An Homage to Snow Mountain Lodge

Candle Love, Actually

Say it’s carol singers…

20171119_153839With any luck by next year

My candle stash will have dwindled and I’ll be able to acquire this many20171201_173833
 But for now, let me say

Without hope of perfect burns, or agenda20171130_084758 (1)Just because it’s Christmas (even better? it’s Candle Day)

 (And at Christmas you tell the truth)20171129_134349
To me, your soft smoky warmth and balsamic pine heart is perfect

And my wasted waxie heart will love your earthy spice20171121_195753Until you end up in a discounted outlet, having been repackaged many times over.
 Merry Christmas

If you haven’t a clue to what I’m referring, click the video link to the scene of one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Regrettably, Andrew Lincoln was unavailable for candle photos. Also if you haven’t seen it, watch this movie, it explores all the different forms of love imaginable. An epic holiday feel-good film at it’s finest! Plus, Martin Freeman♥

Hopefully, you enjoy this Candle Love, Actually mash-up and I don’t appear too utterly insane. Sometimes, you gotta have fun and not take candle reviews so seriously. Purchased 50% off online without ever smelling, but when I opened the package and took a whiff…I exclaimed, that’s perfect! And here we are.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, if looking at it from a reduction of candles standpoint, I won’t be available to shop on Bath and Body Works’ $8.95 Candle Day. Not until at least evening because of the speech tournament, in which case, all of the best scents will likely be gone. Godspeed to all those who attempt it, and to the poor beleaguered candle slingers working the sale today. Especially on candle day, candle love, actually, is all around us.

3 thoughts on “An Homage to Snow Mountain Lodge

  1. Aw, I love this! This is almost better than the actual card speech (now forever tainted by The Walking Dead; I can’t see Andrew Lincoln now without picturing him filthy, batshit insane and wailing “CORAL!!!” at the top of his lungs.) Actually, I think I might take your candle-oriented prose to his actual doorstep confession – this is infinitely less creepy (come ON, man, she’s married, he’s your best friend, don’t do this. And YOU, Kiera Knightley, stop kissing men who aren’t your husband! It’s not exactly innocent, because you know he’s INTO you.) Okay, so I might have problems with that part of Love, Actually, but otherwise, I actually love it – watch it with my parents every year and scream at Alan Rickman time. 🙂

    I did not partake of any candle shenanigans – I rarely ever do, but I’ve got an online coupon burning a hole in my wallet that I could put towards some holiday candles; I like to have some going at this time of year. Sounds like you’ve found a winner – hopefully it will stick around for all those repackagings (I quite randomly found a favourite scent this summer in a no-nothing, brown glass jar with, like, “Hooray!” written on the side. Um, okay. I had had no idea it was even that scent. Why all the secrecy, BBW?)


    1. Thank you! It was fun, not to mention the speediest post I ever put together. Other than editing photos, 10 minutes maybe? Wish I could crank em all out so easily.

      Okay back at ya, because I have read a lot of people’s beefs with that cue card scene and I don’t feel it’s a creepy stalker situation at all. The theme was to explore various forms of love, including unrequited. I think the last time the characters met, it ended awkardly and Mark wanted to resolve that but couldn’t bring himself to speak his feelings out loud, so he made a grand silent gesture. Immature? sure, but creepy? not to me. Also, I’m the utmost faithful person and though I think a hug would have been just as welcome; again, the kiss expressed some grander reciprocation, as in, ‘you’re into me and I’m sorry that sucks, so thanks for letting me know rather than being a jerk.’
      Anyways, it appears we both have strong feelings about that movie and I try to watch it with my husband every couple of years, I think we’re due. Our favorite is the love +friendship between the rocker and manager, *tears* and you know I’m not sentimental;)

      B&BW is obsessed with relabeling their scents, for all I know SML is already a repackage, who can keep up?


      1. I have a nearly identical argument with my parents every year, who feel as you do. My mom goes all gushy, and my dad’s a big sap for Love, Actually. 🙂 I also adore Bill Nighy and his manager, Tubbs. They’re so pervy and awkward and British together. And whatever is going on in that dream sequence (?) with Colin and the American girls.


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