Scrub down-shower scrub review

A scrub down, like a throw down except with shower scrubs, and it sounds nicer than a scrub-off. Why review scrubs from two of the most sought after indie body care vendors you ask? Observing their huge social media fan following has piqued my curiosity. What is at the heart of the intense popularity behind these brands? Is it because their wax is so beloved that it spills over into their respective body care lines? Or are these shower scrubs hoard worthy in their own right? Because judging by the online stash photos, shower scrubs are definitely being hoarded. I don’t know what apocalypse scenario the hoarders are preparing for, but as long as there’s a supply of water, they’re going to have well-exfoliated skin at the ready.


I recently tried both brands, first purchasing wax melts from The Bathing Garden then venturing into bath products. With Candy Panda, I went straight for the scrub, once I could get my hands on it. Is one superior over the other, how do they compare, and most pressing, do they live up to the hype?


The Bathing GardenEver Night Shea Butter scrub


Fragrance:  “Lavender and lilac are highlighted with a touch of eucalyptus and blended with soft woods, white musk, and sugary vanilla.” Topped off with a smattering of buds and a decorative flower, it’s a classic herbal lavender, very floral and woody smelling. This is a rather sharp scent; straight up lilac petals and lavender buds can be. But it’s also stimulating, romantic and feminine. The scent I’d reach for when readying for a date night or special occasion when I want to feel ladylike.


I do admit that although encouraged by good word-of-mouth, what put this scent choice over the top may have been the elegant label featuring a chandelier and spooky little owl.

Feels: Texture wise, this shea scrub is the coarser of the two. The plumper grains make for a scrubbier experience. Ultra skin-sloughing when applied dry, it lathers smoothly when rubbed in with a few extra swirls upon wet skin.


It rinses off cleanly and truly leaves my skin feeling polished. Due to the coarse grains, I wouldn’t use this every day. Because of its exfoliating capacity for dry skin, however, I wouldn’t need to.


  • Special packaging and ingredients provide an elegant product
  • Ease of access from The Bathing Garden website because they’re made to order. This means no worrying about trying to catch an opening or a product selling out.
  • A hearty exfoliation that leaves my body feeling hydrated, also, a little can go a long way once worked into the skin as a soapy lather.
  • Several scrub options are available with each of TBG’s rotating scent line-ups, including; aloe butter, avacado oil, borage oil and coconut oil scrubs and parfaits which are a split product of sugar scrub and whipped soap.
  • Only costs $9.00 for 8 oz. and Shannon sends a couple generously sized scrub samples!


  • Turn around time of 6 weeks is a deterrent for many people. In this case, made to order can be a major con.
  • Wide diameter jar takes a lot of shelf space in a typical shower.
  • Though moisturizing, not so much so that I can forego lotion afterwards.

Candy PandaComfortably Numb whipped body scrub


Fragrance: The description reads, notes of musk, molasses and vanilla. A pronounced floral tone to the musk keeps this scent from being manly or unisex really. The sugary molasses makes for a unique and inviting creaminess. Opening the jar and inhaling it creates a delicious and sensual showertime ritual. Comfortably Numb is aptly named because the blend provides an instant mellow mood for my morning routine.

It’s not fruity, fizzy or bakery, which could explain why it was still available 2 hours after a restock when I had a chance to check during my lunch break. This is how being an atypical scent lover has its benefits, it was the one scent I wanted to try for and I was tickled it was still there. Very sweet and unique, I think many Candy Panda fans would love the scent if they tried it.


Feels: A smoother, finer grain than the previous scrub, however, still fairly scrubby. When slathered on wet skin, it forms a brightly colorful paste. The thick consistency melted into the rough outer layer of my dry skin, then evaporated quickly after a rinse.


  • An extensive fragrance list that can appeal to all scent lovers.
  • Smaller, taller jar footprint makes it easier to store in the shower. Candy Panda just announced a switch to flip-up lids which will be more convenient to use.
  • Once purchased, shipping is within a week.
  • Fun happy colors make a fetching product display, especially for those with stacks of jars.
  • Costs $12.00 for 10.5 oz. I did score 2 wax melt cups as a surprise with my order.


  • Restocks can be a frustrating shopping frenzy in which you may lose an item in your cart as you attempt to pay, if you aren’t quick enough.
  • Also requires lotion after use. Slightly less exfoliating.

The scrubby results:

Both got the scrub job done! I’d recommend either brand because each gave a satisfying amount of exfoliation* and left my skin with a similar feel. I believe I’ll try an avacado oil scrub from The Bathing Garden next, and maybe go fresh rather than floral. The Candy Panda also has whipped shaving soaps to try for and a new line-up of scrub scents each month.

*If you’re looking for a lotion-optional scrub I recommend The Dirty Goat.


Two superior quality scrubs well worth the hype. Hoard worthy? Hmm, I’m more of a buy one as I need one scrubber, but I may indulge in a back-up of a favorite. Would I repurchase? I’d like to see somebody try and stop me:)

9 thoughts on “Scrub down-shower scrub review

  1. I’ve never had the opportunity to try TBG scrub but I’ve had a Candy Panda one and it was wonderful. I always added a bit of water to what I had in my hand before using and it made it less abrasive for me. Must get my hands on a shaving soap soon though!!


  2. Wonderberry also has really nice scrubs, you should give them a try next! Bomb Pop is what I currently have in my shower.. (the only scrub I have left sadly) Time for me to get shopping!


  3. This is an awesome post, and your photos look really great. 🙂 But seriously, where do people store this stuff? And what do they use it for other than scrubbing stuff, because with that much exfoliation power at hand, they should have no hide left at all.

    I’m going to be placing an order with The Bathing Garden for some scrubs and other body care items when the Circus Collection comes up for grabs. I’ve never tried any of their stuff before (with the exception of The Sweetest Thing lips) so the temptation is to buy everything, but then I think about the people who have, like, $600 of this stuff sitting under their sinks and it inspires me, shall we say, to keep it reasonable, see if I even like it in the first place. That Bathing Garden scrub is so pretty, too – this has got me very excited!


    1. Exactly Sandra, the storage issues! And could someone scrub their way out of needing a scrub? I know that I’ve fallen into the gotta get that scent even though I have a ton of wax trap, But at least they’re smaller and many can be used throughout the house at once. I’m doing well on not buying, hoarding my candles as much and (listen to this justification) at least candles would be useful in an apocalypse scenario😀

      So I sent you your first TBG? Yes! I think the circus collection will be much more your taste than the valentine scents. Can’t wait for you to get it and oh the samples. I think it’s like a 2 sample per 1 product ratio, truly worth the wait! Good luck with that buy/restrain thing, it’s a struggle.


      1. Yes, you were my first TBG! Hmm, on reflection, that looks a bit dirty. Oh well! And holy cow, I’ve seen the samples – Shannon (is that her name) is a very generous vendor. Best way to get people hooked on new scents, though.

        Your justification does not need justifying – the world has felt a bit apocalyptic lately; some of us will just be riding it out in softly lit, deliciously scented terror.

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  4. Love this post! Ever Night is one of my favorite scrubs and lotions. I have one Candy Panda scrub in pink peppermint. It is really nice. Comfortably Numb sounds like one that I would love too. I have a hard time catching the restocks, sadly. I need to pay more attention. Can I tell you how bad I am? I will seriously get like a three fingered scoop on my scrubs and just slather it all on. I have no restraint when applying scrub. They don’t last me very long LOL! Thankfully I don’t use them every day or I would be sore outta luck. Enjoy your scrubbies!!


    1. Thanks for the kind words Julie. Results wise, these were so similar that I might go with the sure thing of TBG rather than deal w/restocks of CP. Who is home midday(EST) doing these restocks, I don’t even know?
      I was kinda surprised I got such a large response from this post online, but I think ppl really love their scrubbies.
      Re: Ever Night, yes, you were one of my good words-of-mouth, and though I appreciate it as a scrub I think the lilacs are too much for me in wax. I know what you mean about the scooping, I was hesitant at first but now I’m a scrubbing fool;)


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