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I couldn’t resist a short Beauty and the Beast related post as I haven’t been this excited for a fandom movie in I don’t even know how long. As much as I’d have liked to attend on opening weekend, there’s some schedule coordination involved amongst my family, but we plan to see it soon. Belle’s story was an overlooked Disney fairy-tale when I was growing up, my favorite was always Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, however, I appreciate Belle’s princess origins much more as an adult. I saw the touring stage production last year and am enthralled by the music and characters’ tragic stories. Not to mention the stellar cast featured in the film; Emma, Dan and Ewan, be still my British-loving heart.

Not a true Disney World devotee, preferring Universal Studios instead, I usually skip past wax vendors who feature all the Disney scent tie-ins. I don’t know what the inside of the Grand Floridian hotel smells like, nor have I had a Dole pineapple whip, I would certainly try one, though.

Windy City Candle Wicks is one such vendor that specializes in Disney themed goods. In anticipation of the BatB movie release, I was gifted some cute merch including melts from this shop which I saved for this weekend.

Main Street Confectionery- Take a walk down Main Street USA at Walt Disney World and stop in the Confectionery, you are sure to be greeted with the delightful aroma of sugar, vanilla and cotton candy.

This was actually my niece’s clamshell, but she didn’t care for the scent so she passed it along to me. (She has a discerning taste which seems to only allow vanilla, strawberry and pumpkin.)


As I’ve turned into a pink sugar disciple in all it’s forms lately, I happily warmed this up. Strangely, the overriding aroma is a too tart chalky scent. Very much like crushed up baby aspirin and bubble gum. Once warmed awhile the sticky top notes dissipate into a tolerable fruitiness, but without the light sweet spun sugar presence; these strawberries have gone sour.

One cube gave a medium-strong throw, but I soon changed it out. I do appreciate the note the vendor provides stating her wax performs well in Scentsy warmers. I find so few soy brands that do. These are 3 oz. soy wax for $ 4.oo ea.

Be Our Guest-Straight off the dessert menu at Disney’s “Be our Guest” restaurant comes the strawberry cream cheese cupcake. With scents of vanilla sponge cake, strawberry mousse filling and cream cheese icing.

Fruity and bakery are not my favored melts, yet this smells delicious on cold. Swirls of strawberry cream layered on a base of delectable moist, fluffy yellow cake. The cream cheese icing is not sour, providing a richly glazed finish.

Light to medium strength, I added a second cube, enjoying this scent more than the notes gave me reason to predict. It’s not an authentic berry nor a fresh from the oven homemade cake note, however, it’s a decent stand-in. And what I presume a Disney World cupcake might taste like. This melt is currently sold out online, but available in candles.

Fitting for a Beauty and the Beast inspired fragrance, by melting these, I’m reminded that you can’t always judge a scent by its outward description and appearance.

Any favorite Disney fragrances of yours, real or inspired? Which hero/heroine do you admire most?




8 thoughts on “Windy City Wicks- Disney Duo

  1. How cute!!! I cannot wait for you to see the movie! Please tell me your thoughts. I cried like a wee babe all through the film and laughed a lot too. Easily the best movie I have seen since Fantastic Beasts. LOL! These clamshells look cute. The soy frosting always makes me apprehensive though. I feel like it points to old or bad performing wax (it doesn’t at all but I just can’t shake that feeling). I love visiting EPCOT the most but like you, I am a Universal gal now. I really have not gotten into Disney wax. But if I did, it would be Beauty and the Beast all the way. Bookworm princess? Yes, please. Even if she does have Stockholm syndrome.


    1. You did? The whole film? Lol, I’m not much of a crier, but occasionally when something affects me I’m a goner. Hearing you rave makes me even more excited, hope to see it this week or next when we have a visit from my niece:)
      You covered all of my bases Julie, bc there were 2 things I didn’t mention above: the frosted soy goes with poor wax in my experience and the other lesson we learn from Beauty and the Beast is, of course, Stockholm syndrome totally works in fairy tales.
      Enjoy your lovely spring break!


  2. I was JUST looking at this vendor the other night (and discounted it; not Windy City’s fault, but the very first wax purchase I made was a bunch of Disney-inspired scents from an Etsy vendor, and they were quite bad – rancid, actually, I think. So now I’m a bit gun shy on both Disney and Etsy scents, although that’s really not fair.)

    I adore Beauty and the Beast, watch it at least once a year, although I wouldn’t call it a favourite. But I’ve seen the stage production twice (and the little half-hour one at Disney Hollywood Studios a lot more than that) so maybe not?! Gaston is the best – all that crispy chest hair and his luscious locks back in an idiot man bun with a bow? Brilliant. But the Beast should stay the Beast at the end instead of the animated, red-headed Fabio he becomes. That part always cheeses me off! You’d never hear the end of my screams – it would seriously just be, “WHO ARE YOU? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE BEAST? WHERE IS THE HAIRY CAT-MAN CREATURE I FELL IN LOVE WITH?!?”

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    1. Just looking at it? What a coincidence! (we said EVERY time we commented to each other)
      I don’t embrace the Disney, but I do love a good theme, so if there’s a Disney sampler with scents that I’d like, I might get into that. Oh poor Etsy, the shop model is not the greatest, but I’ve found a few good wax vendors there including Sugar Blossom Candles and Country Lane Keepsakes, though I don’t know the particulars of their international shipping.
      I’m really into that cocky Gaston, the actor rather stole the show in the production that I saw last year and I’m looking forward to the Gaston’s pub dance scene in the film. Uh..uhm…no reason, I just love a good song and dance routine;)
      I feel the slightest bittersweet sadness when Beast transforms, but it is Disney, there wouldn’t be any other way.


  3. I guess me and Julie will have to just cry together than.. Bahahaha, Yeah I relate. I can definitely get the tears going with a sad movie or just get overly excited. End of Toy Story 3.. forget about it. I’ve heard mixed reviews over this movie so I’m not really sure what to think. Some people are so excited over it and have went and watched it 5 times or more while others are complaining it was boring, it didn’t stick to the original and “how dare they put in new songs” than you have the whole conflict/drama with Lefou that a lot of people are in an uproar about. Either way Id like to see it and determine what I think on my own.


    1. People’s opportunistic use of BatB to voice their opinions for or against something won’t influence my enjoyment of the film in any way. Now, uninspired music or choreography, I will not forgive, but I’m expecting the best:)
      During Toy Story 3, I was also a puddle, I think my throat still aches.


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