Fall Fun Series: Forbidden Apple, chocolate drizzle optional


Forbidden Apple, Yankee Candle– “A seductive potion that mixes apple with bergamot, black oak and vanilla noir.”

Not a mac apple fragrance fan, but I do fancy green apple fragrances and find there’s a notable distinction. Whereas, MacIntosh apple can be overwhelmingly sweet to my nose, Granny Smiths are bolder, tarter and tangier. I even have a cherished bottle of DKNY’s Be Delicious eau de parfum, gifted by my brother that I wear when I want to feel brightened up.


This carries the same fresh-picked top note of Yankee’s Granny Smith reviewed in last year’s apple post, crisp green peels. However, the bases are different. Bergamot and oak lend the slightest masculinity to FA, not quite fruit and brut, but not the ultra juicy version in Granny Smith. Forbidden Apple is more sophisticated, without pear notes to sweeten, the woody aspect adds an exotic touch. Softened by vanilla and tonka bean, a tranquil fragrance emerges.

Just as the fragrance is more subdued compared to Granny Smith, so is the throw. I’ve tried all FA formats including melt cups and plug-in oils. The melts give the best performance, but I couldn’t resist the charming spooky artwork displayed on the glass. With mottled leaf green wax, apothecary label and smiling jack-o-lantern black metal lid, this year’s Halloween candle is a well-designed match for my new Raven Night Window tealight holder. Medium jars run $24.99, I used a b1g1 free coupon and split the cost.

Burlap pumpkin by the Little Green Bean

Apples happen to be my favorite fruit. Though I won’t be making many recipes for Fall Fun posts, this one is too good and easy not to share. So easy, I packed up the ingredients and headed to my parents’ house to make them before dinner, enlisting the help of my niece and the recipe taste-testing of my nephews as well. Forgive me for not capturing step-by-step photos, they can be found in the recipe link below.  

Chocolate Drenched Apple Slices: (Recipe from Mom Loves Baking)

The reason these are winners is because they solve the annoying issue of the imbalanced apple-to-coating ratio found with regular caramel apples; too much apple, not enough coating. I only adjusted the recipe based on what I had available, used cranberries and walnuts instead of pecans and vegetable oil rather than coconut. Also added some marshmallow drizzle for color.

About half the amount of caramels called for was needed.


You will end up with uneven slices due to the curvature of the apples. The trickiest part was pre-cutting slits in the peels to insert popsicle sticks for handles.


The left-overs, messy but delicious.


My help, this crew would do anything for a freshly-drizzled chocolate apple. It was a fun and successful recipe I know I’ll be making again, I’ve already gotten requests for more. 

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16 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Forbidden Apple, chocolate drizzle optional

  1. Love your chocolate drizzled apple slices on a stick. Those do look mighty inviting.

    Mac apple is hot or miss for me. I really need to be in the mood for it. I do like a lot of the mac apple blends Sugar & Spice creates but they are usually tempered with something added.

    Very cute candle and raven theme. All about he raven lately.


    1. The caramel and marshmallow was kind of a mess, but they were tasty.

      You’ve sent me some delicious and different apple blends from CFTKR. I think Carol’s apple is lovely, but yes, tempering and hiding underneath another scent is better for me. The mac apple I really struggle with is Super Tarts.

      Thank you, going to set up my Poe/raven tablescape next weekend:)


  2. I love DKNY Be Delicious too, although I’ve had my bottle for several years and the last time I tried to wear it I think it had gone off.πŸ˜’
    That candle scent sounds delightful and it fits right in with your autumn display.

    Yum to those caramel apple slices!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, I hope my DKNY doesn’t turn, I don’t know much about perfume lifespans, do they go bad?
      Forbidden Apple is pretty good, my whole family loves it. I certainly didn’t need another candle, but the design just went so well with my decor, I had to:))
      Yes, they were scrummy apples.


    1. Finding that red apple scent can be tricky. I’m opposed to ST’s mac apple but the red delicious in Remus is nice. I prefer green apples immensely because they are somehow less artificial. Thus far, CFTKR has the least offensive apples to me. I adore a good apples and leaves scent. Glad to hear you like Forbidden Apple.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ha, “fruit and brut” – not a bad combination. Speaking of, I’m watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and melting the cubes of Super Tarts’ Sirius you gave me – not totally masculine, but the patchouli and black pepper are definitely new ones for me. Not bad, not bad…

    I’m on board with everyone else – those apple slices look great. Super cute pic, too – nice that those apples are big enough to nearly obscure a face! Tast-ee.


    1. Hope Sirius isn’t too far out of your comfort zone, I’m glad you are trying it. Funny, I get baskets of blackberry with a hint of spice when I smell it. I wonder if noses are designed to pick out that one scent we don’t like, for survival reasons maybe? You nose could be saying, danger-there’s some funky patchouli in here, be on guard!
      Thanks, I love those kids more than life, so every once in awhile I shower them with sweets. A couple of them are surprisingly picky, but the apples received a thumbs up by all.


  4. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Melt cups always tend to be stronger in my opinion but Yankee really gets you with their packaging πŸ˜‰ I also LOVE the idea of the chocolate apple slices – never have I been able to finish a candy apple before so this is the perfect portion. Currently daydreaming about all the possible combinations now!


    1. Hey thanks, Michelle, I appreciate that. I can pass up nearly any cutsey packaging EXCEPT Yankee Halloween. Definitely play around with the apple recipe, there are so many yummy directions it can go. It was the perfect portion, sweet enough to finish but not need two.


  5. I love Bergamot in any mix. It is my go-to citrus. I love your apple pops. Going apple picking with my favorite kids this sunday. Maybe i can talk my sis into making these after!


    1. I know, the bergamot is subtle though, it’s really a green apple with a little fresh woods going on. I rarely like any of the sweet fruits, but citrus is always a nice blender.

      Aw, yay, that will be fall fun. You should definitely make these, but forewarning, the caramel gets super hot (I burnt myself like 3 times, so watch those litle fingers.)


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