Riddle’s Tea Shoppe and Wizardry

20171203_134152When I proclaimed I’d increase my tea consumption earlier this year, I meant it. Notwithstanding the considerable slow down over the summer, as I require a chilly night to truly enjoy a warm cuppa, I have elevated my tea game and branched out with a few flavored blends. Why yes, that is the one ring to rule them all in the photo above. And now I should admit, this gorgeous boxed trilogy belongs to my husband for I’m ashamed to say, I have never read The Lord of the Rings. Feel free to mock and shun, but I do enjoy the movies immensely and saw them all at the theater on opening weekend. Not the same? Ah well, I’ll add it to my tbr.

Wizard’s Grey tea- sample tin, $5 for 5 cups. Earl Grey Moonlight, blackberry, chocolate

I find myself reaching for Earl Grey most often, preferring my teas black, robust and in the words of a fellow tea drinker, tooth-stainy. The inclusion of chocolate makes it a less-potent black tea that yields more of a dessert blend. Thick and rich, the frothy vanilla cream subdues the typical bitter notes of Earl Grey. After the creaminess ebbs, blackberry adds a playful character while the cocoa brings more nose than taste to the table. Smooth, well-rounded flavor makes this a swoon-worthy tea for both traditional tea drinkers and those craving sweetness.20171203_135300The flavor text on the tin is a lil’ squinty, it reads, “brews precisely when it means to”, such a perfectly Gandalf touch!

*If you want to try this tea, it is available on Adagio teas, in sample sizes, pouches and beautifully detailed larger tins. There is an abundance of fandom options available, including other LOTR blends.

Riddle’s Tea Shoppe and Curiosities

Aun-Juli Riddle (that is her real and true last name) not only creates the story-inspired teas, and bookish merchandise for her shop, but she is also an incredible artist who designs hand-painted labels, on top of submitting custom teas and art for Adagio, such as Wizard’s Grey above. Riddle’s Tea has recently gotten into the subscription box arena and I may have requested the premiere box as a Christmas wish; if Santa delivers, I will excitedly share the contents here. Riddle’s Tea Shoppe is having one last restock of goods Tues Dec. 5th at 9 am PST, noon EST before taking a holiday break.20171203_140508Starting with looseleaf Polyjuice Potion, a blend of green tea, orange slices, natural spices, natural vanilla, cinnamon bark, ginger, apple pieces. Second to black tea, I will partake of a green brew now and again. A fragrant green can be soothing while winding down at night or when fighting off a cold. 

 Gently spiced medley of sweet and tangy thanks to the vanilla and chewy apple bits. I portioned my usual tea infuser’s worth, but it brewed a light-bodied watery feel on the palate. With an ambrosial aroma I appreciate rather than the potpourri scent of some overly spiced teas. Clean and delicate, but too timid in flavor for my taste. It might provide a sweet pick-me-up for those who prefer a mild cuppa.20171203_150827If you’re curious about that eye-catching mug back there and where you can get one, the Magical Cauldron Mug is a Riddle’s Tea Shoppe original. I’m not sure if it’s available for tomorrow’s restock, I acquired mine from a pre-order in October. It’s $14, camp-style with black-rimmed smooth enamel and is pretty subatantial. The saying is fitting as I can just imagine any Hogwarts professor reciting such wisdom, not to mention Gandalf the wise wizard himself.20171203_141027

RTS sports the best themed business card, hands-down. These products would be right at home in Hogsmeade.20171203_143542Full ingredients are listed on the tea’s apothecary label, along with some helpful hints for brewing up a proper potion.20171203_141422The water-colored whimsy of the labels provide a detailed personal touch that I adore in this brand. Sample packets are $2.50 and make 3 cups.

I’ve yet to catch The Lucky Snitch for a taste as I wanted to tempt with these items before Riddle’s closes for the holidays on Wednesday. Since it’s a mix of some of my favorite flavors of black, peppermint and cocoa, I have full confidence I will enjoy sipping the stimulating blend.

Which teas or beverages provide you with soothing sustenance this time of year? Have a favorite Lord of the Rings quote to share and taunt me with what I’m missing? If so, do dispense, and cheers to more books and tea.20171203_183721

6 thoughts on “Riddle’s Tea Shoppe and Wizardry

  1. Sorry, my dear, can’t help you out with LOTR – I’ve read the Hobbit, but never the trilogy. And the Hobbit was for a children’s lit class that I actually took twice, so! With the exception of two gos through the Hobbit, not much of a Rings fan. The movies were pretty great, I enjoyed seeing them as event films, but they haven’t held up well on repeat viewings. Years ago my husband and I attempted (important word) to marathon the extended editions all in one weekend…did not happen because each one is about four and a half hours and, pardon my crass, boring as shit. Walk and mope, walk and mope, walk and be creepy, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!, walk and mope and volcano and die. From a linguistics perspective, however, Tolkien’s work is fascinating.

    I love those Adagio teas – they are so spectacularly branded! And the little tins are just adorable, and contain just enough to give you a little bit of a taste without having to commit to an expensive, unknown blend.

    I hope you get your Christmas wish. 🙂


    1. I hear ya on the walking and moping, but I do tend to favor tortured soul types. I just don’t get into much fantasy reading. Also, don’t think I can count having read The Hobbit, since my husband read most of it to me, but I remember it being a good ol adventure quest story which I like. Those movies WERE wickedly long and I swear the final installment had ten separate endings, drawn out over an hour of film. The story is still decelerating somewhere right now as I write this comment.

      Speaking of, you should check out Annie Spence’s thoughts on Hobbits from “Dear Fahrenheit 451: Love and heartbreak in the stacks” She writes a love letter to the Hobbits bc she thinks they are BOSS, until they join up with wizards on the journey, in which she rapidly loses attention. Annie thinks they should have just hung out around Hobbiton, smoked pipe-weed and made merriment for a better story, lol!

      The tea tins are SWEET!


      1. Apparently I agree with Annie Spence – the Hobbits ARE awesome. I love their whole pastoral, agriculture-centric lifestyle. They work hard, and simply and honestly, and at the end of a day of work they can feel good about, they enjoy themselves. That we should all be so lucky! I think we might need to take some lessons from the Hobbits. There’s also an awesome bit in the extended edition version of I think the first film where Merry and Pippin find this little shed full of shire weed and get stupid wrecked. Figures, those two. 😉


  2. Well my husband would just cringe at the words above lol! Walk and mope and walk and mope.. boring.
    Bahaha, he absolutely loves the LOTR movies and the Hobbit.
    I have to be honest though, I find them kind of sad/depressing myself though he wonders how in the world that is when it has a happy ending. And they are sooo long. So I get it yet they have their moments that I enjoy.
    Love the artwork on the packaging. Too cute for words.


    1. Mine too, he was the reason we caught every movie on opening weekend. He had some issues with the Hobbit movie though, we still haven’t seen that last one. You have to be in the mood to get lost in that world, ya know
      Yes, the artwork is darling but this blend is excellent too.


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