The Melting Library: Welcome to Hogwarts candle

20171127_081104Perhaps I’m making up for lost time, but I continue filling up the nooks and corners of my home with Harry Potter goods. A trend which has only increased since finishing the series last year. Bookstagram is partly to blame. I can’t seem to resist the tempting treasures that frequently scroll across my screen celebrating the legendary story, yet, I also wish to extend the experience just a little bit longer. One can’t go wrong with a candle depicting the emblematic wizarding school that set the stage for it all. 

Numerous book-inspired candles catch my eye, but The Melting Library, featured in my 2017 gift guide, does them impeccably. TML is one of the first bookish merchandise vendors I discovered, however, last Fall was my first purchase. As it’s one of the most popular collections, I grabbed this HP one when I could, and an Outlander jar for a friend.

Welcome to Hogwarts is freshly baked strudel, spiced cider and candlelight. With glass jars and metal lids, the soy-based 8 oz. candles are priced $15, a 4 oz. version is $7.50.20180115_112418I confess I chose this scent based solely on the label and Hogwarts reference, but I am happy I did. I may not embrace a lot of bakery fragrance; however, this is exactly what a Hogwarts welcome should be, the grand arrival of first-years to the Great Hall.

Fragrance: Enticing smells wafting from freshly laden long oak tables. Piles of sticky cauldron cakes, hearty baked breads, and stacks of buttery glazed strudel. The sweet pastry bursting with runny juice that trickles down your hands. Steam rises from bubbling copper cauldrons as hot cider is magically ladled into gleaming goblets. All is warm and aglow with candle flames dancing upon the bewitched ceiling, flickering as pearl-white vapors float by, the Hogwarts’ ghosts alighting to welcome the students home.

Some bread based scents tend to be yeasty, this, a toasty just from the oven confection; simple, warm and wonderful. The richly spiced apple cider is foremost on cold throw, while the bakery notes appear lightly on warm. 

Performance: Soft and subtle. The creamy wax pools in under an hour, but the scent gets lost in a larger room. After moving the jar into my bedroom, I was met with occasional warmth from the sweet strudel.20180115_110240 (1)Enjoyment from these candles comes mostly from displaying one’s beloved fandoms, or adding to a bookshelf collection. The library card stamp label, worn and faded font, and paper cover featuring book quotes combine for a special artistic touch. 

The shipping turn around time can seem lengthy at 3-4 weeks, mine was 4 weeks and a few days, for $7.62. I did use a candle rep discount found online for 10% off. Availability varies, but TML is currently well stocked in both candle sizes for many collections, get them while you can!20180115_110136I continue to relive the stories through the illustrated editions published yearly. This Christmas, I didn’t even need to mention it to my husband, he just knew. Especially wowed by Jim Kay’s rendition of the Knight Bus, one of my favorite chapters in Harry’s journey. This might be my purple-hued tome for the Bookish Jay and Reading Mermaid challenge, as I’m resolute in actually reading these versions rather than just using for display. 

What about you, would you collect bookish candles or other items for display or use them up? I think I’ll add tea lights to my jar when empty.

10 thoughts on “The Melting Library: Welcome to Hogwarts candle

  1. Hard to say but I feel like candles need to be used instead of collected as they tend to do. Candles do tend to keep longer but overall in the end they are made to be burned/melted whichever strikes your fancy now days.
    Very great review, seems like a scent I would even enjoy. Of course anything Harry Potter themed. Have you had the chance to glance over all the items that Red Bubble has that are all things Potter? Even Golden Girls too?


    1. I was tempted to keep this candle as shelf candy, but wanted to review it. Plus it smelled so good on cold, it would be a shame not to try. You would love this scent, I appreciated that it wasn’t overly fruity, just warm sweet bakery goodness.
      What’s this Red Bubble, sounds familiar but I have not. I will rectify that soon, I don’t see an end to HP collecting in sight:)
      P.S. A friend gifted me a Golden Girls version of Clue, it’s adorable!


  2. Yaaasss!! I was just telling Julie that I got the Golden Girls version of Clue for Christmas from my in-laws and how fun it would be for you and me to play a round of it together with us being such fans lol


    1. Oh, happy reading, friend:) There’s so much detail and many interesting plot sidestreets in it, looking forward to your thoughts.
      Right back at ya when I come across Disney


    2. I should add there are uninteresting side plot’s too. J.K. gets a lil bogged down in detail, but that must come from trying to wrap up an entire world…


      1. Tangents, yes, so many tangents. Although I must say, we rewatched the last two Deathly Hallows movies just this past weekend, and I was surprised by how much of the book (mostly the dialogue) made it into the movie whole cloth. So perhaps the book won’t veer all over the darn place (or just sit there with a mopey Harry doing nothing for 450 pages.)


        1. Watching the movies first does give a different perspective. After reading, I appreciated the movies more for having a better focused storyline (even in 2 parts) whereas, there’s some wandering in the book. I wouldn’t say Harry mopes, just that he spends a lot of time not knowing what to do, which is a realistic reaction when you think about it. If he had all the answers, the reader would too and it wouldn’t be nearly as great. But I don’t know how many scrapes Rowling puts them in, where I thought, seriously? Again, with outrunning the Death Eaters?


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