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Such is this batty, in-between time of year, I’m posting a Summer preorder after a Halloween preview. This Fakery Bakery preorder placed in mid-May, arrived the Friday before Labor Day. Still feeling conflicted over posting about wax hauls in the face of such devastation and loss experienced by so many this month, however, I think I found a solution that makes me feel better about it, more on that at the end of September.

As I was getting into vendor wax in a hard core way last Spring/Summer, I noticed the adorably eye-catching products of The Fakery Bakery Wax. This happened to be around the time Athena, the maker, was slowing down on store openings because she was expecting a baby. I missed a Spring restock this year, so when I heard she was offering her first preorder, I jumped at the chance to try these darling creations.


Around mid-July, Athena began updating with information that preorders wouldn’t be ready to go for the stated turn around time of 8 weeks. She was waiting on additional wax and expressed the amount of orders were more than initially planned for; communication through Instagram updates continued. She expressed her gratitude to everyone for their patience and even poured extra ‘Thank You Gift’ melts for her customers. I appreciate this level of communication and awareness that some people might be disappointed. Then I just had to sit back and wait for my shipping notice and rejoice when my happy melts arrived.

Para-soy Wax cup duos:


Mango Milk– mango sorbet/sugar milk. Hearing good things on this scent I couldn’t wait to try it. Upon opening the cup, I was hit by a powerful plastic odor. As my nose adjusted, the bright fruit came out and assured me I’d be able to melt it. I believe the plastic smell comes from the mix of oils, NOT the plastic containers for 2 reasons: the other scent in the cups didn’t contain the smell and I’ve received this same blend as a gift, from a different vendor, with the exact same plastic note.

You can never go too wrong with Mango Sorbet, if you like that orange sherbety goodness. Happy to say once melted, the strong plastic mostly dissipated and the punchy mango took over. Succulent and juicy fruit, while already creamy from the sorbet, is enhanced by sugar milk elevating the creamy factor immensely. As cooling and appetizing as a frothy Mango Lassi, ooh, gonna have to get one of those soon. Strong performer in the living room using only half a melt.

Mermaid Dreams- peppermint/salty sea air/lavender. An intense peppermint topped with a few lavender sprigs. My husband really liked it, but I’ve yet to find a Salty Sea Air blend that can stand up to stronger scented oils and this is no exception. The mint is sharp and acquires an astringent note from the lavender, giving the blend a medicinal finish. Another powerful throw from half a cup in my 18 watt warmer.

Souffle cups $6.75 ea.


Cake By the Ocean- pink sugar/shaving cream/ocean breeze. A hugely popular scent by FBW, I was happy to get the opportunity to try. The caramelized sugar present in Pink Sugar is the star of this blend, freshened up by distinctive shaving cream. Ocean Breeze contains sea water, ozone and lily of the valley, but is undetectable thus far. Popping in my warmer produced a sweet musky aroma with a light throw.

Triton- blue sugar/shaving cream/sea salt blossom/lavender. A highly fresh scent that actually smells like the sea shore, huzzah! A perfectly composed fragrance for a hot summer day; salty sea water, sheer green floral, fresh marine spray without any suntan oil. Made more invigorating by bracing Blue Sugar cologne and cooling shave cream. Fresh and floral scent lovers should enjoy this balmy fragrance with a light-medium throw. I recently experienced a Himalayan salt spa and Triton has got a similar relaxing aura going on.


Twirl- mango sorbet/coconut cream pie/waffle cone. A friend sent a similar blend from a custom order, so I already knew it to be good, but holy moly, this combo is heavenly. Coconut cream pie transforms mango into a decadent dessert and the waffle cone completes the ice cream experience missing from Mango Milk above. Luscious sweet coconut with hints of creamy vanilla, crumbly graham cracker crust and sugar crusted waffle cone poured over the rich mango fruit chunks. My favorite facets of this scent are warm toasty notes of coconut and baked wafers atop cool, refreshing sorbet. Those decorative sprinkles are enough to make me twirl like a kid wrapping my fingers around a swirled ice cream filled cornetto.

Extra “thank you” cubes:


You’re sweet- salt water taffy. So good, you can almost taste it. These are as delicious-smelling as they are adorable. Thank you!



I sent Gran on with a friend’s order. It smelled like a yummy fall mix of apples, spice, and graham crackers. A crowd pleasing melt. The bundt shape in Do Bad Things melted golden pools of butter with heavy handfuls of clove and cinnamon. It lasted for 3 days!

Because the wax cups outperformed the souffles and were poured in May compared to August, I think cure time is necessary for this wax. Only a tad disappointed that I received my scents near summer’s end and because I was splitting a few with a friend, I hoped for her to get them sooner. Our weather forecast is hot and sunny this weekend though, and I’ll delight in melting these as a summer send-off. Soaking up a little more summer is never a problem for me.

What’s your philosophy on preorders? Are reviews helpful when the scents are no longer available and the season is past? Do you prefer restocks instead?

2 thoughts on “The Fakery Bakery Wax-summer preorder

  1. I’m good with pre-orders. Yes, it requires a bit of pre-planning, but I’d rather that than the whole rush-to-the-checkout thing, which is what tends to happen with restocks. Having said all that, the TATs are frequently a beast (as you saw with this order. My SMT custom order is also taking its bloody sweet time – that was the end of June, and my name has not yet come up on the list.)

    And while I share a similar sort of conflicted view towards posting during times of (thankfully not my own, but still) great distress, if we were to stop every time something bad happened, we’d never blog at all. But there HAS to be room for something pretty or a bit silly or something just plain old neutral out there to counteract all the horrible. I believe there’s a necessary place for that in the world. The best you can do is to remain aware, educate yourself and show a bit of respect when the world knocks some (so many) of us down all at once. So, like, don’t post a video of Rock You Like a Hurricane to your FB page in the midst of people having the roofs torn off their houses, yeah?

    And don’t commit horrible segues like this one – that wax (Twist?) I needs it! Well, no, actually, I don’t – I still have the entire cone left of my decorated sheet cake, but oh my gosh, so excited there’s another vendor out there doing that blend! And how cute is that little cake? I was drawn to that one even before I saw its scent notes – love the sprinkles and summery colours. Mmm mmm, Team Mango Sorbet, you’re so great.


    1. I struggle with it Sandra. Though I agree with your sentiments about pretty distractions, such as the FFS. (hoping I’m not the plain ol neutral) I feel guilt over posting such conspicuous consumption. Like, check out this unnecessary wax haul, meanwhile people have literally lost the shirts off their backs. I know so many vendors have donated and we’ve given to our charities but still, I want to acknowledge it in a more meaningful way…

      I realize it’s not what a reader is asking for from a wax blog, but I need to express it just to feel better for my own selfish, lessening the burden feels. Also, this post was heavily influenced by the National Hurricane Relief telethon I watched last night.

      Speaking of cringe-worthy non-segues, Twirl by FB maaay be better than the og SMT blend. Can one actually have too much mango coconut waffle cone? And that custom opening was in May even, also wondering, where’s your wax at? Soon, I hope.


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