Candles from the Keeping Room-Winter wax haul

Featuring my third Candles from the Keeping Room order in as many years; in retrospect, I never even reviewed the first, from 2016, because I was lukewarm on most of it. For my second order, I went real big on the fruity and clean scents and didn't fall in love with those either, however, if... Continue Reading →

Willow WaxCraft winnings

It's been about one year since I discovered Willow WaxCraft's scents on etsy, and became enamored of Samantha's brand and fragrance style, that first review can be found below. Recently she held a wax giveaway for email and instagram subscribers and I was lucky enough to win my choice of any four scents in her... Continue Reading →

Handmade in Florida: Wax Sampler

This is the wax preorder that led me to break my July shopping ban. I'd heard tantalizing word-of-mouth from Julie at The Redolent Mermaid but when I checked out the shop a few times, it seemed Handmade in Florida was infrequently open. Widely known for creating beautiful signature soap, and although I'm becoming a frequent... Continue Reading →

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