The Dirty Goat Soap Co review

Finally, I think I’ve found a natural deodorant that works for my sensitive skin. I’ve been on the hunt since September when I made the decision to discontinue using drugstore deodorant containing aluminum. My reasoning is given in this post on beauty.

The last products that I tried left me with painful patches of severe irritation after 3 weeks of use. I knew I had to find a baking soda free version, those rashes were no joke.


I discovered The Dirty Goat on Instagram and have been impressed with the way the shop owner conducts business. Erica informs and teaches the customer about what’s in her products throughout the process of creating, listing and marketing items for sale. This transparency and willingness to reach out and teach people about natural body care translates to earning my trust when it comes to quality. TDG assures that “Each and every ingredient is FDA approved, cruelty free, and free of phthalates.”

When I considered her natural deodorant it wasn’t the probiotics that drew my attention, it was the absence of baking powder. Arrowroot powder is a gentler alternative for those with skin sensitivity. Unsure of what probiotics are and how they’re used-I turn to the website. According to The Dirty Goat, “probiotics are beneficial topically similarly to the way they are beneficial for our digestive systems. The same way probiotics help regulate bacteria when taken internally, probiotics can be used to help regulate bacteria growth on our skin as well.”

But does it work for me? Thankfully, yes.

$9.75 ea. for 2.5 oz.

Fragrance: I ordered two scents, Festivus (a holiday exclusive) and Rose.

Anything named Festivus is going to earn my stamp of approval, for both the fragrance and the Seinfeld reference. Described as “fresh breezes of orchid and Ylang essential oil w/notes of cypress and frosted woods. Oakmoss and spices round out this Festive deodorant ‘for the rest of us.'”

It’s extreme freshness took some getting used to. For days after I started wearing it, whenever I lifted my arms or stretched, I’d think, did someone leave the door open? Is there an impromptu Christmas tree lighting happening here? The stuff smells that realistic. The scent translates to a distinctive aroma of balsam that agrees with my skin.

Rose– Described as “an authentic fresh rose scent. Not English tea rose.” Just like verdant rose blossoms, it is too heady for me. The floral reminds me of my grandmother’s rosewater perfume, a sentimental recollection, but it’s too concentrated and makes me slightly dizzy.

Performance: The antiperspirant aspect works better than expected. One application is all that’s needed, for ordinary, day-to-day wetness control.

For odor elimination, the oils release their fragrance, allowing a fresh feeling to continue throughout the day. If I anticipate any heavy-duty aerobic activity, I still endorse the Pacifica deodorant wipes I recommended previously for freshening up extra sweaty moments. So far, this deodorant has done the job well.


The texture resembles a stiff cake of clay in it’s tube. I’ve read the tip of warming natural deodorant under the arm for 30 seconds to a minute to soften the product and enable smooth application. I hold it under my arm and do something else, like apply eyeliner as I’m getting ready, it works like a charm.

Whipped sugar scrub:

A generous sample portion of sugar scrub was included with my deodorant order, I love that! The fragrance is Cuppa Nog, a subtle cinnamon, brown sugar and steamed coconut blend. Mostly milky, but has a note which strangely reminds me of Flintstones vitamins. Hey, that’s fine by me, I liked them in childhood and still do.


With a frosty sheen and creamy texture, I was excited to try it out. My skin was crying out for an extra boost of hydration, especially after a little date night overindulgence of alcohol this weekend. Does anyone else notice their skin needs moisture relief post cocktails?

Applying it, I feared it would be unsubstantial to lather and moisturize enough. After rinsing, I ended up loving the way it coated my skin with a lotionized barrier; it felt soft, smooth and supple. What more could I want from a shower scrub?

Recommendation: Absolutely, the only downside is that the turn-around-time can seem lengthy. I placed my order the day it was listed, Nov.23rd and received it mid-December. But there were holidays to account for and the policy is very clearly stated upon ordering and must be agreed to, so that you aren’t surprised on TAT.

The Dirty Goat has so much to offer, haircare, face and body oils, clay masks and even a spa in a box! I can’t wait to get a full-size whipped scrub and try a deodorant in a summer scent. Some of her items can be found in retail stores, or you can order from the rotating and seasonal stock online.

Run by a talented girlboss, I’m thrilled and proud to spread the word about this small batch skin and hair care brand! If you’ve tried any Dirty Goat items please share, I need to narrow down my list.


9 thoughts on “The Dirty Goat Soap Co review

  1. This is a vendor I have yet to try but on my list to try something of hers for sure! You keep intriguing me with this natural deo but then you turn around and make me nervous again with the rashes and hurting! ha-ha


    1. It’s been some trial and error. I thought I had no problems with the other kind then bam 3 weeks in, major ouch.
      I recently discussed the more chemical-laden deodorants w/a doctor relative to get her opinion. She made me feel more at ease but admits there is that warning about using them if you suffer from kidney disease (on the label). I don’t have kidney disease, but am wary of compromising my kidneys and liver, which already have been, due to the chemo I’ve had in the past.
      With this alternative, it’s one less worry.
      The Dirty Goat seems like such a great vendor to support, I hope you get a chance to try some out. I know I plan to order again in a couple months. Nice to hear from you!
      I’ll be ready for a wax trade, or purging in Feb?

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  2. Ooh, this all looks very cool – great review. I love it when bloggers actually try out the items they’re reviewing. 🙂 I think we’ve talked before about chemical/commercial deodorants, right? Or at least I think it was you! I’m always so hopeful with health food store brands, but you know how that works. And those crystals…gave up on those back in university! I like the sound of these, though – I really dislike that gungy feeling of build-up under your arms.

    The scrub looks so super cute, too! Got my eye on a few from The Bathing Garden, though it’s always nice to have another vendor in the mix. 🙂


    1. Thank you! It was me who was talking about this with you. The deodorants exceeded my expectations which was a relief, after my first fail wit them. Unfortunately, just as I was discovering natural products, the only local health food store nearby closed up after 20 years. At least we live in a good time to find reputable products online.
      I’ve tried and really like the Bathing Garden whipped scrub too. This one is a gentler, more lotion-like formula with mica pigment. I’d say I wouldn’t use the BG one everyday, but this one, I could. I didn’t realize you had access to TBG, I sent you some wax lips from them, but oh well, if you like it at least you can order it;)


  3. Thanks for sharing; I’ve been interested in this vendor! I haven’t ordered yet because I have tons of products I’m trying to use up. I was trying to get my hubby to order one of their hand creams because he’s wanting to use more natural products now, but I don’t think the feminine scents particularly appeal to him, haha.
    I’ve tried natural deos a couple times but none have worked great for me. I always end up going back to Ban Shower Fresh because it never fails me. I may give Dirty Goat a try in the future though. Excellent review!


  4. What a great review and haul! I have been seeing The Dirty Goat pop up on IG numerous times. She has quite the following. The Festivus deodorant sounds like my cuppa tea. A lot of the face masks I use have bacteria cultures in them too, lately. I did read that there is not much out on the efficacy on probiotics topically but it makes sense that they would be beneficial. I love the white hat germs. I will certainly be looking into TDG. ❤


    1. Thanks Julie, The Dirty Goat’s owner, Erica responded positively too, sharing on her business facebook page, so I’m happy about it. I’m enjoying the Festivus deodorant a lot, I probably have another month’s worth left. With every face mask I read about/see posted, my face becomes more curious to try;)


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