Seeking Comfort

For those times when things don’t go as planned, when life twists and turns unexpectedly, your week feels too long and your to-do list longer, when you’re in pain, or as in the words of singer Daniel Powter back in 2005, you’ve had a bad day; what do you turn to for comfort?

Family, caring friends, cuddling pets, escape through reading, binge-watching and gaming can be sources of comfort. When my personal stress level is too high, I seek solace in solitude. In the past, I’ve dabbled with meditation, even taking some classes which I found helpful. Maybe I’ll pursue it again this year, as it’s a skill that requires practice to call upon in times of stress.

SAS haul from Bath and Body Works. Relax is my only full-sized candle purchase from after Christmas sales.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that home fragrance is a wellspring of comfort for me. It’s also one of the easiest methods I have to de-stress. Sense of smell can be a powerful force. Though I’m no student of aromatherapy, I believe that mental and emotional moods can be influenced by the senses.

I witnessed a fascinating example of this as I was waiting to take my dog into a veterinary exam. A cat with a broken leg was brought in, it expressed a lot of aggression and understandable anxiety in it’s crate. The vet tech sprayed a cloth with a pheromone spray, draped it over the crate and that cat was instantly calmed down. I thought, I’ll take a gallon of that to go!

Lacking access to a spray bottle of instant calm, these are the comforting fragrances that I’ve had on repeat the last few weeks:

Yankee Candles in retired scents, Do-re-mi (vanilla musk) and Sleigh Bells Ring (soft rose). Both are light but worthy examples of calming scents. Yankee used to have an aromatherapy line and I still have some of the single-scent oils. The cardamom oil adds warmth and spice when used as a mix-in with baking soda for carpet powder and is so inviting in an oil warmer.

I’ve tried two of the B&BW‘s wax melts purchased for 50 and 75% off during SAS. At $4.50 for 0.97 oz, I wouldn’t buy any at regular price, but I was happy to try them in some scents I haven’t had in their candles.

Pure White Cotton– extremely relaxing on cold throw, I started with one wedge, but added a second for the best result.

Walking past my warmer felt as if I was greeted by the sweetest spring breeze. There’s no laundry or starch to this. Just a hint of newly cleansed linen that’s been dried in the sunshine, folded into a basket still warm, filled with freshly-picked bouquets of Freesia and notes of white cotton blossom, anjou pear and soft gardenia petals.

Sweet, simple, natural smelling comfort of warm cloth.

Wine Cellar– as sophisticated as Pure White Cotton is simple. Wine Cellar is comprised of warm cedarwood, sugared clementine, red berry, and dark vanilla bean. To me, these four notes form a nearly perfect blend.

The rustic hewn timbers of the wine barrel, the full-bodied plummy fruit, juicy round flavor of citrus, the richness of vanilla bean skimmed from the fleshy pod. This wine has legs too, a beautiful abundant throw. Nearly as much of a creature comfort as an actual glass of red wine and zero calories.

The Relax candle from the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it aromatherapy line is saved for February, but I can tell you the black chamomile is a delicious essence of herbal tea refreshment. So spa-like I’ve almost forgotten the stress of wading through the store to get it the day after Christmas.

Which scents provide a comforting boon to your senses? Is it homey cinnamon or sugar cookie? Possibly lavender or mint soothes your savage beasts? Smoky patchouli send you off to a calm place? Do tell.





10 thoughts on “Seeking Comfort

  1. Lovely post, thanks for sharing! I find warm vanilla and lavender scents to be very comforting and peppermint and eucalyptus are soothing for the sinuses. That cat pheromones thing is so cool! I could see how it would work wonders for nervous pets.


    1. Thank you, I enjoy vanilla a lot. You’re right, it is comforting. I can only do lavender in blends, but I like it with vanilla and spa-like scents. Its pretty versatile.
      Yes, that pheromone spray is stunning, I think you can get some for dogs with issues like storm anxiety. I wish there was a convenient human version.
      Hope you’re doing well, how are things on the west coast?


  2. Oh, I totally choose my scents with my mood in mind (or what I’d like my mood to be.) Today I’m cooking and tending to a bunch of household-type stuff, so I want something comforting and yummy and familiar – anything Rosegirls Raspberry Sauce to the rescue.

    Okay, so I bought a few of BBW’s wax tarts before the holidays, and I’m curious to know if you ran across the same thing I did, which is that they perform amazingly well (mine were super long lasting) but were messy as heck. So, so messy and kinda oily? Just mine?


    1. I do know what you mean about the messiness, I’d call it a stickiness. I happened to have dropped the first one while opening, so it came right out as a whole. The wine cellar one took more effort and was slightly harder to get out of my warmer too.

      I’d seen ppl online using the whole melt and saying they were mega-strong, so I started w/one wedge, then added if I needed to. I think that’s how they were intended to be used & how BBW could justify the cost. With wine cellar, one wedge is perfect, with PWC, 2-3 works.
      So, which scents did you get?


      1. Woah, a whole melt? That’d put me right out of my apartment. Mine were super strong, indeed. I got Spiced Apple Toddy (eh, it was one of those fake spiced apple scents), Frosted Cranberry (really great, I like that one a lot) and Vanilla Bean Noel (super yummy.) I was really impressed with their performance, but yeah, so messy and sticky, and the little clamshells were so hard to open. I had a really hard time prying them apart, actually. So weird.


  3. Well I can tell you mine isn’t Smokey Patchouli… 😛 *Shudders* I would say a well seasoned Marshmallow Fireside or Peppermint blend. Pink Sugar Peppermint Lavender was my favorite for a relaxing/night melt for the longest. Also a laundry scent occasionally.


    1. I love marshmallow fireside too, just about any time. Lol, I remember when I first started following you and saw you posted about PSPL a lot and I thought boy she loves this stuff! I’m definitely falling under a ps, pepp, lav spell myself:)

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      1. Yeah I remember those days lol. I haven’t melted or burned it in awhile but I guess my husband remembers it because for Christmas he got me a lot of pink sugar grubbies and even in candle form from Front Porch.

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  4. I hope you are doing well. ❤

    This is a nice spread of scents! I picked up a few BBW wax tarts time and again but kept putting them back.

    I think for me, it just depends on my mood or what is stressing me out. Like many of you have listed, I love vanilla, lavender, and peppermint scents. But I do love Nag Champa and patchouli and amber and sandalwood as well. Incense too. But now I am getting more into what perfume notes I prefer when I am blue. Aromatherapy is a beautiful thing.


    1. Thanks. It has been a bit bumpy around here, but we’re rallying back.
      I’m definitely seeking nice Nag Champa blends this year, it is the official meditative melt:)


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