November Reflection


That’s me, standing on Autumn’s precipice inclined to slip-slide into Winter’s repose. Creating such moments of restful calm will be my mission next month amidst the festivity to come. 

November was filled with small sadnesses and disappointments, feelings of helplessness and humbling, also moments of unexpected joy and pride. In my life, I’ve witnessed some of my worst fears come true; experienced heartbreaking losses. But I have persevered, as well as all those who’ve been affected. One method of persevering and coping that I have is to ignore it, that pain. In doing so, I also get practiced at ignoring myself. November is “boring self care” challenge month, a focus on shifting mental, emotional and physical awareness to oneself. I realized this month, these self care reminders are exactly the little steps I needed to take in order to maintain consistent care of my personal well-being. 

A list of boring self care I practiced this month:

  • Drank more water
  • Paid extra bills (medical) 
  • Made overnight oats several times for a nourishing breakfast
  • Got away from the desk and ate lunch outside
  • Made a dental appointment
  • Remembered to floss
  • Lit scented candles
  • Gone to bed before 11 pm (a struggle)
  • Soaked in the tub with a bath bomb
  • Drank cups, upon cups, of tea
  • Curated my social media account to be more positive
  • Updated my résumé
  • Walked outside 
  • Read a book
  • Watched a movie (Beauty and the Beast♥) rather than planning, working or blogging

All of these little boring acts do add up to making me feel better, as well as help me become a better person outwardly. Most of this list was inspired by The Peaceful Prof, a bookish account I follow. Here are more self-care practices from Pinterest sources which I intend to continue:


*update: I’m participating in the blurt foundation’s Merry Calmness challenge in December. Check with the blurt foundation for more details.blurt foundationI’m choosing to focus on the ‘Bests’ of memories this month:

Attending a modernized performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the beautiful historic Hanna theater. Afterword, getting soaked in the pouring rain and laughing while running back to my sister’s car. Although, dodging fallen trees and electric poles downed in the storm on the way home from Cleveland was much less charming. 20171105_143907Shakespeare always uplifts the spirits. I’ve read lots of diverse material lately and was struck by the sting of this quote as I happened upon it in a little book of insights:


There will come a time when people decide you’ve had enough of your grief, and they’ll try to take it away from you. – Sarah Manguso, 300 Arguments

I know I’ve experienced this and have surely been guilty of it myself. Realizing it helps, as does coming to an understanding; I possess grief I’ve yet to acknowledge, I need to allow myself time, I must take better care of myself. That is what I hope to do.

I hope too, that you are practicing self care when needed, friends.

4 thoughts on “November Reflection

  1. Yay, Jay! Being positive – or simply aiming to see the good in even the smallest of things – is not easy, but it’s kind of crucial if we’re going to get through this goat rodeo we call life. The alternative is to hide, and while that also has its moments, it too is unsustainable. Life in moderation, dude, life in moderation. Constant basic vigilance – it’s not too sexy, but you’re right, it does a mind a world of good.

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    1. It has done my mind a world of good so far. It may not be festive or fun, but it’s allowed me to pause and reflect in various little ways. Something I tend to ignore until it builds up into a gulf-sized reservoir that eventually needs emptied, occasionally with a long blog post of woe. I’m not feeling festive, so I won’t fake it, but taking in and appreciating the simple things has led to more enjoyment than I’d otherwise have during this season.
      Goat rodeo though-if there is such a thing, send me an alert:)


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