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20180906_195724 (2)It’s been about one year since I discovered Willow WaxCraft’s scents on etsy, and became enamored of Samantha’s brand and fragrance style, that first review can be found below. Recently she held a wax giveaway for email and instagram subscribers and I was lucky enough to win my choice of any four scents in her shop. A giveaway of customer’s choosing is most generous, and a tough task for there are many I wished to try.

Samantha appreciates art, beauty and literature. She’s inspired by the craft of perfume which makes for thoughtful layered scent blends that are unlike anything else I’ve tried. Yet, her scents aren’t persnickety or out of reach, something I love is the way she celebrates pop culture with subtlety. Books, movies, art and poetry provide the muse around which the aromas are created. These are my giveaway winnings:

I chose earthy, fresh, clean and bakery. Clamshells typically retail for $5.50 and bundle deals are available in the shop.20180906_083956Lavender Honey Marshmallows: Fluffy marshmallows infused with a bright, sweet-herbaceous lavender and a hint of rich honey. Contains French lavender maillette which is deliciously sweet, clear, and low in camphor, from the Little Bakeshop on the Corner Collection.

A floral lavender made sweet with decadent honey drizzle. Cool airy marshmallows softly materialize as all three notes contribute to this well-balanced blend. I’d love to sniff more of this French lavender oil in other combinations too. It’s not powdery, but pretty, and it’s captured my attention.20180909_103434 (1).jpgThoughts Just Appear: Music is the glue of the world…it’s what holds it all together. A fresh blend of zesty satsuma, frangipani, cozy plaid cotton flannel, and a green, earthy, and surprisingly subtle special ingredient (hint: NOT lots of sugar).

I listened to the Singles movie soundtrack on endless repeat in high school (record players weren’t retro accessories then, I owned the cassette tape). But I didn’t view Empire Records until years later and never identified with it’s cult following, although I agree that music is definitely the glue holding the world together.

I have been craving fruitier scents than usual and it hits the right note with neon bright  satsuma juiciness, always more vibrant than orange. The flannel smells cleaner than expected, not laundry detergent aisle, but not the musty lived-in coziness of a warm boyfriend shirt. I perceive the green note to be of the homegrown herbal nature, yet it get’s drowned out by the linen chords.20180905_104116Primeval Forest: The ancient wilderness, full of memory. Cardamom, cedarwood, loam, rose, and decaying foliage scattered on the forest floor.

I believe this is an allusion to The Lord of the Rings, but I’ve only recently starting reading it and haven’t reached any talking trees yet. The scent profile is utterly dark and dusty and threaded with a powerful woody base. Earthy spice cajoles the crispness from woodlands of dry timbers while the rosy bloom flirts and recedes. Burly aged cedarwood is comforting aromatherapy to me and I do love this. Two cubes melted medium strength in my living room. 20180905_104405“There’s a big hayfield up near Buxton…One in particular. It’s got a long rock wall, a big oak tree at the north end. It’s like something out of a Robert Frost poem…” -The Shawshank Redemption
20180905_103810Espero: The conclusion of life’s journey may be uncertain, but it always begins with…I hope. Sweet grass, vanilla, hay bales, tonka, linden blossom, golden musk, and sun-warmed stone.
With tones as subtle as the shifting evening light on a field forgotten by time. The rustle of dry grasses, whisper of faded spring flowers and warm musk tell a bittersweet story.

Both Samantha and I have experienced the solemn film set of Shawshank with a tour of the mammoth Ohio State Reformatory. Happy to find Espero doesn’t read wet grass, although I was choosing it for the lore no matter what. A strong throw and pleasant fragrance emerge, however, it feels flat and not as uplifting as the name suggests.20180905_104004Of these, I’d purchase Primeval Forest and Lavender Honey Marshmallow. Samples were kindly included and certainly not expected with an already generous giveaway.20180909_093130.jpgCorner Store: A bag of tart lemon penny candy, frosty bottles of root beer, melting orange cream ice pops, and packs of fruity gum tucked into back pockets, ready for the next adventure. Nostalgic summer childhood treats abound in this realistic bubbly blend.

Moon child: The most vast of empires can arise from a single grain of sand- do what you dream and start wishing. An ethereal blend of rich vanilla, oak, rosewood, vetiver, smooth amber, and musk. I’m grateful for this one, the soothing smokey perfume puts it on my wish list.

Swallowtail: A rain-drenched spring fairy garden. Clean watery notes, tomato leaf, lime blossom, sweet orange, red bell pepper, and ylang-ylang, grounded with soft sandalwood and musk. Contains ylang-ylang essential oil. The most unique and exemplary of Samantha’s blending skills; bright, aquatic and reminiscent of a well-tended garden’s bounty.

Thanks to Samantha for sharing these lovely goods and reminding me of all the uncommon pleasures scents can hold.


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6 thoughts on “Willow WaxCraft winnings

  1. First, congratulations! What a nice surprise, and of your choosing, no less. And you picked so well – I’m all about that lavender honey marshmallow one (weren’t you just wondering why they can’t ALL be lavender marshmallow scents?!)

    Secondly, Singles! Tell me, friend, were you also mad for Pearl Jam? I was a MONSTER HUGE fan in the mid-90s, circa Ten and Vs., went to two back-to-back shows here in Ottawa and then Toronto just with a friend (no parental supervision!) when I was 16 and technically grounded. I think I’m probably the only person to ever say this, but they really, REALLY suck live. Or they did at that point. My fault – I hadn’t quite figured out that they are a full on jam band, and I don’t like jam bands (give me a solid, two-minute pop punk song loaded with harmonies and I’m the happiest person in the world.) Somewhere I have a slightly smooshed green candle that Eddie Vedder threw into the crowd, and which my boyfriend saved for me. At the Toronto show, opened by Neil Young, Soundgarden and Blues Traveler, I took a harmonica to the head after the lead singer of Blues Traveler tossed IT into the crowd! I also stage dove for the first and very last time. I don’t recommend it if you value your spine and not getting felt up by 10,000 sweaty strangers.

    That tomato scent has me interested, though – I have a tomato perfume from Demeter, and it’s really nice, fresh and a bit…what’s the word I’m looking for? – meaty? In that tomato-y way? Pretty good stuff, actually, I hope this blend works out well for you.


    1. Thanks, I loved this sweet lil prize.
      I have experienced Pearl Jam in concert (you shouldn’t have doubted their style-Jam is in the name) and although I preferred Vedder’s driving vocals, I didn’t have too much problem with the jamming. In fact, for an encore they played Baba O’Reilly by Zepplin and I remember it was kinda transcendent, crowd singing along and whatnot. Unfortunately the dude who drove us to the venue parked up against a fence and our car was hemmed in by traffic for an hour after the concert, while I really needed to pee-so the agony of that experience was more memorable than anything else PJ actually played. Yeah, not the greatest live band, but still glad I saw them.
      Was it a sort of an honor to be pelted by his harmonica? No one can harmonica like John Popper.

      The tomato scent is unique, floral, garden, perfumed- I like it, but am unsure I’d want a clam of it, yet, I do love the scent of a fat ripe tomato.


      1. Yeah, even with the “Jam” right there in the name, it never occurred to me until about mid-concert (night one) that they were a jam band – to me they were just grunge, and that meant rock. Fast forward about a year and I’m listening to Japanese imports of insane indie bands desperately trying to be some mashup of the Beach Boys, Queen and Nirvana and I’m thinking, “WHY is it that Pearl Jam sound so much like the Dead/Phish?”

        The dink behind me caught the harmonica as it pinged off my head and sailed through the air. I told him that by all rights it was mine – or rather, my forehead’s – but he held firm. Bonus points for having his name – he will forever be “Guy Who Hit Me In The Head With a Harmonica.” I’m sure he’d done more with his life, but you know!

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  2. **Just realized I was reading your comments from back-to-back emails and mixed them up. I’ll move what I posted below to the correct post, lol, never comment and travel I guess, oy ve!


  3. Congrats on your winnings! I like Moonchild from the order I placed a while back. I think I tried Primeval Forest too? She creates beautiful scents for sure. And is that Tom Petty I spy? I do wish I had been able to see him in concert. He was really big in Gainesville as that is where they were from so when I went to UF he kinda became my icon for those four years. As I would drive on 441 I would play his songs. ❤


    1. Thanks friend! I was unsure of Moonchild at first sniff, but then an ethereal smokiness came out and really delivered the goods.

      Yes, I had to get an LP shot, those belong to one of my besties, and her collection is insane! We have lots of fun listening to them. They also have a Tom Petty saint offering candle that’s sweet.
      I was fortunate enough to see him in concert, I don’t even know, 10 years ago? It was cool, relaxed, everyone just hanging out on the lawn on a lovely summer night. It was a nice time, wish I’d seen him again. I adore his duets too, especially with Johnny Cash, Stevie Nicks and of course the Heartbreakers ❤


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