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Welcome to the March edition of Band of Bloggers!  Hopefully this month begins to bring more temperate weather and the first signs of spring! In my neck of the woods, conditions have been alternating between crazy heavy rain/high winds and beautiful sunshine and blooming flowers. I hope the weather will stabilize a bit this month. Since the month of March usually holds the first signs of spring, that begs the question:
What scent are your favorite scents to melt and wear for spring?
Though I wholeheartedly embrace seasonal scents, I’m team fresh all year long. Therefore, I gravitate to those types no matter the season, warmer and earthier versions in fall/ winter, cooler in spring/summer.
There has been no indication of weather stabilizing in Ohio, with thirty-five degree temperature swings within a 24 hour period, no exaggeration. I feel I’m almost ready to jump into spring fragrance, but decided to let it occur more organically; when I’ve used up some of the winter scents and candles I have around, I’ll switch them out.
I’m still loving The Bathing Garden’s Evernight shea butter scrub, which is rather springy lilac and lavender scented. I have finished my cashmere amber shower gel though, so I switched to the Magic in the Air I was gifted for Christmas. A holiday release, but the notes feel more spring-like to me (“winter” water lily notwithstanding): Top Notes: Sparkling Persimmon, Winter Water Lily, White Iris, Pear Blossom
Mid Notes: Almond Flower, Coconut Crème, Jasmine Petals
Dry Notes: Whipped Vanilla Bourbon, Fluffy Sandalwood, Cloud-Like Musk

Are you a fan of traditional spring scents such as florals, fresh/clean, earthy, herbal, etc?

Light fresh floral violets and orange blossoms work better for me than headier jasmine and freesia. I’ve been loving earthy amber and oak moss lately, but I’m starting to get into herbal scents such as rosemary, aloe vera and chamomile.   

Do you consider yourself a seasonal melter (melting scents traditionally associated with a particular season in that season?)

 A former hard and fast seasonal melter, my preferences are becoming more fluid and mood oriented. I don’t believe you’ll ever find me melting beach scents in winter, but this “in-between” time of year when it’s no longer winter yet not quite spring is more open to interpretation. I’m craving vanilla and coffee fragrances for comfort and woody, lavender and green for freshness.
My answer to which candle to feature in my coffee table tray falls into the anytime of year category. Yankee Candle’s Silver Birch is a favorite, especially nestled into my birch log filler and silver/rose gold birch hurricane holder.
We hope you’ll join the fun and leave your own answer in the comments below.
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  1. Ahh we always expect the weather to be crazy here. One day its 80 degrees and short weather, the next (like today) you better bundle up or catch a cold. March= tornado season. Had or first bouts with it Tuesday. Luckily it missed us. I handle floral scents better in the spring and I must be coming out of my dislike phase with lavender. I guess there was just a moment where I had melted it too much and grew tired of it to where it repulsed me. So more earthy, natural type scents EXCEPT PATCHOULI 😀 I am very excited to get my hands on my Bam Bag of Middle Earth from Super Tarts as that should be lovely for spring. I love how your candle tray is made up of simple pieces (is it wood?) yet it looks so elegant! Nice touch.


    1. Had a tornado watch overnight on Tuesday, up here I think too. I was never onto lavender when I worked at Yankee, but the unexpected vendor wax blends really turned me around on it.
      The “garden dirt” note from Middle Earth seems to be getting more popular and popping up in other vendors too. I may try it in a clammie if it comes around in a restock.
      Thank you, the filler in my tray are mini birch logs(faux) I do love the texture they provide with my fave silver birch accessories.

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  2. I am definitely gravitating to more herbal scents lately. I tend to stay seasonal (I will never melt a cinnamon piney blend in summer) but I do think I am going to be looking for some warm summer scents. Maybe a citrus, vanilla blend or sorts (but not super sweet-yuck!). I love a mint in the mix at anytime of year. I also can do bergamot or lavender all year long.


  3. Mmm, I love mint if it’s done well. I have an herbal scent you might like from Ten digit creations, it’s not my thing, but I’ll bring it when I see you this month. Tell M not to worry, I won’t be bringing loads of wax this trip:)


    1. Awesome thx! I didnt tell you but he took one of my melts as a thank-you gift for work and boy was it not the right one to gift without askimg me!!!😕 my Bonjour rosemary mint!!!!


      1. Whoa, S knows it’s hands off the stash. He’s gifted some to colleagues but I’m the decider, lol. He has a small stash for melting downstairs, a lot of bakery, and he loves Super Tarts but if I offer him a few I end up saying you can have any of these except, not this one or that one…

        If you haven’t tried L3’s Rumblebuffin chunk yet, that’s pure Rosemary minty goodness, w/added peppermint:)


  4. I remember sniffing that Magic In The Air scent in store; it was quite nice. Fresh is one of my least favorite scent categories; it has to be really well done and not in the least artificial for me to enjoy it. But I have been expanding my “scent palette” so to speak in the last year or so and I enjoy more scents than I used to when I first started melting.
    Oh, and your tablescape is sooo beautiful!


    1. Hi there, Magic in the air is better than I thought. It’s very creamy, along with the spring notes which makes it perfect this time of year.
      Oh no, anti-team fresh, lol. I know you do love pumpkin and bakery, but I think we all find that unexpected blend that exposes us to a category we wouldn’t normally go for, the same has happened for me. And thank you, I do love that tray:)


  5. Holy crow, us too and the crazy pants weather! For nearly two weeks it was way, way above freezing (14 above zero last week in what should be the dead of winter) and then overnight, BAM, minus 22. What. the. hey. How are we supposed to keep up with our melting when Ma Nature is being such a spaz?


  6. Our weather here in Wisconsin has been like that too. We were 60 degrees one day, 20something and snow the next. We have plants coming up in our flowerbeds already. I hope they don’t die in weather confusion!

    I had a rosemary-lemon blend melting the other day and it was quite a refreshing and cleanse change of pace for my nose.



    1. I know the plants are just as confused as we are! I’m not ready for ultra fresh scents yet, but rosemary-lemon sounds quite nice, I’ll have to check out your review.


      1. Sadly, I don’t even have a Melted post for that one. That’s one of them that got forgotten in the chaos of my past couple weeks. It was nice enough that I’d order it again though, and will make a point to get a Melted post done for it then.



  7. Ooooooo!!! Your candle centerpiece so SO FREAKING GORGEOUS! I am starry eyed over all your birch in there. I love birch. Orange blossoms too, but more in real life or perfume. I don’t think I have found an orange blossom scent that I really love in wax, but not many vendors really dabble in those types of florals. Or florals at all really. 😦 Love your post! Keep warm… or cool. Whatever the weather dictates LOL!


    1. Ha, thank you lovely. I’m sure happy I picked up my copper tray 15 or so years ago, it’s served me well. Those little birch logs are so sweet, I got them at Tar-jay for $10. Not as magnificent as your special birch bookcase, but maybe if I stacked the logs end-to-end I could make one a quarter of the size…
      I think that I like orange blossoms in wax, we’ll see, I ordered some from TBG so I guess I’ll find out in 6 weeks. I thought of other florals I enjoy after this post like Tiare flower and gardenia. I hope more wax makers experiment with them, there’s probably more out there I’d like.


  8. The one thing I consistently keep in its season-appropriate drawer is beachy coconut and very specific beachy scents. Salty, sandy stuff. Anything that’s reminiscent of summer days on the beach. Outside of that, I’m the same as you – whatever hits the mood!
    Our weather has been pretty consistent. Low 30s/high 20s with a random day here or there in the 50s. It’s killing my hope of one final snow before this winter season leaves us.
    I love your centerpiece! We’re finally at a point where we can start buying things to decorate the house with and establish our own style – and we don’t know what we want. LOL.


    1. Sounds a lot colder consisently there, I hope you two got to enjoy it a little bit. Thank you, I don’t think I have much of a decorative style except I like earth tones and have been collecting metallic bits for a while, I guess it’s eclectic. How exciting for you when you come across something you like, you’ll know, and that will become your style😊


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