Take time for Harry Potter? Always.

Amidst the anxious excitement over plans for upcoming trips, continual vendor haul posts and countless exhilarating store openings, a gentle reminder was needed. A reminder to myself that what feeds the soul, truly feeds my soul, is immaterial. It cannot be bought, nor won, can neither be checked off a list, nor added to a planner agenda. In fact, it’s difficult to capture at all in writing and photos. What fills my soul is connection; to friends, to family, community, and (introvert that I am) even to beloved characters from books and movies held so dear. Perhaps the universe provided the opportunity to reconnect without me even realizing it was needed. However manifested…I am grateful.

Reconnecting with community occurred last weekend at our high school’s musical (which happened to be High School Musical). My husband is a teacher, but outside of Speech and Debate related functions, I’m not in touch with many local families. It was nice to reminisce about how these teenagers have grown and to catch up with a few former coworkers. I tend to forget too easily about the community ties that exist and have sustained through the years, especially in the smallish town where we live. I left feeling somewhat abashed for too often residing in my own world, but also touched, and with a renewed esteem for many fellow community members.


Connecting with a friend and revisiting a beloved fandom came by an invitation, of sorts, to Hogwarts. My good friend got us tickets to the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Film Concert series performance by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.


I hadn’t heard of these CineConcerts before which blend live music and visual media. But if my love for the world of Harry Potter and classical music wasn’t enough reason to attend, then the rare occasion of getting dolled up to enjoy a lovely dinner and night out with a friend certainly was.

The concert format featured the orchestra playing live, all of the music that was recorded in the film, while the movie was projected with dialogue and subtitles onto a gigantic screen. The conductor had a flat screen on his podium which flashed varying lights in conjunction to the climactic movie moments. The music was heart-stirring. I especially enjoyed watching the frenzied Quidditch match performance, and of course had chills during John Williams’ Hedwig’s Theme.


If you’ve ever attended a viewing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show“, in which crowd participation is expected, and raucous, this was, in comparison, a tamer experience. One can’t sing along to instrumentals but there was quite a bit of cheering and a few choice comments from the sold out audience. Most vocal reactions were to the first screen appearances of fan favorites, Hagrid and Snape, with hearty cheering, and some booing as the Hogwarts houses were announced. The crowd in my section was conspicuously hipster, with clouds of patchouli scents wafting all around. It made me smile however, to see many gray-haired fans alongside young ones wrapped in their Hufflepuff scarves.

Speaking of Hogwarts houses, have I ever mentioned that I’m a Slytherin? Of course, my librarian side is Ravenclaw and back when I took the Pottermore beta test, that’s the House I was sorted into. I don’t consider it to be the definitive test since everyone knows that when you answer intelligence to what you value most, you’ll be Ravenclaw.

Many years ago, I took the comprehensive 100 question quiz in which I must have attempted to skew my answers to Ravenclaw, causing my true nature to come out, hence Slytherin. Ah well, if it is so, there are a handful of soulful Slytherins too plus my husband and many friends are Hufflepuff, so they keep me in check.

As much as I would love to indulge in the merry merchandise of all things HP, its just not feasible. I daydream over the International translations of the books, but what I currently own are an incomplete set of library cast-offs. The illustrated editions are exceedingly gorgeous, so I plan to keep requesting those as presents.

Here sits my humble Harry Potter shelf.20170326_191237.jpgAll of the items were gifted except the darling character bookmarks from Happy Hello Co. I’m too much of a bookmark geek to pass those up. The framed quote was made by a student and the stick-like wand is a real stick, fashioned and painted into a wand presented to me by my nephew when he was nine.

The Funko Pops were stocking stuffers and though I want a few more, I must be selective due to space. My husband knew Harry with Hedwig and Fred Weasley were musts!

The Half-Blood Prince is pulled out because that’s the book I’m currently into from the series. I started it a while ago, but that’s a story for another day.

Any HP collectors out there with beloved items to share? Strong opinions on which Funkos I should get next? Would you attend a CineConcert? Apparently they tackle a wide range, from Star Trek to It’s a Wonderful Life. I’m looking forward to attending another in this series sometime. Until then it’s good to know the fandom continues to change and grow.


15 thoughts on “Take time for Harry Potter? Always.

  1. You need Hagrid of course!! He was a must in my collection! I will then need Luna with her crazy glasses.
    I think I would love going to a CineConcert. All of the normal Broadway productions and concerts I’ve been to in the past I’ve always enjoyed. This looks like it was loads of fun!! Ugh, Me and my husband just need to slow down with life and make time to do more fun things like this! So glad you had a great time.

    At heart I am a Gryffindor but when sorted with Pottermore I was sorted as a Hufflepuff.


    1. Jolly ol Hagrid, I’ll keep a lookout for the big fella.The pops that catch my eye have something unique about them, not so much a different head on the same body design, but I’m feeling guilty having Fred w/o George, so I’m gonna have to acquire him soon:)
      It was FUN especially because I hadn’t watched the movie in a while and oh my they were all just babies then, it was cool to experience everyone getting into it.
      You should absolutely get out and do fun stuff with your husband!! These tickets were nowhere near a Broadway show cost yet we could see/hear great.
      I’ve been neglecting spending time with my hubs because we’ve been busy, but that’s the most important connection, of course. Need to think of something soon.
      So, you’re a Griffinpuff-interesting. My hubs and I say we have the minds of a Ravenclaw, but the heart of a Hufflepuff or in my case, Slytherin. We make a pretty good team:)

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      1. Oh believe me, I would love to get out and go more but I feel like all we both do now is work. Work our life away we do. He especially is always working. I guess that’s kinda what you do when your younger though… it is just no fun at all. I’ve really had a hankering here recently to go back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando and take the Hubs for his first time so hopefully soon we can make time for that trip.
        You absolutely need George now, no question! Hagrid too, he is just so huge and cute with his umbrella.
        I shuddered a bit when you stated you were a Slytherin though. Slytherins are usually up to no good. 😛 Up to no good are we?


        1. You and Sandra are stirring up my House pride. Slytherin doesn’t mean I’m up to no good; to bring up the classic argument-Professor Snape was committed to the ultimate good, at his own peril! (I relate to his cold nature and keeping emotions hidden)
          Gryffindors may be daring, which I am not, but daring doesn’t =good. Think of how many times the 3 main characters put themselves and the lives of others in danger? They had to be the biggest rule breakers possible, sometimes justified in doing so, but often resulting in calamitous consequences.
          I personally know only two people well who I’d sort into Gryffindor and a few more who claim to be, but I’m not so sure.
          Hufflepuffs are the best in my book, loyal, down to earth, never snooty, I’m glad to be friends with so many.

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          1. Alright alright, calm your horses I didn’t mean to get you in a fuss 😛 ha-ha just kidding. No in all honesty I am way more a Hufflepuff because lets face it..I am not daring, not a rule breaker and not that super brave,. My husband calls me goody two shoes all the time. So I think Pottermore got me sorted correct for the most part. I just like Gryffindors.

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          2. LOL! Too defensive? I’m sure you would be very brave if you needed to be. That’s the deal with bravery, I’ve learned, you never know until you’re tested. Daring is another story. I should probably be more daring, but I’m too much the measured voice of reason, I can’t help it. I’m reminded of a time as a teenager when my friend called me up to tell me she and some other friends of hers were hitchhiking to NYC and begging for money at rest stops. Daring and foolish, but they had a good time while I just stayed back and shook my head after failing to talk her out of it. I’m definitely of the Hermoine ilk, pointing out all that can go wrong in a situation, but I’m there for ya when it’s crunch time.
            Whether Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, you’re a good egg for sure!<3

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          3. Awwwww well thanks! So are you! And yeah.. I’d be with you on that one for sure of sitting that trip out. I am always the one to think.. what could go wrong here? I think my husband puts it that I’m the sensible one. We go great dreaming things up together but I’m always the one to think things out, budget it out and look it completely over analyzing the mess out of it. So yes I’m sure I’ve missed out on some fun times but they just seemed way too wild for my taste. So I get you completely


  2. How lovely – that sounds like so much fun. The music is so grand, I’d be bawling (I always weep through live classical musical performancesl weird?) I just watched the final movie the other day – more crying. Love the “Always.” 🙂

    But no kidding you’re up to no good – a Slytherin?! I shouldn’t talk – I was really quite upset the other day to be sorted into Gryffindor. I know they’re supposed to be the coolest and all that, but in my heart of hearts, I’ve always felt like a Hufflepuff. Harry Potter bummer.


    1. Surprisingly, I didn’t get emotional during this performance. There was a lot going on with the musicians and the movie, so I didn’t get swept up in emotion as I have in previous performances as well.

      A Griff, eh? You must so cool and popular, you don’t even know it; ) Hufflepuffs are my favorite though. I responded to my Slytherin nature (I am who I am, a good slytherin) in my reply to Jessica–see above:))


      1. Poor Slytherins, you get such a bad rep. I always feel bad for the Slytherins that get banished to the dungeon in the final movie/book – like, they can’t all be unrepentedly evil shitheads! I bet most of them just want to get out of there already!


  3. How fun! I had no idea they played the movie along with the music. There was one in Orlando not too long ago that I wanted to attend but we had another engagement at that time. I will make sure the girls and I catch the next one when it comes around. We have a historic theater in town I have been dying to take the girls to when they show something fun eventually.

    Slytherins can be cool. And you are definitely one of them. I love your Potter shelf. I made a few Potter art pieces for Savanna’s room and a Potter shelf for her with wands she has collected and Pop Dolls (Ron, two Harry, Hermione and Sirius who is her favorite), and chocolate frog boxes, Gilly Water bottle from Universal and such. I don’t have a Potter shelf for myself other than books but I have jewelry, shirts and Tom’s that I painted. I would love to get the UK versions of the books, but I have only managed to locate one in a thrift store so far. Loved reading this Potter post!! ❤

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    1. Your HP pieced quilt alone, I’d die! And Tom’s, how cool! Ah Savanna, great choice, I’d love Sirius but I’m also infatuated with the Death Eater one, it’s so cute. I have shirts as well, but no jewelry yet, I’m going to have to search your site for pics or request a jewelry display.
      I recommend going when the next CineConcert comes around, the music itself is such a magical aspect of the show. It was such a celebration of the fandom, I’d go again, I’m thinking when Azkaban comes around.
      Ha, thanks–it’s not easy being green:p


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