Dessa’s Homespun Scents June preorder: Fall wax review

((Hesitantly opens hatch on underground bunker...squints at brightness)) Hello out there. Um, is there anyone out there? I know it's been loooong time, no post, and although I am sorry about that, it has been a bit crazy in the world these last few months. With the onslaught of dire daily news, I'm convinced we... Continue Reading →

Fall Fun Series: Forbidden Apple, chocolate drizzle optional

Forbidden Apple, Yankee Candle- "A seductive potion that mixes apple with bergamot, black oak and vanilla noir." Not a mac apple fragrance fan, but I do fancy green apple fragrances and find there's a notable distinction. Whereas, MacIntosh apple can be overwhelmingly sweet to my nose, Granny Smiths are bolder, tarter and tangier. I even have... Continue Reading →

Granny Smith/ Crockpot apples

It seems that Macintosh is the apple scent du jour lately as it has shown up in all types of blends and crazy combos in the wax melt world. From mac apple and lavender, to mac apple with anything from bacon, to lollipops to chlorine! In my experience, mac apple tends to dominate nearly anything... Continue Reading →

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