Top 8’s of 2018: fragrance

The end of 2018 is upon us and I am not sad to see it go. A few highlights of this personally dismal year have been the exceedingly good wax hauls I've enjoyed. Narrowing down scent preferences, veering a bit out of my comfort zone, sampling and embracing types I might have previously run from,... Continue Reading →

Fall Fun Series II: The Finale

It's time to put the Fall Fun Series to bed with a countdown of favorite products and moments of the season, and a sleepy sort of season it was. After the leaves settled I can say, I celebrated in every Autumnal moment save two (Seasonal movies/songs/reads and Fall craft or recipe) but I did combine those... Continue Reading →

Sniff My Tarts-Custom order part 1

My first in a pair of SMT custom orders has landed and put me right over the moon! I split my numerous blends into two separate lineups, the first being more summery and apparently minty than the second. Speedily submitting this order within four minutes of the shop's opening for customs meant it arrived in just... Continue Reading →

UK exclusive collection

  For the finale of my favorite fragrances theme, I'm featuring my small, but growing, collection of UK exclusive finds.  (I could not fit any more f's into that sentence, I tried)  The best part of collecting is finding that rare, retired, or exclusive item to add to your collection. That's true for any collector,... Continue Reading →

Napa Valley Sun/Lake Sunset

Would you prefer watching an inspiring summer sunrise, or a relaxing summer sunset?  You really can't lose either way, as long as you are able to see one.  Short post today, but I shall make up for that by squeezing in two reviews of classic Yankee Candles and a quick peek at the dreaded new... Continue Reading →

A newbie’s vendor wax experience

For the past 20 years or so, I've been a candle collector and frequent shopper of the big name wax brands: Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works and some Scentsy. In fact, I even sneaked candles onto my wedding registry, but I am a newbie when it comes to the world of online vendor wax.... Continue Reading →

London-tea & lemon

Early June always brings reasons to celebrate; it starts off with my birthday (the 1st) and kicks into gear with the first week of summer vacation for my teacher husband.  Who wants to wait until June 21st for summer to officially begin, anyway? Although this will be a bittersweet summer that won't be the same... Continue Reading →

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