February-Best & Worst

This week, I may run across a few mentions of how quickly the past month has flown by; however, shortest month or not, I felt February could not have dragged more. This seemingly endless month might have to do with my shopping ban, nothing can make the calendar flip slower, but I’ve also been so busy planning for and looking toward upcoming months that I feel weeks ahead and catch myself saying, oh it’s only the 2oth…

The wacky warm weather has certainly played a part in thinking it’s mid-spring; short sleeved and barefoot is a rarity for February in Ohio!


Rather than purchasing new wax, I’ve enjoyed gathering lovely themed goodies and ended up with simply gorgeous melts this month.

Of course, shopping bans go by less painfully when dear friends ship you amazing scented packages out of the goodness of their hearts. I received two such generous gifts this month and they are beyond appreciated.


I plan on wearing the Sonoma Scent Studios Equestrian perfume for luck at the upcoming state speech tournament, but I don’t think I can bring myself to melt the gorgeous piped heart from Sniff My Tarts gifted by The Redolent Mermaid. Instead, I’ll use the herbal spiced and incense Dragon’s Blood blend to inspire me to create future SMT custom orders.

Best melts:

Candles from the Keeping Room

20161228_132834Balsam & Citrus- it should be called Citrus and Balsam because the citrus is the dominant note and most prevalent when melted. I mistakenly gave off the impression I didn’t care for citrus when I picked up on the grapefruit in this. I usually love citrus, especially tart grapefruit, what made me hesitate was mixing it with balsam. Occasionally, balsam is too resinous for my nose. No worries with this scent because its sweet, sweet, sugary juice enhanced by spongy moss and soft woods. It floats through the room rather than throwing it’s presence in your face.



Mugged by an Angel– I’ve found two kinds of powdered musk melts in my experience, those with a stifling “lady of a certain age” perfume quality and those with a reviving softness. Mugged by an Angel is definitely the latter kind. I read somewhere this was reminiscent of Yankee’s Pink Sands and it has the beachy melons and floral femininity but I think it’s so much better.

Mistletoe and Ivy– this comes off more spring feeling than wintry because the ivy gives a wild, fresh grassy aroma to the green tang of the mistletoe. The throw was strong and the fragrance sparkling.

Other beautiful blends this month :

Baby Kisses- Smell Goods Wax (top right above) My favorite version of pink sugar peppermint with lavender chunks is sadly no longer available because the owners closed their shop. I’ll be mining these notes for various custom combos to recreate for a long time to come.

Blush & bashfulSouthern Sisters’ Wax. The sisters call this a Pantene dupe and I’ll take their word for it. Fresh, sweet, enticingly familiar; if I could pipe this scent into my house I would. Perfect blend to fall asleep to and wake up with. Even though I still have 1/2 my cuttable wax pig left, I’m gonna need more.

Cotton OasisPour Girl’s Wax previously reviewed

Star LordSuper Tarts-shaving cream, cream soda and lingonberry jam. A whopping fruity scent that I actually love. Super Tarts has done it again.

Purple sandalwoodTen Digit Creations Now retired, I think this has light floral violets, amber, musk and of course sandalwood. Very soothing.

Best product discovery:


Stila All Day Matte lipstick in Mon Ami– picked this up with Ulta reward points (there are many ways around a shopping ban) and a 40 % off sale. Judging from the fashionable young women on our speech team, matte lips are in. On me, it means I must pay extra attention to keep them scrubbed and hydrated, but it does have a nice color payoff that lasts when paired with nude liner.

Proudest moment:

We have our speech and debate team’s second National Qualifier! I mentioned in October that we started the year off successfully and I’m ecstatic to report we’ll be ending the season that way too, at the National tourney in Alabama this June. Only our second kid to achieve it and I can’t overstate what a big deal it is for our little program. A sweet and somewhat surprising victory for the deserving young man and the best part is, he’s only a junior; I couldn’t be happier for him.

*As an aside, if you have no idea what I’m talking about; my husband and I started a Speech and Debate team at the high school where he teaches. For the last 9 years it has been our passion and superheroic ability to work with 18-24 teenagers each year, guiding them as they pursue their performance dreams.

We are members of the Ohio HS speech league (our district is one of the most competitive in the country) and the National Forensics League. Forensics, meaning the use of public speaking skills and reasoned discourse. Some of the individual events we coach include, Humorous or Dramatic Interpretation, US or Foreign extemporaneous speaking, Prose poetry oral interp, and Original Oratory. These teens get up in front of their competitors and judges every Saturday from late October to March, and pull off amazing and humbling feats. Sometimes it’s stressful, always a rollercoaster, but I’m grateful and honored to be a part of it.


Reading– Okay, reading itself is not the worst (what kind of sabotaging librarian would I be?) specifically, my reading habits have been the worst of late. My material can’t be blamed because I’m loving my choices for the Redolent Mermaid’s reading challenge. The fault lies partly in being busy with speech, family obligations, and pre-planning of my New York trip. The overwhelming culprit has been mis-managing time spent on social media, even blogging. Next month, I’m picking up my phone less and reaching for a book more often.

Worst new product: I’ve had a few unlucky hauls from online vendors and disclosed a recent one in my Fresh Picked Scents review. I had to briefly add what the whipped body butter sample I received did to my hand.


That’s not the color of veins in my pale skin and I used no filter. That is green dye imparted from rubbing the butter on one leg. I had to scrub it off with a nail brush. How are these dyes skin safe, or am I assuming too much? Only reputable, well tested body care products from now on.

Worst excuse to break a shopping ban– a Bath and Body Work’s soap sale! Only because there will likely be 6 more this year and because I didn’t really need any. Technically, soap is a household necessity and those aren’t banned, technically, I didn’t have any spring scents. Also between the 2.95 sale, a 20% coupon and free small hand cream included, it hardly felt like the ban was broken, just stretched.

And they’re so pretty…

The second of my wax gifts recently arrived out of the blue from Jessica at The Meltdown Blog. Including non wax presents of plaid tape, a wallflower, a colorful notepad and a variety of new to me vendors’ scents I can’t wait to try. I was so touched by her hand painted OSU canvas, Go Buckeyes! ❤


Let me hear if your February was filled with hits, I’ll listen to the misses too. Now I’m headed off to curl up and read.

7 thoughts on “February-Best & Worst

  1. First off, bravo on finding some amazing scents this month! 2nd) Oh my word your hand in that picture with the dyes.. that doesn’t seem safe at all. Hate that you had such a bad experience. Back to the positives, I have tried my best to stay away from B&BW but I could always use some more hand soaps.. haha. We have a new Ulta that I havent dared step foot in yet.. as soon as a it happens I’m sure the addiction will begin.


    1. Lots of melty goodness that I hope to continue next month. Thanks again for my surprise package:) I’m pretty good at Ulta, if it’s not on some sort of sale/coupon combo, I don’t buy it.

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  2. What lovely gifts! I love smelly mail. And speaking of, I finally got your package in the mail today! I’ll e-mail you the tracking number. 🙂 Julie sent me one of those Citrus and Balsam sun face guys over the holidays and I melted it on Christmas Day – fan-freakin-tastic.

    Love the little heart-shaped setup you have with the wax tarts, so cute. And that palm full of dye? It’s either not cosmetic dye or it’s been used in the completely wrong proportions. For use in beauty applications, the dyes need to be FDA approved and registered for use in beauty items and other cosmetics. Could be you’ve literally – hey, there’s that word again! – got, like, food dye on your hands. And that stuff STAINS, as my adventures in Christmas cookie decorating will attest. Sorry you got a bummy product. 😦


    1. Ah, thanks for the beauty product info. Not too big a deal cause it was a sample, if I’d actually paid for it I would have asked for a refund. Since posting my review I’ve heard FPS has refunded customers’ $ in the past for rank smelling wax. I think it may have been hush money!

      Hope my lengthy explanation of speech answered any ?s for ya, it’s an activity that’s tough to describe unless you’ve seen it/done it. And woo hoo to more smelly mail! It’s getting to the point where I’m disappointed when I don’t have a smelly package in the mailbox. Gonna have to get back to reality soon and only expect bills and ads.


      1. Yeesh, that sounds like five kinds of sketchy. A couple of years ago when I first started getting into all this wax stuff, the woman who was my gateway enabler, who did some financial work for a bunch of the smaller vendors, explained that so many of these vendors are really just part-time, at-home dabblers that attempt a retail presence of some kind, find a bit of success and then just get buried under the pressure of maintaining that success. So what worked on a small scale, no rush kind of format is now a total mess (like oil-saturated samples…also, don’t you want samples of your best stuff?) I hate that customers get bum stuff (like rank wax, of which I’ve been a victim as well) but I also understand why it happens all the ding dang time – wax world be crazy, yo.


  3. That dye on your hands!!! ewwwww!!! So sorry that you had to endure that.

    Let me know how you end up liking Equestrian after wearing it. Congrats on your kiddos doing great, I am sure you and your hubby are wonderful coaches. I will have to check out that Stila lipstick. I am in the market for an oxblood shade. I want to get my goth girl on. Hoping your March goes well! Do you guys have spring break in March or April? Ours is March and it can’t get here fast enough! LOL!

    And hand soaps can’t really count as breaking any bans… you NEED hand soap. It is an essential like milk or bread. I didn’t buy any from that sale but my mom did and surprised me by bringing two over. She picked out the berry one for my girls and the mint mimosa one for me. ❤ Gotta love mamas. Will you review the scents you got? The coconut one, the lavender one and the blue one with the flowers on it all make me curious.


    1. Thank you Julie, S is an inspired and dedicated coach, I entered speech through him. Every year, I feel I’m getting a little wiser at it, but it’s a huge commitment that sometimes gets the better of me. This group has such fun and winning personalities that I’ll sorely miss upon graduation, but that’s all part of it too, being there for them for this short time and watching them continue on to great things as adults.

      No spring break around these parts, S gets the Friday off before Easter, but the library has usual hours, that’s it. Our break is no longer having speech practice or tournaments, I’m looking forward to having those Saturdays off.

      I will update you on the perfume, thank you so much. And I’ll see about reviewing the soaps sometime (life will get less crazy soon). The blue flowered one is my fave so far. Enjoy your upcoming break w/the fam, talk soon:)


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