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20170322_131342I had a plan, a wax purchasing plan whereby, I was only going to order from one larger and one smaller vendor each month. Fulfilling my desire for irresistible restocks while not going overboard, and allowing me to save extra spending money for my New York City trip in June without feeling deprived.

It started off swimmingly with my spring The Bathing Garden order promptly on March 1st and my fave smaller vendor House of Phoebe restocking mid-month. Then this happened. I was lounging one morning wondering what to do with my Saturdays now that speech season is over, when I caught wind of a Sassy Girl Aroma restock through fellow IG accounts. SGA is a vendor I’ve wanted to order from and whose wax I’d been gifted, but the scent list is of the overwhelming variety and I hadn’t looked up any blends. Telling myself there’s no harm in ‘just perusing’, I remembered reading of her shaving cream scents and used the shop search function to find one. A few choices were sold out just five minutes after the restocking, but when I found a loaf in Blue Sugar Shaving Cream, my wax plan was a distant memory.

Second only to shaving cream is my love of Pink Sugar types. I purchased 2 bakery chunk bags between 9-9.5 oz. based on weight, costing $9.95 each.

Pink Sugar/Serene Waters/Rainforest Sugarcane


Fragrance: I can say without shame that I’ve deeply sniffed the contents of this bag for over 5 full minutes. One of the most satisfying and interesting fragrances that’s come across my nose. I believe PS/RFS is a popular SGA blend, but I’m not sure if it originated with this shop or elsewhere.

The initial note bursting forth in all it’s spring glory is the wild mint of the Serene Waters, the last note my palate registers is the fresh lime. Everything in between? Lush, dripping rain-soaked vegetation. Exotic blooms, green palm leaves swaying in a warm breeze, dewy water lilies floating in sun-dappled pools; suggesting a dreamy aquatic botanical garden.

This refreshing initial fragrance dissolves into the cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam sweetness of its Pink Sugar base. The playful pink sugar lingers and envelops the room.

20170322_130831 (1)

I’m remarkably taken with this distinctive green sea scent that isn’t grassy, but juicy and succulent.

Performance: medium strength for 4 hours before fading to light. SGA fans recommend curing the wax for a while before enjoying, which I will do, but couldn’t wait to try one of each blend first.

Pink Sugar/Lavender Mist


Fragrance: Lavender Mist description- calming and clean, smooth with a touch of morning dew and sweet apple blossom, slightly herbal European floral.

I wouldn’t describe this lavender as very herbal in nature. I found it sweet and silky soft. The misty element really makes this a special house blend, soothing and romantic. When swirled with fluffy pink sugar, it’s bound to transmit me into sweet dreams.


Performance: light-medium but with a two room radius, a perfectly performing background fragrance.

Blue Sugar Shaving Cream  One large 16-17 oz. loaf was $18.75


My shaving cream adoration is probably well known by now, but I love it best when mixed with other fresh aromas.

Fragrance: combined with Blue Sugar, it may be a perfect match for the tangy, almost mouthwatering zestiness of the crisp bergamot and clean amber talcum of this barbershop blend.

The warmth and resinous woods of the spicy Blue Sugar enhance the already rich manly shaving cream, elevating it to a doubly divine scent. I may have to get my husband some of this Blue Sugar cologne, it’s a sexy beast.

Performance: medium-strong throw.


Just look at those wax chunks, no skimping whatsoever.*

I will note the texture seemed crumblier than others I’ve tried. That and the amount of chunkage made it a tricky wax cutting job. Numerous chunks got in the way of even slicing, causing the overpour to break apart when cutting through. I probably should have microwaved it for a few seconds, but I’ll have to consider this before purchasing another chunk-filled loaf. For now, I just threw the broken bits back into the sealed bag, it would be a crime to waste a single crumb.

2017-03-22 23.10.34

No regrets for this detour from the plan. Finding three amazing affordably priced new blends was well worth it. I hope that SGA’s growing popularity doesn’t result in continual stress-filled competitive restocks. It would be nice to have an accessible vendor with this level of quality.

10 thoughts on “Wax Haul-Sassy Girl Aroma

  1. Wha..? Jay bought something in a loaf?! Good for you!! Though with the scent choice I can see it for sure is loaf worthy… *drools* what a wonderful blend! I am on the fence with Sassy Girl. Easy ordering (getting harder as of late though) and the wax has decent throw yet the consistency isn’t my favorite. I’ve found that the older it gets the more it loses it throw for me while others say to let it cure awhile. Not to say I don’t like her wax though because I still believe she has the best Pink Sugar.


    1. Oh, there was no resistance when it came to 2 of my favorite scents combined. It’s really good, I will say that the chunky/crumbly consistency made it a hack job, but I will add some to the melts I’m sending you:) I didn’t know that you liked shaving cream blends, they are my current obsession. Sassy’s Pink Sugar is excellent too, though. These blends may not have a chance to lose throw the way I’m melting through them, but I’ll have to save one or two to see if it weakens over time. Thanks for the heads up. I got a Tutti Frutti sample that’s all yours if you want, weirdly, it arrived with no lid!

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  2. Sweet order! I bought a pile of Sassy at one point, and you are correct, it IS kind of crumbly. I find it a little harder than other wax; suppose that is contributing to the crumbliness. I haven’t placed an order with them in a while, though, because I placed this one big order where I just totally blew myself out on cotton candy blends, and I grew tired of the smell rather quickly. That loaf is so cute; completely loafalicious.


    1. I know exactly what you mean about burning yourself out on a blend. I might be in danger of that with Pink Sugar, but I admit I’m loving these SGA blends so much, great throwers! That loaf was loafalicious, now it’s a hacked up bit of a mess, but still smells great.


  3. Gosh I love SGA! Her scents always perform so well and the blends are scrumptious. I have a bag of Sisters In Pink Ocean Breeze that I’ve been enjoying for spring, as well as many bakery blends.


    1. I haven’t heard of that combo but I typically love ocean breeze, salty sea types. I’ll be on the lookout for it. This SGA haul was one of my favorites ever, just love all 3 scents, making it difficult to try to ignore Sassy’s restocks for awhile. Believe it or not, I’ve enjoyed a bakery blend or two myself lately:)


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