtime and I, chillin at home.

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My current YC favorites


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  1. Jay! OH my gosh, thank you so much for the lovely package of goodies! I picked it up last night and have been delighting in sniffing things ever since. So many vendors I’ve never had the chance to try (usually because they don’t ship to Canada) – I literally shrieked when I saw the Jackie O rose from VCS, so exciting. And SuperTarts? The pop tart is THE most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, aside from The Bathing Garden lips. They’re so cute and are going to be making an appearance in a Valentine’s Day wax post I’m putting together. And delighted to be able to try the Waxy Wonders chunks – holy crow, they’re gigantic. Them’s some weighty wax.

    But really, thank you, thank you, that was so nice and thoughtful of you. I know that you prefer fresh or more realistic scents (some say less cloying!) to my “all bakery, all the time” thing, but I think I’ve got some goodies to send your way that *just* might tickle your fancy. Are there any scents that just make you want to heave? Always a good thing to know, before I stock your package with just, you know, that one scent! 🙂

    Yay, thanks again! You’re such a great online waxy friend (that’s a thing, right? If not, I’m making it a thing!)

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    1. Yay, I’m glad you’re enjoying sniffing. I don’t have much bakery, so I tried to give you some fun bakery shapes! If you like VCS, I can definitely hook you up. I went a little hog wild ordering last summer and still have a whole loaf of Jackie O to get to. From what I’ve heard, it cures really well, so let me know!
      The #4 and #5 macarons are Sweetwagon Scents, Sunday Brunch (apple cider donut, praline pecans and sugar milk) and Treat Bag (candy corn, lollipops, caramel apple)

      I’m afraid I do have a couple scents that might make me wanna hurl-banana, grape or cherry. Jessica sent me my only RG wax in Toadstool Trifecta, I appreciated the strawberry but it may have been too much. I guess if it could be a banana-split topping, I might not like it. Jeez, am I a picky bugger. The good news is, I’ll try anything and love variety. It’s very kind and generous of you to send some wax love.
      Btw, we are officially OWF’s ❤


      1. OWFs, I love it! Also sounds vaguely dirty? No, just me?

        I am COMPLETELY on board with the banana/cherry/grape wax scent embargo – those are some of my least favourite scents as well (except I do have one Rosegirls scent called Banana Cake, and it’s pretty fantastic – yummy bakery, very mild banana, and none of that weird Laffy Taffy scent.) Fizzy scents also weird me out, and every single lemon sugar scent (Hey Lover/Hello Lover) gives me brutal headaches, so weird.

        I will totally hook you up with some Rosegirls, because that’s virtually all I have, but no Strawberry Jam (I think that’s the scent you probably objected to in Toadstool Trifecta – it’s super smackery and very cloying. Best in the tiniest of doses, or sometimes not at all.) I’m on it!

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  2. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See! It’s not every day we meet a candle enthusiast, so let us say, we’re excited for you! Best wishes as always for a good year ahead. And thanks for traveling with us! Rusha and Bert Sams


  3. Jay! You’re the bestest OWF (Online Waxy Friend)! My post-birthday package arrived, and it’s so, so lovely – thank you! If I didn’t already suspect that we are already the same person, I’d say you know me so well, because I love everything! And not just the inspiration for the scents (I will never melt The Lost Boys, because it’s just too wonderful to have TLB-scented wax; 10-year-old me is DYING over this) but the scents themselves – the Pink Sands in Leonard (so yummy), that kind of hay-ey, oat-y note in Beetlejuice (do you suppose Beetlejuice smells like an oatmeal cookie?), and how did you know I’m a Raspberry Zinger fan? Because Optimus is pretty dope.

    And speaking of, I love Sirius! I’m not the least bit put off by the spice – I likes it. 🙂 I also completely clapped for joy when I saw the Lasting Scents strawberry cup – it’s my first time trying them, and it also smells totally delicious. And one of your precious little bath bombs! Which smells about a million times better than so many of those janky Lush ones, seriously. And the little kitty bookmark? I just started up a new read, and I’m tucking it into the pages as we speak.

    And your card was so sweet – thank you so much for being one of MY favourite places to go for a smile. 🙂 And thank you so much for being my friend; this gift, coming at the tail end of THREE STUPID ARSE WEEKS of illness, couldn’t have come at a better time – I for real shrieked. 🙂


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