Napa Valley Sun/Lake Sunset

20160625_202007Would you prefer watching an inspiring summer sunrise, or a relaxing summer sunset?  You really can’t lose either way, as long as you are able to see one.  Short post today, but I shall make up for that by squeezing in two reviews of classic Yankee Candles and a quick peek at the dreaded new Yankee Candle labels.

Napa Valley Sun

In honor of another June birthday, I’m featuring my big sis’s favorite Yankee: Napa Valley Sun.  You might say that my sister and I are on opposite ends of the Gemini spectrum.  She tends to go for fruity fragrances like, Orange Dreamsicle and Vanilla Lime.  I prefer fresher clean fragrances like Drift Away and Line-dried Cotton; however, this is one we can both agree on.  If Storm Watch represents me as a candle, then my sis is Napa Valley Sun.  Partly because she’s toured Napa Valley and loves it, but also because its a warm, happy scent.

Fragrance: Bright ozone recalls the sun-drenched vineyards, soft rosy florals compliment the musky middle notes, and the warmth of NVS is created by the sweet woodsy base of sandalwood vanilla and earthy patchouli.  The patchouli is really subtle here.

Performance: Lighter than a lot of other fresh Yankee candles, which is probably why this scent is underrated in my opinion.  This throw is not going to knock you back when you enter the room.  I would argue that, although it is a lovely blend, I wouldn’t want these particular notes to be too strong.  When florals or patchouli scents overpower, they can be unpleasant to be around.

If you can appreciate a light-medium strength throw and/or have a smaller space to fragrance, Napa Valley Sun is perfect.

Recommendation: If you’re not into musk, you might not like this one.  It’s a delicate and feminine version of a fresh outdoorsy scent, which makes it special (just like my big sister, awww…okay that’s enough mushy sentiment!)

NVS was introduced as part of the vineyard collection* and can be found in the “returning favorites” section.  These were formerly called “treasures” and are only offered in large jars in store.  But, the wax tarts recently became available again online, woohoo!  The tarts are a great way to experience this scent and provide a more concentrated throw.

*Yankee is relaunching a wine pairings collection in July, but I’m not sure if this scent will be offered in the filled wine goblet candles they have previewed.

Lake Sunset

2016-06-25 20.28.32Even more underrated than NVS  is one of my top-five favorites, Lake Sunset.  Part of the fall 2013 collection that just didn’t scream fall-enough to customers, Lake Sunset did not get enough love and retired in mid-2014.

Fragrance: This combines nearly every fragrance category into one dreamy, ethereal scent. On first sniff, you get fruity mango and pineapple, but not too fruity because of the ozone.  Upon lighting, powdery notes become dominant with sweet Freesia petals in the background. The heart of the fragrance is the musky woods, creamy vanilla and spicy patchouli base.

Performance: Also on the lighter side, especially in the one-wick jars.  I lit my two-wick last night and, given time, the fragrance permeated my medium sized bedroom.  This isn’t a fragrance that throws in five minutes.  It’s a slow developer, but it’s worth it.

Recommendation: Fruity, floral, fresh, woodsy, powdery and spicy.  Surely, I can’t be the only one who loves this scent? Turns out, I’m not; Lake Sunset has developed a small but fervent cult following with Yankee fandles.  If I can spread the word on just how good this scent is to those who’ve never heard of it and get them to try it, then…aye, there’s the rub.

This scent is retired and can’t be readily found.  The two-wick tumbler made a random appearance as part of the semi-sale (online only) sometime last week and was sold out before I could grab it:(  The tarts haven’t been seen since last summer and you might have to pry the few I have left out of my cold dead fists.  Although, I have seen some votives at the outlet recently, so I guess I need not be so dramatic.

My hope is that, like they have with other cult fragrances, Yankee brings Lake Sunset back, preferably in the tarts and two-wicks.  If you see those, grab ’em, or let me know, so I can get them!


So, here’s that uninspiring new label design (*small shudder*)

This was actually the best looking one of the five new fall scents.  I received a free new tumbler with a $40 SAS purchase.  The scents are promising, but those labels are just so unappealing on the shelves next to the big, beautiful ones.  Then there’s the scrap of a label on the wax tarts, on top of blank solid color that looks like a faded version of the tart color.  Seriously Yankee, why bother?




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