Salted Rock Bath Co: Buy one, get one free haul

In the continuing adventure files of trying new indie body care products, I jumped right in on a Buy One Get One Free shower scrub sale advertised by Salted Rock Bath Co. purveyors of handcrafted bath and body products.

I enjoyed perusing their website and poring over their incredible product list. Featuring two large branches, including “100% all natural” products and an “Almost all natural” section that may contain small amount of fragrance or preservative. The B1G1 lured me in, but the ingredients and varied selection kindled the surplus of my order.


My box arrived well-packed with the products neatly secured inside. All items had a plastic over-wrap removed for photos, but was extremely appreciated, both to extend shelf life and avoid spillage during transit.

Shower scrub photos courtesy of my sis’s beautiful newly redesigned master bathroom.

Sugar Whipped Soaps: Net weight 8oz. $12.00 each, 2 for $12.00 on sale.

Nature’s essence-Black Chamomile

The scent: Soft notes of coconut water and chamomile blend with tea leaves, wild lily and tonka bean. This fragrance has infused new life into my morning shower. It is sweet, herbal, and so calming when inhaled with the steamy air. Black Chamomile fragrance has infatuated this year, but this is the best version I’ve smelled yet. It pairs beautifully with my The Dirty Goat Black Chamomile natural deodorant.

The Nature’s Essence line is without colorants and enriched with only “essential oils and fragrances that invoke feelings of well being and a connection to nature.” This formulation is part cleansing soap and part gentle exfoliation.

It’s vegan, and paraben, phthalate and cruelty free, but the texture is my favorite bit about this light scrubber. Whereas, some whipped soaps are like an airy mousse and some sugar scrubs are thickly gritty, this sugar soap is similar to a creamy meringue. The same consistency of a homemade frosting. The sugar is felt, but not sharply and is well distributed. The lather has a cling that provides a soft polish.


Beach House Breeze

The scent: Feminine florals combine with sea salt, ocean mist, sea moss and geranium flower laid on top of a bed of earthy vetiver, water mint and white cedarwood.

Layered shower scrub perfection, but much more floral than I prefer my beach scents. I should know better from my Yankee Candle days that geranium can overpower and I think it does here. An unexpected cucumber melon note appears underneath, also not my favorite. There is an incredible salty finish to Beach House Breeze, combining with the other notes to make a strong scent, just not a blend I find agreeable. The gorgeous layered aesthetic does make it a stunning look on a vanity or shower ledge, however.

Black chamomile topped with chamomile leaves.

Cold processed soap: 4.5-5 oz. $6.00 


My husband recently tried his first indie vendor soap, part of a giveaway prize I’d won. When he ran out of his drugstore version, I pulled my vendor bar soap out of a drawer and said, “Here. Use this.” His reply was akin to, “Well only till I can get to the store.” A few days later he happily reported he loved using it as it smelled so good. Buoyed by his willingness to try a new product, I added a cold-processed soap to my order in hopes he will abandon his packs of Ivory, or basic gold Dial.

Frankincense and Myrrh oils are known throughout history to be valued as healing elements. The royal colored mica swirls atop the crest of the bar give a subtle nod to the richness of the ingredients. A faint resin note comes out, otherwise an understated fragrance. When holding up the bar and breathing deeply, my olfactory memory is jarred with the smoky incense of Sunday worship from my childhood, as the priest would swing the thurible containing the burning oils through the aisle. I find this a very comforting scent.

Mocha Earth face mask

$8.00 Net weight: 1 oz- 2-3 masks per package.


Facial care is a risk for me because I do very little in the way of anti-aging face products, of course I need to do more, I just find it an overwhelming industry.

Said to detox, tighten and exfoliate with natural clay, organic coffee and raw cacao, this was one yummy smelling mix. Coffee is the de-puffing agent with medium-sized granules acting as a gentle exfoliation. Raw cacao is claimed to have antioxidant properties; not something I’m able to prove on my own skin but it smells divinely reminiscent to a creamy hot cocoa with marshmallows. A scent by which one can’t help but feel a little more youthful around. The use of Bentonite Clay is for removing toxins and revitalizing tired skin.

With the exception of a spa facial, I haven’t personally applied a face mask since I was a teen and it was all the rage to whip up homemade egg yolk masks. It made the face as tight as a drum and feel as dry and cracked as…well, as old egg on your face. They’ve become quite the home beauty trend again, with more sophisticated ingredients these days.


Process: The instructions were simple: empty desired amount of powder into a small bowl with 3 TB of water, mix to form a paste. I may have erred on the side of extra water in my ratio, but it applied pretty smoothly. After a few minutes the mask dried and hardened, I washed it off with warm water and applied moisturizer.


Results: With only one application it’s too early to tell what, if any, benefits my skin may derive. Immediately after removal, my face looked faintly blotchy pink, that quickly cleared and the only noticeable difference I felt was ultra hydrated and moisturized. I don’t know if moisturizing plumpness is proclaimed as a benefit, but it is the change I noticed.

After slathering on my entire face, I had some product left over. Storing the rest in a tiny airtight container, I believe I’ll get 4 applications from this mask. 

Under Eye Beauty Serum:

Net weight 7 ML $14.00 Calendula infused Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rose Hip Oil,Vitamin E, Rose Geranium Essential Oil


I’ve tried a few different serums, but none that stuck with me. I liked the ingredients in this version, and I’m always willing to give it a go when it comes to minimizing the serious matching luggage under my baby browns.
Per the website, “this specially formulated serum is 100% all natural and boasts some serious skin loving oils chosen for their hydrating, anti-aging, skin brightening and moisturizing properties. “
The formula is thick and slick, recommended use is twice daily. I found that it left a sheen that was tacky to the touch under my eyes, I’d use at least 30 minutes before applying make-up. With only a few days of intermittent use, I haven’t noticed a change in my skin. I will update if there is anything to report.


Sample soap shard in Spearmint and Clay

The logo stamped into the side is a nice touch, however spearmint is not a fragrance I’m fond of in soap. It is strong. I might add this to our camping supplies or tuck it into a gift. Of course, I can always reserve it for when my husband runs out of his current mega-pack of drugstore soap.

An impressive first order from Salted Rock, and I foresee future purchases from the Nature’s Essence line. With $8 shipping, the soap sale and a 15% new customer coupon, this was a bargain haul as well. I’ll be marking my calendar when the next B1G1 free sale is announced sometime this November, I think the sugar soaps will make amazing holiday gifts.


The Dirty Goat Soap Co review

Finally, I think I’ve found a natural deodorant that works for my sensitive skin. I’ve been on the hunt since September when I made the decision to discontinue using drugstore deodorant containing aluminum. My reasoning is given in this post on beauty.

The last products that I tried left me with painful patches of severe irritation after 3 weeks of use. I knew I had to find a baking soda free version, those rashes were no joke.


I discovered The Dirty Goat on Instagram and have been impressed with the way the shop owner conducts business. Erica informs and teaches the customer about what’s in her products throughout the process of creating, listing and marketing items for sale. This transparency and willingness to reach out and teach people about natural body care translates to earning my trust when it comes to quality. TDG assures that “Each and every ingredient is FDA approved, cruelty free, and free of phthalates.”

When I considered her natural deodorant it wasn’t the probiotics that drew my attention, it was the absence of baking powder. Arrowroot powder is a gentler alternative for those with skin sensitivity. Unsure of what probiotics are and how they’re used-I turn to the website. According to The Dirty Goat, “probiotics are beneficial topically similarly to the way they are beneficial for our digestive systems. The same way probiotics help regulate bacteria when taken internally, probiotics can be used to help regulate bacteria growth on our skin as well.”

But does it work for me? Thankfully, yes.

$9.75 ea. for 2.5 oz.

Fragrance: I ordered two scents, Festivus (a holiday exclusive) and Rose.

Anything named Festivus is going to earn my stamp of approval, for both the fragrance and the Seinfeld reference. Described as “fresh breezes of orchid and Ylang essential oil w/notes of cypress and frosted woods. Oakmoss and spices round out this Festive deodorant ‘for the rest of us.'”

It’s extreme freshness took some getting used to. For days after I started wearing it, whenever I lifted my arms or stretched, I’d think, did someone leave the door open? Is there an impromptu Christmas tree lighting happening here? The stuff smells that realistic. The scent translates to a distinctive aroma of balsam that agrees with my skin.

Rose– Described as “an authentic fresh rose scent. Not English tea rose.” Just like verdant rose blossoms, it is too heady for me. The floral reminds me of my grandmother’s rosewater perfume, a sentimental recollection, but it’s too concentrated and makes me slightly dizzy.

Performance: The antiperspirant aspect works better than expected. One application is all that’s needed, for ordinary, day-to-day wetness control.

For odor elimination, the oils release their fragrance, allowing a fresh feeling to continue throughout the day. If I anticipate any heavy-duty aerobic activity, I still endorse the Pacifica deodorant wipes I recommended previously for freshening up extra sweaty moments. So far, this deodorant has done the job well.


The texture resembles a stiff cake of clay in it’s tube. I’ve read the tip of warming natural deodorant under the arm for 30 seconds to a minute to soften the product and enable smooth application. I hold it under my arm and do something else, like apply eyeliner as I’m getting ready, it works like a charm.

Whipped sugar scrub:

A generous sample portion of sugar scrub was included with my deodorant order, I love that! The fragrance is Cuppa Nog, a subtle cinnamon, brown sugar and steamed coconut blend. Mostly milky, but has a note which strangely reminds me of Flintstones vitamins. Hey, that’s fine by me, I liked them in childhood and still do.


With a frosty sheen and creamy texture, I was excited to try it out. My skin was crying out for an extra boost of hydration, especially after a little date night overindulgence of alcohol this weekend. Does anyone else notice their skin needs moisture relief post cocktails?

Applying it, I feared it would be unsubstantial to lather and moisturize enough. After rinsing, I ended up loving the way it coated my skin with a lotionized barrier; it felt soft, smooth and supple. What more could I want from a shower scrub?

Recommendation: Absolutely, the only downside is that the turn-around-time can seem lengthy. I placed my order the day it was listed, Nov.23rd and received it mid-December. But there were holidays to account for and the policy is very clearly stated upon ordering and must be agreed to, so that you aren’t surprised on TAT.

The Dirty Goat has so much to offer, haircare, face and body oils, clay masks and even a spa in a box! I can’t wait to get a full-size whipped scrub and try a deodorant in a summer scent. Some of her items can be found in retail stores, or you can order from the rotating and seasonal stock online.

Run by a talented girlboss, I’m thrilled and proud to spread the word about this small batch skin and hair care brand! If you’ve tried any Dirty Goat items please share, I need to narrow down my list.


Fall Fun- Beauty Item: Nubian Heritage & Pacifica

Today’s beauty post may be notably less glamorous than the other Fall Fun bloggers’ line-ups. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the deeper hues of lip, eye and nail products this time of year as much as the next girl, I just haven’t shopped for any lately. My current beauty routine is, well, downright routine. I rotate between the same three eye looks, I keep my lip colors much too long, and my nails need some major tlc! (hello stress) 

What am I featuring today then? A small item that’s a consummate part of everybody’s daily routine. About a month ago, I made the switch to natural deodorant. That’s right, I’m talking about the product you glide under your arms at least once a day, probably without giving it a second thought. I’ve abandoned my drugstore deodorants and decided to try a natural, less chemical-laden route to underarm freshness. Admittedly not much beauty, or any fall in this item, but it is the daily personal care change that I’ve embraced this season. 


My reasons:

  • As a cancer survivor, I make an effort to be more aware of what I put into/onto my body without driving myself into a crazy paranoid state in the process.
  • I follow the “Chemical Free Me” on Instagram which has heightened my awareness about the amount of potentially harmful chemicals we come in contact with day-to-day. (I haven’t purchased any products from their website, but it’s a great resource.)
  • The main ingredient used in antiperspirant to block the pores in the armpit from perspiring, is aluminum. It rang alarm bells to read, it’s not a good idea to apply this to one of the largest lymph node locations – the armpit. Another alarming question: Would you apply aluminum to the pores on your face? I think not.
  • Last spring, I began noticing that my underarm area all the way down the inner arm was itching frequently. I bought eczema creams and medicated lotions, which numbed the area for a short time, but didn’t eliminate the itch.
  • It took six months before I made the connection to my antiperspirant. That’s how ingrained I was to spend such little thought on my product choice, other than picking powder or shower fresh.


I didn’t go into this decision blindly, I did some research.** I also poured through purchase reviews on natural deodorant effectiveness. But once I made this decision, I wanted to proceed with the switch that same day.

Nubian Heritage

Fortunately for me, Ulta had a buy 2 get 1 free sale on any Nubian Heritage products. All certified organic, non-GMO ingredients, designed in NY, made in Canada. They have a sizable collection of natural products including fizzy bath bombs, with exotic fragrances. The price is $8.00 for 2.25 oz., but these were 3 for $16 with the sale price.

Fragrances: Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver-The combination is a little bit out there for me, but it made the top 3 of 4 scents I smelled. Very fresh and grassy, it may be too bracing. Saving this one for spring.

Abyssianian Oil & Chia Seed- a lighter floral, fresh air and a hint of perfume.

Patchouli & Buriti-this isn’t a typical Patchouli oil scent. A calming tone made with rose hips. There’s a distinct creamy almond note to it. This is the only scent I’ve tried thus far.

Performance: The package states it’s a 24 hour deodorant, but it does not last that long. I don’t know of any drugstore brands that last 24 hours for me either. It lasts a typical 8 hr work day. I’d reapply if I was going out afterwards.

It has a glossy texture, from vegetable glycerin, without the talcum quality of previous solids I’ve used. It’s sheer so it doesn’t leave behind residue, but is a little greasy to apply. A slightly sticky feel remains a few minutes after. * I read a tip to warm natural deodorant under the arm for a bit to help it glide on. I find this helps for a smoother application.

Performance is mid-level in keeping me dry; as an odor blocker, I’d rate it slightly higher.


** In my research I came across several references to “detoxifying” the armpits before switching to natural deodorants. This practice makes sense to avoid irritation if one has sensitive skin, especially a baking soda sensitivity. I didn’t want to go through the homemade bentonite armpit pastes recommended for this issue. They seemed too high-maintenance, so I tried my own “detox” schedule and it proved successful.

For one entire week, I didn’t apply any deodorant sticks. I used these deodorant wipes instead:

Pacifica 100% vegan and cruelty free company. I was already a fan of their roll-on perfumes, it’s a brand I trust. The wipes are pricey, $9.00 for 30 pre-moistened towelettes. Pacifica has a lot of buy one, get one 50% off sales, though. These ended up 2 for 13.50, plus I used some Ulta rewards points.

Fragrance: Coconut and essential oils-this was a winner! Refreshing coconut fragrance that did not make me smell like a tropical drink all day. Definite repurchase.

Kale extract and coconut milk-a very woodsy scent, as in fresh cedar. Not as pleasant, would not repurchase.

Performance: I scoffed at how effective a wipe could be at stemming wetness, but it really was! These lasted 8-10 hours and my underarms were bone dry. They’re a nice refresher after yoga or exercise too.

I used them during lifting and cleaning with decent results. Another impromptu tester agreed on the quality when I lent some to one of my speech competitors who had forgotten deodorant. (Kids forget everything) If these can keep someone semi-dry at a speech competition, I’m impressed.

However, I did experience irritation with the Kale Extract wipe during one application. I also noticed the wipes aren’t as effective at odor blocking as the solid deodorants are. In combination, the two products complement each other and I’m happy with the results.

A friend of mine has also successfully switched to natural with the Native brand. They are $12.oo, but offer free shipping from their website. I’m planning to try Schmidt’s  as well, because it gets top user reviews.

If you’ve hung in there this far, you deserve to view more alluring fall beauty. Do check out these Fall Fun bloggers, sure to have beautiful products for your ogling pleasure.

UPDATE: Within 2 days of posting my review, I developed serious underarm irritation and discomfort. I’m not sure why it took so long to feel these effects, but I had to stop using either product for 2 days to heal.

After a week of experimenting, I currently use the Nubian sticks one day, then two days of wipes to keep itching/redness to a minimun. I’ve ordered different products to try that I’ll review after some use. Essentially, the search continues.

Juicy Grapefruit

In my ongoing pursuit of positivity, I’ve been gravitating to all things grapefruit.  From checking out the benefits of grapefruit essential oils, using beauty

Yes to grapefruit products

products with grapefruit extracts, to eating them, sliced and sweetened; the tangy fruit has become my flavor of choice.

Needless to say, I sure was excited to see that Yankee re-released Juicy Grapefruit recently.  And when this return coincided with the “Employee shop sale” a couple of weeks ago, you better believe I was on it.  Customers get employee discounts during the sale and I usually stock up.  Too bad the employee shop prices were changed this year, from the 60% off any 6, to the standard 50% off all fragrance that employees get to enjoy anytime.  Oh well, the change meant I only bought two jars rather than six, so I guess it’s a good thing.  I’m certainly running out of candle storage.  I will have to share a picture of my stash sometime.  As I said before, it’s an addiction!

Fragrance: Not what I expected.  I tried juicy grapefruit years ago and remember liking it, but I didn’t realize it has such a floral feel to it.  It’s a layered fragrance, with some pinkish flower note, possibly hibiscus, up front. Ahh, then the sweetness of grapefruit, and lastly a powdery perfume note lingers.

Performance: One of the strongest throws I’ve experienced.  The smell permeated the room before a complete wax pool formed, rare for a jar-style Yankee!  It’s strength filled up both my kitchen and downstairs family room when I tried each spot.

Recommendation: Certainly a great re-release decision by YC, 20160326_182319especially due to the popularity of the UK only release of Pink Grapefruit last year.  I scored a couple UK -exclusive votives of Pink Grapefruit at an outlet, and although I can’t do a jar-to-jar comparison, I prefer the scent of the UK version.  It’s zestier, tangier and despite the name reversal, juicier than Juicy Grapefruit.  

I absolutely recommend Juicy Grapefruit for its powerful throw and sweet perfume notes.  I only wish that I could get a jar of the simpler, but truer scent of Pink Grapefruit.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and find one someday!

Happy Easter!

Pysanky dyed easter eggs from my great Aunt:)