L3 Waxy Wonders haul

Just as I was swearing off buying any more wax during the month of December, I noticed an L3 Waxy Wonders sale. L3 specializes in fandom and geeky related scents, making it fun to cruise the site for pop culture fragrance tie-ins. Nerdom attracts me. Literary nerdom beckons me. Intending to just peruse the offerings, scents based on C.S. Lewis’s “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” jumped right out. Once found, they could not be unseen and after reading scent descriptions, resistance was futile.

My order ended up arriving the day after Christmas, like finding a hidden present after gift-giving is all finished.20170110_095036The wax chunks are 2.4-3.2 oz for $2.65 each. Shipping was only $6.10.

Aslan– Cashmere, Twilight Woods and Sweater Weather20170111_121824A soothing combination of Bath and Body Works types. Sweater Weather comes to the foreground and is sweeter than some other SW fragrances I’ve tried, which have a sharp edge. The perfumed musk of Twilight Woods lightly mingles with the soft cottony cashmereAslan is a scent you want to wrap yourself in when you seek comfort and calm. I’ve already reordered this one.

Lucy the Valiant– Vanilla oak, Cran apple20170110_092152Wow, what a pop of fruity, fresh-picked apples. It doesn’t smell sweet/tart like McIntosh, but has a crunchy ripe red delicious note. Enhanced by oak breezes, it’s fresher rather than woodsy or sweet. I didn’t detect cranberry, which is fine by me because it can be too syrupy for my palate. I’ll try adding more of the darker red chunks during my next melt to see if the scent ratio changes.

Peter the MagnificentPeppermint White Velvet bow (Jasmine, white poppy, Yuzu zest, white poinsettias, white musk)20170108_162131Deepened by the array of notes in this blend, it’s more sophisticated than the brightness one expects from candied peppermint. I plan to melt it as a tonic to the gray of February.20170110_092244Three perfectly pleasing scents from The Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe collection. Now for the blend that made me a fragrance convert, and one that didn’t.20170111_122703Rumblebuffin– Pink sugar, Rosemary Mint, Amber

I enjoy Aveda’s Rosemary Mint oil, but in wax I’ve tried, the spearmint overpowers to the point of nausea. I thought I was destined to forego rosemary mint blends until I smelled this. Herbal rosemary, fresh peppermint and creamy spearmint combine into a harmonious brew. Added sweetness from pink sugar and earthy amber depth make this a delight.

Just as the children in the wardrobe learned from Rumblebuffin, not all giants are to be feared, so I found, neither is all Rosemary Mint!

White Witch– Winterfresh, Whipped cream, Blue sugar20170108_162153I was immediately torn on this scent. Being a fan of whipped cream and blue sugar notes, I hoped for a balanced blend with an icy character from the winterfresh. I must have been tricked by the White Witch herself into thinking my nose would be able to handle so much wintergreen.

Less snuff tobacco and tea-berry flavored, but more reminiscent of pungent medicated icy-hot. I left this wax bag open to let it breathe and used a smidgen with a large blue sugar chunk, but the biting wintergreen still overpowered. I should have known what to expect, so the scent isn’t to blame. While not offensive, it wasn’t for me. I am picking out those blue sugar chunks, though!

Jennifer, the vendor, deserves credit for matching characters to their scent notes. From the piercing, penetrating chill of the White Witch to the mild and trusty notes of Aslan, these tie-ins are accurate. I didn’t order Edmund, but I know that Turkish Delight was fittingly listed in the description.20170108_162249I ordered this Olaf cereal blend with intentions of gifting. Since it came after Christmas, that didn’t happen, but I think I know a wax friend that might appreciate it.

The scent is fruity pebbles, vanilla bean, nectarine and though most cereal blends aren’t my wax of choice, this has a pleasant creaminess to it. Besides, who can resist Olaf?

See that little snowman buddy there? He’s a sample scent in Snooze Button Aftershave and I’m utterly infatuated. A mix of sweet lavender, vanilla bean noel and buttermints with aftershave. Hopefully, it becomes an L3 staple.


After Shave– a difficult to describe fragrance. A subtle cologne, spicier than shaving cream, it’s an intriguing scent that keeps me coming back for a sniff. No description was available but I think it contains tingling Eucalyptus and a cooling essence, maybe aloe vera with a hint of smoky powder.

Reading other melters’ experiences, I expected one half of a cup to pack a powerful throw, but it resulted in a sheer medium in my living room. There’s something so right about this fragrance that I wish to dive into that cobalt blue wax pool.

20170112_200431The only downside being that these scent throws diminished more quickly than I’d like. Possibly an issue of cure time?

Finding blends that I love and can rely on means I’ll be returning. In fact I’ve already placed a scent shot pre-order this week. If you are interested, some of these and many others, 100 scents are included, then get to L3 Waxy Wonders before the pre-order ends, Saturday Jan. 14th at 8 pm pst.

9 thoughts on “L3 Waxy Wonders haul

  1. I have committed a bloggy faux pas. For a while now, I thought you just took a break from blogging while remaining active on others’ blogs. Turns out, my blogger “reading list” is broken and stopped showing your posts. *facepalm* I’ve fixed this for now by subscribing via E-mail.

    I must admit, I’m a big fan of White Witch. I had it last year and loved the invigorating, minty smell. Of course, that might be because I associate it with wintergreen candy and not tobacco. Bummer it didn’t turn out well for you.

    I haven’t had those issues you’re having with scent performance. What are you using to melt your wax? I’m able to use a tealight warmer and get 6+ hours consistently. Like you said, it might also have to do with cure time.

    Mentally prepare yourself for an onslaught of comments. I have a lot of catching up to do. LOL


    1. Ha, well I don’t even know what bloggy faux pas I’ve surely committed, being new at this, so don’t worry about it Liz.
      I’ll admit something-when I joined the Fall Fun series I didn’t really have a handle on who everybody was yet; I didn’t realize you had commented before! Regardless, I appreciate you coming back:)
      My poor email subscribers, try as I might to get my posts exact before I publish, I almost always polish them up after the first post which gets sent as the email. I’m getting better though.
      I go through spurts of reading and commenting on fellow blogs, grabbing a few surreptitious moments at work or when I can. Therefore, my comments prob always seem like an onslaught, so mentally prepare yourself for that:) I’ve found with Furianne, I like to catch up late at night (my time) for some reason.

      Thanks for the info on L3, I used my usual electric warmers twice and my Yankee Scenterpiece warmer twice (it’s not great at producing throw w/vendor wax, but I love the timer and ease of use) so it’s comparable to all my other wax reviews. The chunks emitted a real blast of scent but died off more abruptly than anything else. I will see how the peppermint compares when I use it next month, maybe it is cure time.
      Thanks again. Also if you’re a fan of White Witch, I’ll save the rest of this for you. I’ll just figure out some way of getting it to you sometime, prob through Julie.


  2. Nice! Glad you found some fun new scents. I’m a sucker for the pop culture references, too, which can get me in trouble. Like, I HAVE to have that one scent called The Lost Boys because it’s the best movie ever (do not argue with me on this point; others have tried valiantly and lost!) but I don’t care for the scent notes, so why am I buying this again? I once had a VERY BIG order all queued up from Super Tarts before I got to the part where I was to pay for it and discovered that they actually didn’t ship to Canada!


    1. Gah! Why?? I literally sent you a wax gift THIS morning and wish I’d known you were looking for the Lost Boys! I sent small wax pkgs to the members of FF series who visited/supported the blog and whose addresses I was given by Amanda from ThriftyPolished.
      As even more of a mockery, I have a full clamshell of the Lost Boys from Supertarts I won’t ever use cause I was expecting Pomegranate cider but all I can smell is strawberry (rarely do I find strawberry wax I like)

      Oh well, at least you won’t hear any arguments from me about the legendary status of the TLB’s from this 90s teen. The Coreys=my youth. I seriously dreamt of training to be a vampire hunter, as A JOB!
      I hope you like some of the wax I sent anyway. I sent Supertarts, but no Cool movie ones😣 I included my email in case you have scent questions.(or wanna link any more fandom nail art) Two of the waxes have no names bc I have to look them up. I will pass on the scent descriptions to you after you get them.
      I think I’m gonna bring up in search of’s/likes/dislikes in one of the BOB posts so that I will have a list to refer to in future.


      1. Say what?! Oh my gosh, thank you so much – how completely lovely of you! And how assininely (I’m making it a word) random is that Lost Boys thing? Around my house, my husband and I call those moments Sarcastico, because it’s like our brains are at one – sympatico – but just loaded with sarcasm. 🙂 Or is that serendipity?

        Really, though, that’s so awesome of you, thank you, thank you (and a fellow Coreys aficionado…your dopeness clearly can’t be denied. By the way, License to Drive still holds up surprisingly well.)

        I have a lot of the other ladies’ address, too, but I’m not sure if I have yours – if not, you’ll have to pass it along, if you’re okay with that, so I can share some of my goodies, too. I have a near-embarrassing amount of custom wax riches coming my way soon and I’d love to spread the joy. And I’ll give them names just for you – David’s Special Wine and Maggots, Michael, You’re Eating Maggots, How Do They Taste? (for the Panic at the Disco approach to wax naming.)


        1. I don’t know what to call it, but The Lost Boys thing gets weirder~at my dog’s vet appt. earlier I made a Nanuck reference to a beautiful Husky there (before I read your comment) even though the owner was surely too young to have seen TLB and the dog’s name was Ghost-clearly a Game of Thrones wolf homage.
          Embarrassing amount of customs sounds amazing. I’m gonna have to hop on to this customs thing soon, maybe after my new wax ban ends😂 Name one the Frog Brothers blend for me:)
          P.S. Will do with the address, also License to Drive-you’re killing me!!!


          1. Okay, that’s crazy! I never see a Husky that I don’t think about Nanuck (whose really name – why do I know this? – was, I think, Cody.

            Also putting my Lost Boys Name Wax Name Generator helmet on now. 😉


      2. Oh wow, speak English much? Let’s try this again, shall we? The dog’s name was actually Cody. Also, Thorn scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. Still kind of does.


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