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I never take baths; feel free to exit now Lush lovers. No wait, come back! I did take a bubble bath for this post. I should clarify that I rarely indulge in a relaxing soak. When gifted some bath bombs for Christmas, however, I realized I was long overdue, by about 7 years. What then brought about the planetary array of bath fizzies above?

A friend found these bombs when shopping on a trip to Louisville and included them in a pampering present.


As I looked into the brand, I liked what I saw. From the Goat Milk Soap Store’s Home page: We are a family run and owned farm started in 2014. Thirsty Creek Ranch is home to LaMancha dairy goats, free ranged chickens…Goat Milk Cheeses and numerous farm grown fruits and vegetables. Located in old apple country of the Kansas countryside, we have a small orchard…We offer farm fresh eggs and our own line of Goat Milk Soap, Goat Milk Lotion and Lip Butters.”

They even have a “Meet the Milk” page featuring pics of the goats and their personalities; my favorite’s Peanut. This is the kind of small business it feels good to support. Perusing the online offerings, I discovered a bulk buy deal and as I was in the market for additions to some gifts, it was too good to pass up. I especially enjoyed the amount of variety when ordering.

I used the buy 10 regular bombs and receive $5 off discount. At $2.60 per bomb, I got 10 for $21.00. The Goat Milk Soap Store  offers free shipping on orders over $50. This shipped for $8.95 and arrived 2 days after ordering!


The one drawback was the bombs were rolling around the large box without any packing material (I added the crinkle paper for photo purposes). They weren’t any worse from their travel however, as none came broken or dented.

After enduring a recent fractured sacrum flare-up, my tailbone ached for consolation. The Stress Relief bomb was just what my body needed.


As it turned out, our tub valve wasn’t closing properly, possibly due to many years of neglect. A rubber stopper was procured and plugged the drain nicely, but I lost a bit of hot water before I realized the tub wasn’t filling up. Lesson learned, always be prepared with complete working parts before bath photo shoot commences.

Fragrance: Stress Relief is an earthy eucalyptus/spearmint combination. At the risk of being cliché here, when I sunk into the water, the tension truly began melting away. I could tell by sniffing through the wrapper, this scent was an intoxicating herbal brew. Not a cool, bracing eucalyptus, more of a soothing vegetal fragrance.


Performance: Even without prior bath bomb experience, this was a disappointment. I held the orb afloat for a few seconds as the fizzy effect generated, but once I let go it sank and never recaptured the initial effervescence. This photo shows the diminishing bubbles after retrieving it from the bottom of the tub. Apologies for the quality, I had one that showed the saturated color but must have deleted it. Major props to all Lush swirl photographers, because it was not easy.

Once dissolved, the color payoff was a serene aqua hue, providing the look of floating in a tranquil lagoon. And the ingredients turned the water and my skin silky smooth. On a scale of 1 to Lush, I’d rate the color a 3.

But the bubbles are where this fizzer really fizzled. Completely used up in around 40 seconds meant a bit of a letdown. I’m guessing I could have produced more with a little plastic wand and some dish soap. On a scale of 1 to Lush, it ranks a weak 2.*


That mega size there, the sun to my solar system, I got for my niece’s birthday. The XL bombs are supposed to fizz longer. At $5.95, it’s humungous, fruit loop scented and holds a surprise bath toy inside. No word yet on what floaty friend was revealed. I can say that my niece was pretty excited, and said she couldn’t wait to try them. I gifted the birthday cake bomb too, to seal the cool aunt deal.

I’m satisfied with my GMSS products and especially enjoy the variety and fragrances. As for the rest of my order, lavender/rosemary, watermelon and citrus smell enticing. Ultimately, I’m not converted into a ritual bather, yet. Maybe if I had a larger tub.

*Update: The owners of The Goat Milk Soap Store contacted me after posting (and are just the sweetest by the way) to let me know why their bombs don’t float. Due to the amount of cocoa and shea butter used, the specific gravity is heavier than water and will never float. The trade off is a deliciously moisturizing bath, however. They also informed me they chose not to use SLSA chemicals which create the foaming action in Lush bath bombs. I was so grateful for this added information and am always happy when I get feedback from the vendors I feature. That sound level of customer service will keep me coming back.






4 thoughts on “The Goat Milk Soap store-vendor feature

  1. Bath bombs, bath bombs! So cute! I love all the variety – your header picture is very nice. I can’t believe they weren’t damaged in transit, though, if they weren’t securely tied down – bath bombs are just the most insanely delicate things. Pretty great that they held together. I love the scents you got, too, they sound so yummy. 🙂

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  2. So, overall, did you like your bath enough to try to squeeze more in? I think it is really cool that they contacted you to explain their product to you. Goodness knows I would have loved that too. We can only review and write about what we experience so I know how that goes. I struggle with cocoa buttery baths. I like the moisture but the slippery ring around the tub and no fizzy action are detractors for me sometimes. I have to be in the mood for a melty bath. I do like the Haus of Gloi Butter Bombs though.


    1. There’s only one way to tell, buy myself one of those fizzy bombs and see which is better!😀
      Seriously, the owner was beyond sweet and positive about my review, which makes it worth it. I look forward to using the other 2 gifted from my friend and my niece’s excitement for them means these were already winners.
      Haus of Gloi certainly looks intriguing but slightly confusing. Sometimes I just crave a simple shopping experience where I put items in my cart and they arrive 2 days later. I’m happy options like GMSS are there for those times:)


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