Winter Burn Book- Fragrance Journal 2020

It’s March, and with it comes hopes for the end of a long, windy winter. Not gonna sugarcoat it, I’ve been in full hibernation mode. Nary venturing out other than for work or speech tournaments for what feels like months. Holiday visits with family and friends were a bittersweet blip, bygone ages ago.

Recently, our focus has narrowed to providing extra tlc and attention for our aging and sickly pup, Johnny Funtime. Although we have and will do anything for our furry friend, it’s been a humbling and depressing time. Won’t dwell on it further here exept to say, I’ve craved comforting, mellow fragrance in my home.

Winter– Bath and Body Works. White Woods, Pine Needles, Sparkling Clementine, Spiced Clove. For some reason, I’ve never gotten into this scent when trying the vendor wax version in the past. A gift from my sis, the candle proved a robust cup of cheer. Bright, happy and instantly homey with a wallop of scent throw that permeates but never overpowers. A seasonal winner I’ll return to next year.

Gifted by my other generous sister are some of The Bathing Garden’s beautiful winter wares providing lovely new-to-me festive melts. All will be future purchases.

Fireside Christmas– “Nestled in a forest of spruce trees next to a roaring fire with candy canes in the air. Spruce, candy cane and sweet bonfire.” The candy canes are a sweet surprise, adding a sugared crystal quality to the greenery. The smoke is wispy and refined. I couldn’t want more from a true Christmas gathering around the hearth type.

Mrs. Cratchit’s Christmas Pudding– “Smells of rich cake, plums, raisins, shredded carrots, brown sugar, and cinnamon with vanilla brandy drizzled over the top.” Buttery bread pudding, not overly boozy. Perfectly cozy.

*Brown Sugar Dusted Pine Cones– “Sugar cookies blend with pine cones, brown sugar, and vanilla icing drizzle.” Crispy, crackling wood adds a rustic note to the typical Christmas Wish cookie type. Layers of vanilla toffee sweetness raise it to a next level blend. *Might be my favorite new scent of the season.

Sugared Spruce & Mistletoe– Bohemienne Life. “A blend of peppermint, blue spruce, mistletoe and pink sugar frosted cranberries create the perfect holiday scent.” Spiky spruce needles inject camphorous evergreens into this cool refreshing blend, while the sugared cranberries keep it from becoming sinus-clearing. Pleasant on its own, an even bigger hit when adding a bit of Vanilla Bean Noel into the mix.

Featured above left and right are melts by 2 now retired vendors I’ve enjoyed (both gifted). I’ll especially miss The Melting Duck’s rad blend of earl grey tea, marshmallow fireside, vanilla ice cream in Ghost Stories by the Fire. And few vendors achieved relaxing spa scents as Mandi did, from Bonjour Wax Co. Been melting the last of my Bonjour stash including cozy Winter Cabin of Silver Birch, Pine Cones and Flannel Sheets.

I rarely do fruit forward blends, but I make exceptions for Zahida’s, from Handmade in Florida. That cute melting Christmas cottage was scented in Sweet Cranberry, bold berries and tingling citrusy punch.

Rose Girls Wax mini-melters:

Finally sharing a few mini-melter combinations which are looong overdue. I bought a ton of these blender bags a couple years ago but was hesitant to use them often, waiting for some major scent inspiration. I realized they’re in danger of losing their oomph and started throwing them together in different ways. Those above were the most successful, especially the Gilligan’s Brew blend, which you can find on Rosegirls’ site in it’s own mini-melter combo, under the name Shipwrecked.

Scent shout-out (minus pretty photos):

Gorgeous Grey Votivo– Candles from the Keeping Room. “Gorgeous Grey is an enticing mixture of birch, vetiver, amber, with a touch of grapefruit and hints of geranium and rose petals.” A sample I was unsure of because the description read too cologne-y. I was wrong, it’s great. Smells as if a jaunty aftershave married a sporty feminine perfume. No bitter tang, but a genteel waft of powdery resin and nearly weightless clean finish. A future bag of melts purchase.

Candle empties:

Hey look, candle empties. I rarely post them anywhere, nor do I have much to post often. Most of these are smaller jars, I’ve consistently burned in my bathroom. A few are long retired Yankee’s that I’ve finally let go. This year I’m making an extra effort to use up what I have, gift/give away what I no longer want, and to not buy any new candles. That’s right, I’m on a candle moratorium in 2020 with the exception of indie vendor, The Melting Library’s Magic is Might releases-from Harry Potter chapters. (I will accept any and all gift candles, however).

Marching into Spring with lighter, brighter scents to come. Starting with this weekend’s expectation of more daylight and fairer weather, I’m looking forward to the shift. Spring is becoming a favorite season and I hope the breezes blow gently and warmly for us all.

2 thoughts on “Winter Burn Book- Fragrance Journal 2020

  1. This is such an amazing post idea! Have you ever heard of Moon Luxe Candles? A relative of mine makes them and they are honestly amazing (and I’m not just saying that!). They all smell gorgeous, as well as looking beautiful, and last for ages! I would definitely recommend checking her etsy out!


  2. I agree with that Fireside Christmas from The Bathing Garden. It is a lovely and comforting blend. I hope you are continuing to find comfort where you can. I am thinking of you and yours. ❤


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