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Today’s beauty post may be notably less glamorous than the other Fall Fun bloggers’ line-ups. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the deeper hues of lip, eye and nail products this time of year as much as the next girl, I just haven’t shopped for any lately. My current beauty routine is, well, downright routine. I rotate between the same three eye looks, I keep my lip colors much too long, and my nails need some major tlc! (hello stress) 

What am I featuring today then? A small item that’s a consummate part of everybody’s daily routine. About a month ago, I made the switch to natural deodorant. That’s right, I’m talking about the product you glide under your arms at least once a day, probably without giving it a second thought. I’ve abandoned my drugstore deodorants and decided to try a natural, less chemical-laden route to underarm freshness. Admittedly not much beauty, or any fall in this item, but it is the daily personal care change that I’ve embraced this season. 


My reasons:

  • As a cancer survivor, I make an effort to be more aware of what I put into/onto my body without driving myself into a crazy paranoid state in the process.
  • I follow the “Chemical Free Me” on Instagram which has heightened my awareness about the amount of potentially harmful chemicals we come in contact with day-to-day. (I haven’t purchased any products from their website, but it’s a great resource.)
  • The main ingredient used in antiperspirant to block the pores in the armpit from perspiring, is aluminum. It rang alarm bells to read, it’s not a good idea to apply this to one of the largest lymph node locations – the armpit. Another alarming question: Would you apply aluminum to the pores on your face? I think not.
  • Last spring, I began noticing that my underarm area all the way down the inner arm was itching frequently. I bought eczema creams and medicated lotions, which numbed the area for a short time, but didn’t eliminate the itch.
  • It took six months before I made the connection to my antiperspirant. That’s how ingrained I was to spend such little thought on my product choice, other than picking powder or shower fresh.


I didn’t go into this decision blindly, I did some research.** I also poured through purchase reviews on natural deodorant effectiveness. But once I made this decision, I wanted to proceed with the switch that same day.

Nubian Heritage

Fortunately for me, Ulta had a buy 2 get 1 free sale on any Nubian Heritage products. All certified organic, non-GMO ingredients, designed in NY, made in Canada. They have a sizable collection of natural products including fizzy bath bombs, with exotic fragrances. The price is $8.00 for 2.25 oz., but these were 3 for $16 with the sale price.

Fragrances: Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver-The combination is a little bit out there for me, but it made the top 3 of 4 scents I smelled. Very fresh and grassy, it may be too bracing. Saving this one for spring.

Abyssianian Oil & Chia Seed- a lighter floral, fresh air and a hint of perfume.

Patchouli & Buriti-this isn’t a typical Patchouli oil scent. A calming tone made with rose hips. There’s a distinct creamy almond note to it. This is the only scent I’ve tried thus far.

Performance: The package states it’s a 24 hour deodorant, but it does not last that long. I don’t know of any drugstore brands that last 24 hours for me either. It lasts a typical 8 hr work day. I’d reapply if I was going out afterwards.

It has a glossy texture, from vegetable glycerin, without the talcum quality of previous solids I’ve used. It’s sheer so it doesn’t leave behind residue, but is a little greasy to apply. A slightly sticky feel remains a few minutes after. * I read a tip to warm natural deodorant under the arm for a bit to help it glide on. I find this helps for a smoother application.

Performance is mid-level in keeping me dry; as an odor blocker, I’d rate it slightly higher.


** In my research I came across several references to “detoxifying” the armpits before switching to natural deodorants. This practice makes sense to avoid irritation if one has sensitive skin, especially a baking soda sensitivity. I didn’t want to go through the homemade bentonite armpit pastes recommended for this issue. They seemed too high-maintenance, so I tried my own “detox” schedule and it proved successful.

For one entire week, I didn’t apply any deodorant sticks. I used these deodorant wipes instead:

Pacifica 100% vegan and cruelty free company. I was already a fan of their roll-on perfumes, it’s a brand I trust. The wipes are pricey, $9.00 for 30 pre-moistened towelettes. Pacifica has a lot of buy one, get one 50% off sales, though. These ended up 2 for 13.50, plus I used some Ulta rewards points.

Fragrance: Coconut and essential oils-this was a winner! Refreshing coconut fragrance that did not make me smell like a tropical drink all day. Definite repurchase.

Kale extract and coconut milk-a very woodsy scent, as in fresh cedar. Not as pleasant, would not repurchase.

Performance: I scoffed at how effective a wipe could be at stemming wetness, but it really was! These lasted 8-10 hours and my underarms were bone dry. They’re a nice refresher after yoga or exercise too.

I used them during lifting and cleaning with decent results. Another impromptu tester agreed on the quality when I lent some to one of my speech competitors who had forgotten deodorant. (Kids forget everything) If these can keep someone semi-dry at a speech competition, I’m impressed.

However, I did experience irritation with the Kale Extract wipe during one application. I also noticed the wipes aren’t as effective at odor blocking as the solid deodorants are. In combination, the two products complement each other and I’m happy with the results.

A friend of mine has also successfully switched to natural with the Native brand. They are $12.oo, but offer free shipping from their website. I’m planning to try Schmidt’s  as well, because it gets top user reviews.

If you’ve hung in there this far, you deserve to view more alluring fall beauty. Do check out these Fall Fun bloggers, sure to have beautiful products for your ogling pleasure.

UPDATE: Within 2 days of posting my review, I developed serious underarm irritation and discomfort. I’m not sure why it took so long to feel these effects, but I had to stop using either product for 2 days to heal.

After a week of experimenting, I currently use the Nubian sticks one day, then two days of wipes to keep itching/redness to a minimun. I’ve ordered different products to try that I’ll review after some use. Essentially, the search continues.

8 thoughts on “Fall Fun- Beauty Item: Nubian Heritage & Pacifica

  1. I will have to check out Nubia brand. An Ulta store moved into my area in the last year and I have yet to check it out. (Mostly for fear of spending too much. Lol) Great tips-thanks!


  2. LOVE this post! I will have to check out these natural deodorants. I tinkered with and reviewed somr from Puur Body Tonic but ended up going back to my Mitchum. I like the idea of using the wipes in conjunction with the solid stick. I sweat pretty bad and would need the back up. Thank you!!


    1. Oh good, I hope it was helpful. I’m committed to the change, so I will likely try some other brands as well. I find the deodorant wipes useful for many situations and they aren’t just a moistened wipe, they have an antiperspirant aspect. I’m not much of a sweater and don’t live in a humid climate, we’ll see how they perform in the summer.
      My catchphrase with my speech team has become “don’t stress me out, you know I’ve switched to natural deodorant!” 😛


  3. Great post – deodorant care is an overlooked area in the beauty realm. I think we’ve maybe spoken about this before, but that built-up deodorant sensation totally bums me out – like you’re just not clean, because you’re covered in freaking aluminum residue. Then I get freaked out. Necessary, but kind of nasty.


  4. Jaybird- ran across a street vendor in L-ville and she had natural deodorant so i had to buy one. I haven’t tried it yet but will let you know. I think she jas an Etsy site. She does candles and jewelry too. I will keep you updated.


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