Death Eaters Tea Club- Spring box reveal

20180627_131027With the best intentions of featuring this box earlier, travel and illness got in the way and caused a few days’ delay. Death Eaters Tea Club is beyond compare for a subscription box, both in content and design. The incredible artist, Aun-Juli Riddle, creates tea blends, artwork and accessories based on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter; DETC specifically embraces the dark arts and receiving this package is nothing short of magical.

Spring’s quarterly box went on sale April 1st and shipped Memorial Day week, $30 each, $7 shipping. Read all about the festive Winter tea club box, reviewed here. Each box contains:
– 1 novelty tea item [Caffeinated]
– 2 small tea samples (10g each) [1 decaf / 1 caffeinated]
– 1 enamel pin
– 4 additional surprise items!

All items are exclusively sold in these curated quarterly boxes from the RTS etsy shop.20180627_131527Beautifully assembled and securely packaged as always, I actually squealed with delight when opening the lid to reveal this bounty. Each bundle includes a descriptive Story Card and seasonal logo sticker. Being the Spring assortment, pastels, floral flourishes, creeping vines and magical creatures ruled the aesthetic. A sort of softer side to the dark arts, if you will.
20180627_132129Starting with my best-loved items, whereas in the Winter box I loved the tea, Spring’s edition has beguiled me with the artwork. This collection seems to be largely inspired by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which ranks as one of my favorites in the series. The Chamber of Secrets in Springtime print brilliantly portrays the hidden chamber door in lush jewel-tones, no photo color enhancement applied. Incredibly detailed and evoking an esoteric charm, this colorful homage to Salazar Slytherin will sit in a place of pride on my HP shelf.
20180627_132429 (1)In what has to be the loveliest rendition of the unforgivable curse, the Avada Kedavra pin arrived in a silvery gossamer drawstring bag with a specialized spring-y rose-and-bones backing card. It’s this level of design detail that truly sets Riddle’s tea shoppe apart. A glittering script emblazoned upon pastel hearts set in hard enamel makes this spell no less deadly, but is a welcome addition to my growing HP pin collection anyway.
20180627_144231Ah, Sectumsempra, the curse Harry unleashed on Draco in The Half-Blood Prince. Such a morbid incantation to hold one’s place in a book and a clever one at that, when considering a bookmark splits one’s pages between read and unread. I assume this item is designed by Juniper and Ivy Designs, as it’s similar to the alder wood piece from the Winter box, but I was unable to find reference to that in the package description. A deceptively innocuous bit of geekery, useful for keeping my enemies at bay and away from my book.
20180627_140639The inventive flavored teas are at the heart of the subscription box and because Aun-Juli also submits blends to Adagio Teas (check their fandom tea pages) I’m assured she knows her stuff with top quality teas. Basilisk Egg Tea is contained in a sturdy canister tube which holds ten pyramid tea bags (and no less than 2% basilisk venom). A spicy, almost savory tea to the nose. Clove and cinnamon waft invitingly from the steaming brew, but tread carefully, ginger and lemongrass can be known to bite.20180627_143049Spiced blends aren’t my usual choice, I’m more of an Earl Grey, Oolong or green tea drinker but Basilisk is a smooth tasting tea. I didn’t notice the pineapple, yet, with so many potent ingredients, I was pleasantly surprised the tea wasn’t overwhelmed by spices. Judging it to be a highly fragrant, mellow drinking tonic that will provide an afternoon energy boost.
20180627_143917Unicorn Blood simple syrup- an ingenious sweetening agent of corn syrup, water, citric acid and luster dust which made me giddier to use than a grown adult should admit. I felt like a bit of a potions master as I shook the glass vial, watched the vaporous bubbles float upward and added the liquid to my tea cup drop by drop. Just as with the wee Sugar Spell bottle from the first box, this idea is so cute, I can’t even.
20180627_135643Venomous Tentacula Tea sample- a decaf Ceylon and Rooibos mix with soothing vanilla, strawberries and almond. Occasionally, decaf tea hits the spot as a nighttime wind-down treat. Tentacula is mouthwatering fruity refreshment, the red berries cool and sweet on the palate. I usually avoid strawberry flavoring, but with bits of natural berry, the brisk Ceylon becomes a bright pick-me-up. This might make a lovely ambrosial iced tea for Spring/Summer that would make Professor Sprout proud.20180627_140232Devil’s Snare tea sample- I’ve yet to try this blend, but oh my do I adore the label depicting the twisting tentacles of the tricky plant; ravenous and reaching, yet, daintily holding a cup of tea to entice passers-by. Described as a bold black/Assam/Ceylon tea blend with blackberry, caramel and chocolate, it strikes me as my variety of toothsome breakfast tea.

If these fandom inspired goodies delight your slightly devious soul as they do mine, RTS Quarterly has a small number of Death Eaters Summer boxes for sale, still available when I last checked. For those who excel in Defense against the Dark Arts, I hear there’s been communication from another tea society, look for those on Riddle’s Tea Shoppe’s Instagram on July 3rd. Now I wonder what Death Eaters do for fun at the beach…

4 thoughts on “Death Eaters Tea Club- Spring box reveal

  1. Ok. This is seriously the coolest thing ever and I am still kicking myself for not getting this box sooner. Thank you for sharing a sample of the Snitch tea. I am ready to go forth and buy myself the summer box. Death Eater, of course. I am lusting over your pin and bookmark. Super, super cool.


    1. It is THE best. I think every seasonal box will be similar, but I’m cool with that. Exclusive HP-inspired tea and merch? No arm twisting at all, speaking of, yay!


    1. That’s great! I have wondered what’s in those boxes, I’m guessing a “light magic” version of prducts. I shall live vicariously through yours when it arrives and won’t tarnish my Slytherin status;)


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