The Purple Fox Wax pre-order haul


I don’t know an awful lot about this vendor other than the owner, Pontip, has been in business for over a year and expanded from an etsy shop to a website, and that Purple Fox Wax is an extremely popular brand on Instagram. So popular I’ve yet to attempt the Hunger Wax Games restocks that usually occur because from what I can tell, items sell out quickly. I do appreciate that PFW often restocks on Sundays, which is obligation free for me and I appreciate her first preorder opportunity even more.

The early January preorder offered 16 oz. diamond shaped embedded wax loaves at $21.50 and 5 oz. diamond embedded pies at $6.75 in limited scent choices. Pies were my best option because all of the scents were untested to me. Shipping was flat-rate $9.75 and had a 6-8 week TAT. Pontip’s regular rotation typically includes clamshells and gorgeous geometric wax bars.

Diamond pies:

Black Amber-sweet ozone warmed with Egyptian amber, vanilla musk and sandalwood.


Amber is my comfort scent, making this top of my preorder list. There are powdery rich spicy ambers, which I love, and clearer less musky types, which I also love. Black Amber is the crystal clear kind, it has a sharp top note that sweetens to a light golden essence. The ozonic note is ultra sweet and contains the sheerest floral tone.

My favorite on cold didn’t deliver as I’d hoped when warmed. I started with approx 1 oz, but added more until the scent began to bloom after an hour. I wish the amber, musk and sandalwood were all punched up two notches, but it’s still a unique amber that offers a nice clean choice for any perfume-phobic melters.

Pillow Mint- fresh peppermint and vanilla with a hint of lavender. This was the 3rd most popular preorder scent.


Pure creamy buttermint, just like the soft pillowy pastel after-dinner kind that melts onto your tongue and causes polar puffs of exhalation. Pillow Mint is better in fact, with extra mintiness. The throw became present after 30 minutes and crescendoed for a few hours in which I even faintly smelled it downstairs on our lower level.

There wasn’t any lavender whatsoever upon melting, but it could be present in one of the purple diamond embeds which I haven’t melted yet. I believe I’ll mix it up with some lavender wax to see what kind of combo it makes.

Either with or without more lavender, I’ll be repurchasing this sweetie again.


Dark Matter- midsummer’s night type, blue sugar with hints of peppermint.

Dark and mysterious sounding, I chose DM because I love masculine aromas and I read some rave reviews on Instagram. He is a beaut of a cologne fragrance rather than a beast, but I’ll be setting this pie aside for a giveaway I’m holding in the next few months.


Small gem samples:


Tobacco Spring-tobacco rosemary mint

Similar to an irish spring soap on cold sniff, but not as pungent. I enjoyed this better melted, the blend has crispness without overplaying the sudsy note. A light and refreshing throw with a hint of minty finish, I only wish a smoky tobacco was more pronounced. When sniffed up close, however, I got a mustiness that didn’t lay well, possibly the tobacco leaf. Don’t think I’ll purchase.


For Fox Sake-a Purple Fox fruity blend with cotton candy.

Stop the presses, I have found a fruity berry scent that I love! It could be the spun sugar softness that takes the edge off the berries; bright raspberry and possibly strawberry, if so, one of the only vendor strawberries I’ve enjoyed.

A more natural and juicy from the vine and less candy-like fragrance makes it a winner to me. I think this scent will rock many Purple Fox lover’s worlds.

No word on PFW’s next restock. Pontip might need a break after this epic presale. I’m excited for larger amounts of For Fox Sake and have a few others in mind, so I’ll be watching for one.

Any pre-sale orders coming down the pike for you? I’m scouting one more order this month and just went in on a Rosegirls pre-order today (my first), I do believe I’m ready for some spring scents.

6 thoughts on “The Purple Fox Wax pre-order haul

  1. I love these photos!! And the pies are really cute. So many of these scents sound perfect for me. I love amber (as you know) but Black Amber usually smells too detergent like for me. Sorry it did not perform well for you. The mint blends are slaying me. I wish I had known about this pre-order. I hate that IG does not show me everyone on my feed. I find I am missing so many posts. I will need to search out Purple Fox. Poops that the tobacco one didn’t flesh out. I love a good tobacco but so many are too sharp and not soft or sweet enough. Have you tried CFTKR Fresh Picked Strawberry? Glad you liked the berry one! It sounds incredible! Enjoy your goodies! I have TBG, LSC and the RG ones right now. Hoping to place a Cosmic Cleanse pre-order and maybe the Candy Panda pre-order that is approaching. ❤


    1. Thanks, the sunlight is either my friend or foe in my darkly lit home. I really battled with light in some of these photos and only won a few, others too shadowy, but I used them anyway. The little wax gems reminded me of my glass sun-catcher, so I couldn’t resist using it. I should really move it to a window that actually gets light.

      You’d like this pillow mint, if you’re partial to a buttery kind, it’s extra creamy. I do pick up a little lavender from the purple gem embed. I think I may retry Tobacco Spring if it’s offered in a clamshell-I really want to like it and it’s hard to tell with such a small sample. This cured for 2 weeks after delivery and about 3.5 from pour date, gonna let it cure longer to see if results improve.

      I don’t think I’ve tried CFTKR’s strawberry, I’ll have to see if I got any in samples. I do like her persimmon, but I’ve noticed I can’t seem to stomach much strawberry these days. RG’s is definitely too much for me, and VCS only in the Sweeny Todd blend so far.

      I didn’t hear about the CP pre-order, goodness my plans may need reevaluated. Also, we have the same vendors coming with those 3 orders;)


      1. I’ll let you know if I hear of another PFW pre-order. At least you don’t miss out on nearly as much as I do with Facebook. Que sera, sera:)


  2. Ah, this is the vendor with those geometric bars – they’re so gorgeous. I think some of their scents are *not quite* my thing, but I do love the aesthetics. Very lovely little haul – enjoy!


    1. Yes! The aesthetic is very pleasing especially the geo bars. These are quite busy compared to her usual minimal look that I prefer to a lot of vendors’ bright, bubblegum hues. Having said that though, I’m obsessed with the Candied BlackBerry Cookie bar you sent. Such a perfect rainbow specimen, I may not be able to melt it.


      1. Oh, that Rainbow Brittle is so, so pretty! I love Ks stuff. There’s a vendor that doesn’t get enough love. Her stuff (Kathy, putting the K in Ks Kreations) is made-to-order and she ships out lightning fast. She also has a gigantic scent list, and some really decent house blends. And shipping to Canada, which is practically the only thing I care about!

        But yeah, that brittle – it usually comes in chunks, but for international customers, so it doesn’t get too banged around en route, she cuts the sheet of wax into four thick cards, stacks them together and ships them out like that. Some of them are SO pretty! Not geometric bar pretty, but rainbow glittery is pretty great, too. 🙂

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