Best & Worst/January

Apparently, by surrounding myself with the comforts of home and lit candles, I’ve embraced the practice of Hygge this month without even realizing it. “Hygge represents finding happiness in mundane pleasures, such as drinking a cup of warm tea while under a blanket, reading next to a cozy fire and having dinner at home with your friends.” I had no idea I was so trendy, but if this is the Danish way of life I’m certainly down with it. 


The Best:

  • I’ve indulged in much-needed comforting scents all month long and don’t see this trend changing anytime soon…

Baby Powder potion pack by Super Tarts 

Super Tarts


Fireside by Handmade Prim 

Hot Buttered Rum and Season of Peace retired candles by Yankee Candle

Pure White Cotton and Wine Cellar wax melts by Bath and Body Works

White Pumpkin Lilac by Swing and Dream Soap Co. and by Wax Junkie Melts has been my preferred scent this month. I’ve used one after the other in my bedroom and let the spiced floral cream lull me to sleep. I will be in search of more soon.

  • The Dirty Goat’s all natural probiotic deodorant is going strong and is a happy change.
  • Drinking more tea, thanks to my tea bar. I’ve enjoyed my usual favorites but the winning new addition is Adagio’s Apricot/Peach/Vanilla/Apple Cinnamon from Riddle’s tea shoppe
  • Taking time to meet with friends. Be it a special movie night or driving the distance halfway between our homes to celebrate a belated holiday with our good friends. Spending time with my buddies rejuvenates my spirits like nothing else can. Not to mention all the pampering presents I received. Thank you so much Rach, I can’t wait till March!


  • La La Land-It’s no secret that I love musicals and I gave in to the charm of this one easily. Universally appealing due to its intimate look at the spirit of human ambition and emotionally uplifting for it’s music, dances, and magical love story. Recommended for dreamers, young and old. But also a reminder to support the dreams of the ones you love, they are counting on you to believe when they falter. Though not everyone’s enamored with the (admittedly not perfect) ending, I respect it for the willingness to look back and then let go. An emotional, yet beautiful feel-good movie that makes ME want to dance doesn’t occur very often. So, “here’s to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem…”

The Worst:

  • Me! For getting off to a slow start with my New Year’s wellness intentions. I’ve exercised here and there, but have attended a total of zero yoga classes and meditated only once. I haven’t made a strong effort to eat healthier either, unless you count the 10 lbs of grapefruits* that we bought on the last grocery trip.

*On a positive note, I have a bounty in case I want to learn to juggle and I did make this grapefruit yogurt cake. Which most definitely belongs in the best list.


  • Lots of worries over the health of our little Bostie, Johnny. We made it through a rough post-surgery period to learn 2 out of 3 lumps were mast cell tumors. Fortunately, his doctor tried to cut out as much as possible but one worrisome spot has only a 1 mm clean margin of depth. Meaning, the tumor could have jumped or made its way to muscles and organs. Only time and close monitoring will tell what his future holds. However, our tough pup has beaten and survived cancer before, 6 years ago. If any dog can pull through he can. He’s already rallied back to his normal self and the stitches come out soon.
  • Also me, for not burning through the candles that I intended to in January. I want to finish at least 3 seasonal ones to avoid packing them away. With no plans to buy any until I’ve used up 5, it should be a good ratio for clearing out some of my stash.


I enter into a new month with renewed intentions, including my post-holiday shopping ban. February is crunch time for speech and debate season; I’ll be extremely busy, but I’m anxiously awaiting several preorders and am excited for more vendor features.

That’s the long and short of January. How have you fared with your new year’s intentions? Any special plans or purchases to look forward to in February?


6 thoughts on “Best & Worst/January

  1. Oh my friend, what a start to 2017. I hope that this is the worst part over already and look forward to happiness and positivity and optimism for you! I am so sorry about my JFT but he’s a trooper and I am sure has a lot of spunk to spare for quite a while.
    I can not wait until our HP date in March!

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    1. January started with so much optimism but got a little messy towards the end. I’m happy we got to visit and we have much to look forward to this year, HP and NYC. I’m absolutely pumped! Your buddy is hanging in there and he’s getting plenty of love. Hope you are well today, my friend:)


  2. We’ve got our fingers and paws crossed over here for your dear doggy to continue pulling through. Tough little guy. So sorry you’ve got that worry on your plate.


  3. Your baby is so cute. Praying he will be stout and healthy as soon as possible. Spending time with friends really does refill that love tank. Sometimes I fight going out but I am always happy when I do. When are you going to NYC? I am trying to save for mine in the fall but running into a few snags. We had to take Boopers to the vet for mites and a respiratory infection so there went some unexpected funds. I know it will work out though.


    1. Oh poor Boopers, not a very auspicious beginning. I hope he’s fixed up and back to his rosy self soon. Thanks for thinking of Johnny. It’s a relief to think that he’s unaware of his condition and just acts pretty normally. He has developed a weird teeth chattering (a tooth was pulled during surgery) which is unnerving, hopefully that subsides as he heals.
      I’m the same way with resisting going out (introvert probs) but realize it’s vital sometimes. So, I’m going to NYC around my birthday at the beginning of June. Still waiting on one member of my party to confirm dates. Fortunately, we live w/in driving distance which lessens the cost. Because the dates weren’t set, I hadn’t planned anything. I’ll be in full planning mode in the next couple of weeks.
      I’m sure you’ll work out any snags in your plans and you have ample time to do it. NYC in the fall seems lovely, I’ll have to plan a fall trip for my next visit. Let me know if there’s a must-see attraction!


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