Teaser Tuesday: The Gown: a novel of the Royal Wedding

This year, I’m continuing with Teaser Tuesdays whenever I read a relatively new book that I want to share. Published January 8th, 2019, I discovered this novel while scrolling through #bookstagram. The cover photo depicting Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s wedding day pulled me in, as historical (and modern) photos of royals do.

TEASER TUESDAY is a weekly book meme hosted by The Purple Booker. Anyone can join, just open your current read to a random page and choose two ‘teaser’ sentences (no spoilers, just enticing bait to lure would-be readers) and share them in a blog post or in the comments.

The Gown: A novel of the Royal Wedding | Jennifer Robson, 368 pgs.

Her gloves were white, her shoes were shining, and her hat, an elegant oval of finely woven black straw, sat on her head just so. Her portfolio was filled with samples of her work, a reference from Maison Rébé , and, most precious of all, the letter of recommendation from Christian Dior.

p. 47

I just cracked open this novel of female friendship centered around two talented embroiderers who come together to create the bead-work for then-Princess Elizabeth’s royal wedding gown. It appears to be a warm and richly textured story of overcoming Britain’s post-war hardships and fulfills my Bookish Jay and Reading Mermaid challenge prompt for a book discovered while scrolling #bookstagram.

Are you being swept up into a new read currently?

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