Element Botanicals Winter release: Earth perfume

Spurred on by the magic-tinged scented oils showcased by artisan perfume treasure-hunting blogger friends, I’ve dipped my first toes into the indie perfume world. The Winter release by Element Botanicals’ wildcrafted offering, Earth. I’m in tune with the idea of a seasonal perfume change for one that embodies the characteristics of each season. This is exactly what Amber, of Element Botanicals, achieves with her products.20180115_115452Familiar with handcrafted perfumes, but this is the first I’ve noticed the term ‘wild-crafted.’ What might that entail? I believe the scented elements are all gathered from natural surroundings. According to EB’s website description: 100% natural perfume made according to traditional methods of extraction, blending and curing. Pure essential oils and wild crafted absolutes featuring lodgepole pine and burnt cedar wood are heightened by the energetic presence of the gemstone jade, which was lovingly infused into the blend during the curing process. 

Coming across this beguiling description and packaging a few months ago, I impulsively sent a photo on to my sister for Christmas wishlist ideas. Not realizing the vendor was based out of British Columbia, Canada, I later felt a bit guilty asking for a customs-charged item, and told her not to pursue it. Lo and behold, she generously came through and I opened this stylish package on Christmas with a little leap of surprise and joy. 

Earth-“a breath of fresh evergreen encircled in smoky woodfire with a heart of crushed vanilla bean and a hint of espresso.”20180115_114151 (1)Scent profile: Peppery, prickly pine from the bottle. A forest ignited by embers of flame, electric charged wind currents blowing through branches, turned earth ablaze with heat. A wild tapestry of earth-tones, shot through with rich pine resin, softened by vanilla essence within the very last exhale. 

On the skin, it creates a dramatic bouquet. Intensely fragrant, but not of smoke. Ashes of charred wood, the lushness of saturated earth releasing it’s petrichor, amplified by a ​hint of fire. The vanilla is lost but there’s a boozy element penetrating its earthiness.

Earth doesn’t smell as refined as I’d hoped, I tend to wear lighter, airier scents. Wearing such a darkly complex potion is a new experience for me. However, I think it’s a fitting interpretation of the sometimes deep, dark, fire-warmth of Winter. 20180115_121521Performance: This is no delicate flower, the sillage, or scent projection, is potent. With full-tilt longevity, this is the longest-lasting of any perfume I can remember wearing, clinging unmistakably to one’s skin even 4 hours after application. Although, this might be common with all concentrated perfume oils, I’m unsure of their typical longevity.

How it makes me feel: grounded, but also bold, brazen and fierce. The fragrance consumes my senses with a claustrophobic richness, yet also clarifies, allays and cools with it’s sharp woody air. 20180124_130529The limited release perfume comes in a 10 ml glass roller bottle and was specially packaged in a numbered/signed gift box. My $25 bottle is sold out, but the beautifully designed 50 ml size with antique-style atomizer is still available. As are several natural products including deodorants, cleansers and the cutest little tinned bath truffles. Amber recently released the rest of the seasonal perfume line for those wishing to try all of her elemental fragrances.

Included with my package was a complimentary packet of mineral bath salts. The lavender flowered soak became a midweek comfort, easing tense muscles in the most grueling week of speech coaching thus far this season. I adore these collectible floral cards included too. The vintage botanical design lists the folk and therapeutic uses of Calendula flowers.20180115_145903 (1)There’s an art to making perfume, Amber is a talented artist and designer of wild woman magic. Perfume also requires a strong nose for describing it and I’m looking forward to acquiring more handcrafted oils for review in the future. I don’t foresee wearing Earth as the days warm up, it’s scent is too robust, but I have been enjoying it off and on this past month. I will be wearing it today, in fact, as I’ll need a little extra fierceness to rally myself and our team during the state qualifications. It will be a 12 hour tournament day and likely filled with a few tears and disappointment, hopefully some celebratory moments too. A powerful kick of perfume couldn’t hurt, either.

2 thoughts on “Element Botanicals Winter release: Earth perfume

  1. Wildcrafted artisan products are certainly gaining more notice. King’s Road Apothecary and Arcana both feature Wildcrafted components. My sister and I are heavily into reading about widlcrafting and dream of being dottering old crones harvesting herbs and botanicals from the land. This fragrance sounds lovely. You did a fabulous job reviewing a perfume.


    1. That’s a lovely idea. With your knowledge and senses, I bet you’d put together some wonderful wild creations<3

      I debated reviewing because I didn't want to get in over my head. Perfumes present a challenge because they're more abstract than wax fragrances. I started with how it made me feel, then worked backward from there to the impression it gave. Thanks so much for the encouragement, high praise coming from you. And thanks for explaining sillage to me (I think I get it!)


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